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The Internet is a telephone system that's gotten uppity. - Clifford Stoll

Wildman on the Benefits of Usage Based Pricing , NCTA, Youtube :: Keyword: [Broadband] A brief clip discussing the importance of making inexpensive home broadband packages an option.

Vint Cerf: Internet competition has “evaporated” since dial-up, Ars Technica :: Keyword: [Broadband] Vint Cerf, co-creator of the Internet, said today he is troubled by the prospect of companies like AT&T avoiding government regulation after the transition from traditional phone technology to all-IP networks. Already, he said, competition was decimated when the Internet moved from dial-up providers to cable companies and telcos.

Netflix Now Ranking Best Streaming ISPs Monthly - Google Fiber Best, Clearwire, DSL Providers Worst, DSLReports :: Keyword: [Broadband] Netflix has now taken to ranking the nation's top-performing streaming ISPs each month. December's rankings still show Google Fiber in the top spot despite the very limited deployment, with Verizon FiOS falling slightly behind Charter and Comcast at the top of the rankings. Clearwire remains at the bottom of the rankings courtesy of their sometimes

Level 3 and XO Communications Sign Settlement-Free Peering Agreement, Telecompetitor :: Keyword: [Backbone] Level 3 Communications, Inc. (NYSE: LVLT) and XO Communications today announced they have entered into a long-term settlement-free Internet traffic exchange agreement, also commonly referred to as a peering agreement, that is based on the bit-mile balance approach. The peering...

Netflix adds 3-D, Super HD movies to push ISPs towards its own CDN, Gigaom :: Keyword: [Backbone] Netflix added a limited number of 3-D titles to its library Tuesday, and also introduced a new, higher-quality 1080p HD format dubbed Super HD that promises an even better picture quality than the service’s regular 1080p HD streams. The catch: Both 3-D and Super HD are only available to customers whose ISPs are using Netflix’s own Open Connect CDN

Section 230 Still Keeping the Pro Se Plaintiffs at Bay--Klayman v. Facebook, and More, Tech & Marketing Law Blog :: Keyword: [42 U.S.C. § 230] I'm personally committed to blogging every Section 230 case I see, but I fell off the wagon...

Court Rules for ISP in Deep Packet Inspection Lawsuit, Telecom Law Monitor :: Keyword: [Neutral] A few years back, the use of deep packet inspection software – software that examines individual data packets in a broadband transmission – to deliver targeted advertising was a hot topic in regulatory and privacy circles. Those activities spawned a series of cases against the DPI companies and their Internet Service Provider (“ISP”) partners. In one such

Poorest pupils lack home internet, BBC :: Keyword: [Education] More than a third of the poorest children do not have the internet at home and a similar number do not have a computer, official figures suggest.

Hello ESnet! Meet world's fastest science network, Internet2 :: Keyword: [Backbone]

Professor Steven Wildman Named FCC Chief Economist, NCTA :: Keyword: [Broadband] Professor Steven Wildman, Michigan State University Professor of Information Studies, has been named as the FCC’s newest Chief Economist. In December Wildman spoke at NCTA Connects, a new event series at NCTA which hosts national thought leaders discussing issues that are impacting the media and communications industries.

CenturyLink announces organizational realignment, Centurylink :: Keyword: [Centurylink] Sharpens focus on network services business sales and operations by combining into one organization

Google Agrees to Change Its Business Practices to Resolve FTC Competition Concerns In the Markets for Devices Like Smart Phones, Games and Tablets, and in Online Search, FTC :: Keyword: [Google] Landmark Agreements Will Give Competitors Access to Standard-Essential Patents; Advertisers Will Get More Flexibility to Use Rival Search Engines

The Federal Trade Commission closes its antitrust review, Google :: Keyword: [Google] The U.S. Federal Trade Commission today announced it has closed its investigation into Google after an exhaustive 19-month review that covered millions of pages of documents and involved many hours of testimony. The conclusion is clear: Google’s services are good for users and good for competition.

The FTC and Google: A Missed Opportunity, Microsoft :: Keyword: [Google] The FTC took steps today to address some of Google’s improper business practices. We find it troubling that the agency did not adhere to its own standard procedures that call for the agency to obtain industry input on proposed relief and secure it through an enforceable consent decree.

Free WiFi in New York City, thanks to Google, Muni :: Keyword: [Google] Google is starting free WiFi in New York City, beginning with the district of Chelsea, in the west side of Manhattan. The coverage zone includes the area between Gansevoort Street and West 19th Street, from 8th Avenue to 10th Avenue.

US criticises Google Korea visit, BBC :: Keyword: [Google] The US state department says a planned visit to North Korea by Google chairman Eric Schmidt is not "particularly helpful".

Google Triumphant: The Company's Post On FTC Case, Forbes :: Keyword: [Google] Google Chief Legal Officer David Drummond has posted comments on the company's settlement agreement with the FTC. And the comments make it clear that Google believes it basically won the day.

Google finds unauthorized certificate for google.com domain, scrambles to protect users, CW :: Keyword: [Google] Google has taken steps to close potential security holes created by a fraudulent certificate for its google.com domain, discovered in late December.

Ad Blocking Raises Alarm Among Firms Like Google, NYT :: Keyword: [Google] The French Internet provider Free is supplying its customers with software that will automatically block Internet advertising, the life blood of companies like Google.

Google head, official in N Korea, BBC :: Keyword: [Google] Former governor Bill Richardson and Google chairman Eric Schmidt are in North Korea on a visit described as unhelpful by the US government.

Huawei Sees Profit Rising 30%, WSJ :: Keyword: [Huawei] China's Huawei Technologies predicted its profit would rise 30% for last year despite tough conditions in the telecom-equipment industry.

China's Huawei Sees Profit Turnaround, Despite U.S. Political Imbroglio, Forbes :: Keyword: [Huawei] Huawei Technologies expects to see a strong recovery in profitability as the company continues to push into new markets amid more cautious spending by telecom operators.

Telecom Fusion: Sidera and Lightower Announce Merger, Sidera :: Keyword: [Sidera] Sidera and Lightower have announced that Berkshire Partners has acquired the two companies and will merge them (upon regulatory approval) to form a larger, best-in-class fiber operator.

Iran develops software to control access to social networks, CNET :: Keyword: [Iran] Chief of country's national police tells local media that the "intelligent software" will give residents limited access to social networks.

Iran Targets Dissidents With 30,000-Strong Spy Army, Wired :: Keyword: [Iran] A new Pentagon report offers a glimpse inside Iran's secretive domestic spy agency, and reveals a network of 30,000 spies with a strange and violent history.

Thank Joe Lieberman For YouTube Accidentally Censoring Key Syrian Watchdog's YouTube Channel, Techdirt :: Keyword: [Syria] Senator Joe Lieberman may finally be out of the Senate, but his "legacy" lives on. Over the years, we've noted that he's regularly sought to censor technology that terrorists use, on the ridiculous theory that censorship somehow makes the terrorists disappear. One of his campaigns, way back in 2008, was to force YouTube to magically censor videos from

Wikipedia Hoax Eluded Detection For 5 Years, Huffpo :: Keyword: [Media] Ever heard of the Bicholim Conflict? The undeclared war between Portugal and the Indian Maratha Empire lasted from 1640 to 1641, but there was little damage and few casualties. It was significant largely for its peace treaty; the settlement between Portugal and India helped pave the way for Goa as an independent state.

Roku strikes Time Warner Cable deal, wants to be your next cable box, Gigaom :: Keyword: [Video] Time Warner Cable customers will soon be able to watch live television on their Roku box, thanks to a deal announced Monday at CES. The cooperation between the two companies brings the TWC TV service, which has previously only been available on iOS and Android devices as

Netflix, Warner Bros. sign licensing deal for handful of TV shows, Globe :: Keyword: [Video] Deal gives Netflix access to earlier seasons of shows like Revolution, The Following

Hulu Top Executives Depart - As Broadcast Owners Keep Hulu Shackled, dslreports :: Keyword: [Video] Tired of cable and broadcast owners who don't want a truly innovative Hulu because it would disrupt traditional TV, Hulu's CEO and CTO say they're leaving the company. In a blog post, CEO Jason Killar stated that the decision to depart is "one of the toughest I've ever made."

Who Could Be Watching You Watching Your Figure? Your Boss, NPR :: Keyword: [Privacy] Those of us trying to get in shape after overindulging this holiday season can get help from a slew of new devices that monitor steps climbed, calories burned and heart rate. But companies and venture capitalists in new startups hope to make money in a new way: by selling the data right back to the people tracking their activity — and to their employers.

Privacy advocates welcome Yahoo Mail HTTPS roll-out, CW :: Keyword: [Privacy] Digital rights and privacy advocates have welcomed Yahoo's decision to provide its users with an option to enable HTTPS (HTTP Secure) for their entire webmail sessions.

The FTC's New Kid Privacy Rules (COPPA) Are a Big Mess (Forbes Cross-Post), Tech & Marketing Law Blog :: Keyword: [COPPA] Earlier this month, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (the FTC) promulgated new rules (effectively July 1, 2013)...

Eric Samuel Heidel, Warrantless GPS Tracking: Who Cares About Vehicle Transponders – What About Your Cell Phone?, JICLT :: Keyword: [Privacy] The government now regularly gathers information from individuals’ smartphones. Cellular providers are allowing the government to access the GPS data that users’ smartphones exchange with the provider. While there are legitimate purposes for this disclosure without the consent of the smartphone user, there are many instances were no emergency situation exists and no search warrant is

New laws keep employers out of worker social media accounts, CW :: Keyword: [Social Networks] Employers in Illinois and California cannot ask for usernames and passwords to the personal social media accounts of employees and job seekers under laws that took effect on Jan. 1

Campus Cyberinfrastructure - Network Infrastructure and Engineering Program (CC-NIE), NSF :: Keyword: [Security] This is an NSF Program Announcements and Information item.

Report on the NSF “Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace” PI meeting, Freedom to Tinker :: Keyword: [NSF] The National Science Foundation (NSF) Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace (SaTC) Principal Investigator Meeting (whew!) took place Nov. 27-29, 2012, at the Gaylord Hotel just outside Washington, DC. The SaTC program is NSF’s flagship for cybersecurity research, although it

FCC Accepting Applications for Healthcare Connect Funding, Telecompetitor :: Keyword: [Telemedicine] FCC Accepting Applications for Healthcare Connect Funding Today, at the Oakland Children’s Hospital & Research Center, FCC Chairman Genachowski was joined by the Alameda County Health Care Services Agency, the California Telehealth Network, and the Juvenile Justice Center to announce that up to $400 million in annual funding will be made

Facebook Adds Voice Messages, Tests VoIP Calls, Forbes :: Keyword: [Voip] After building out its Messenger app to focus on communications, Facebook is now focusing on voice calls and voice messages.

“The telephone network is obsolete”: Get ready for the all-IP telco, Ars Technica :: Keyword: [PSTN] Two months ago, AT&T petitioned the Federal Communications Commission to plan for the retirement of traditional phone networks and transition to what AT&T sees as an inevitability: the all-IP telco.

Telcos race toward an all-IP future, CNET :: Keyword: [PSTN] At the CES Broadband Unlimited conference, communications execs explain why new native IP networks are essential for consumers and the next generation of connected devices.

Panel: IP Transition a Big Issue for FCC in 201, USTelecom :: Keyword: [PSTN] How the Federal Communications Commission approaches the nation’s inevitable switch to an all-IP network will be an important emerging issue for broadband policy in 2013, a panel of telecommu

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