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The nice thing about standards is that there are so many to choose from. - Andrew S. Tannenbaum

John Chuang (UC Berkeley), Loci of Competition, Market Power, and the Evolving Internet Industry Structure, WIE 2012 :: Keyword: [Backbone]

The 3rd Workshop on Internet Economics (WIE 2012): Definitions and Data , WIE 2012 :: Keyword: [Backbone] Presentations

Will the internet end up controlled by big business and politicians?, Guardian :: Keyword: [Neutral] Its birth heralded a new age of intellectual freedom. Now the internet is under seige

Congress Poised To Pass Bill That Would Increase Funds To Fight Hackers, Huffpo :: Keyword: [Hacker] In a bill barreling towards passing both houses of Congress before the Christmas break, lawmakers are earmarking millions to make life more difficult for hackers in American cyberspace. The new National Defense Authorization Act is said to provide millions for maintaining the Department of Defense's Cyber Command, and for research and development programs to help keep hackers at bay.

PEER 1 Bought by Cogeco in $635 Million Deal, Data Center Knowledge :: Keyword: [Industry] PEER 1 Hosting has been acquired by Cogeco Cable in a $635 million deal that will combine two Canadian service providers. The transaction is the latest example of a telecommunications company acquiring a data center service provider in hopes to boosting its revenue from cloud computing and other..

Verizon Denies Hacker Leaked 300,000 Customers' Data - UPDATE, Forbes :: Keyword: [Verizon] Earlier today, ZDNet reported that a hacker had leaked 300,000 Verizon Wireless customers' data. The hacker, who goes by the name "TibitXimer", announced this leak via Twitter, then clarified that this data was actually Verizon FiOS fiber customers' information. ZDNet wrote that while the information was leaked today, "the hack was carried out earlier this

China set to surpass U.S. in R&D spending in 10 years, C&W :: Keyword: [China] China is on trackto overtake the U.S. in spending on research and development in about 10 years, as federal R&D spending either declines or remains flat.

Iran 'fends off new cyber attack', BBC :: Keyword: [Iran] A power plant in southern Iran is targeted by the Stuxnet computer worm but the cyber attack is rebuffed, an Iranian official says.

IGF-USA Post WCIT Roundtable (ISOC), YouTube :: Keyword: [ITU] IGF-USA Post-WCIT Roundtable Discussion at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington DC on December 21 2012.

ISOC-DC WCIT Postmortem , Youtube :: Keyword: [ITU] On Wednesday, December 19, 2012 the Washington DC Chapter of the Internet Society (ISOC-DC) presented a WCIT Post Mortem at the American University, Washington DC, Ambassador Terry Kramer and a distinguished panel contemplated the recent World

Federal Cloud Credential Exchange (FCCX), Fed Biz Opps :: Keyword: [Cloud] The internet continues to transform how we do business and communicate with one another, and citizens are increasingly looking to the Federal Government to provide services online. This need is often addressed by agencies offering citizens access to applications by means of usernames

DRAFT NISTIR 7904, Trusted Geolocation in the Cloud: Proof of Concept Implementation, NIST :: Keyword: [Cloud] NIST requests comments on Draft IR 7904 by Thursday, January 31, 2013. Please send comments to, with the subject "IR 7904 Comments"

Christmas Eve AWS outage stings Netflix but not Amazon Prime, Gigaom :: Keyword: [Cloud] If you’re not a Netflix subscriber, you may not yet know that issues at Amazon’s US-East data center facility took down Netflix’ streaming service on Christmas Eve — arguably the worst possible time. Starting at 1:50 p.m. PST, as GigaOM’s Janko Roettgers reported, Amazon’s US east facility reported issues with its Elastic Load Balancing service that carried

Who Could Be Watching You Watching Your Figure? Your Boss, NPR :: Keyword: [Privacy] Those of us trying to get in shape after overindulging this holiday season can get help from a slew of new devices that monitor steps climbed, calories burned and heart rate. But companies and venture capitalists in new startups hope to make money in a new way: by selling the data right back to the people tracking their activity — and to their employers.

Rise of the incognito internet, FT :: Keyword: [Privacy] Increasingly aware of how online activities are monitored, consumers are using technology to hide their tracks, writes Duncan Robinson

New rules for kids and Internet privacy (LA Times), Youtube :: Keyword: [COPPA] Technology has changed a lot in 15 years. It's been nearly that long since the Federal Trade Commission has updated rules protecting kids' online privacy.

Federal Trade Commission Updates Online Privacy Rules For Pre-Teens, ACM :: Keyword: [COPPA] On Wednesday the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced the final updated rules for implementing the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). Passed in 1998, COPPA rules had not been updated to reflect changes in technology, most notably the rise of mobile internet access and mobile applications. The final rules will take e

Police Dept. to Use Internet to Try to Stop Shootings, NYT :: Keyword: [Big Brother] Intelligence officials with the New York police are examining ways to identify potential gunmen before they strike, in ways similar to those used to spot terrorists’ chatter online.

Data and Text on Cell Phone Not Protected by Stored Communications Act #ECPA, CT :: Keyword: [SCA] Are data and text stored on a personal cell phone protected by the Stored Communications Act?

Stabuniq malware found on servers at U.S. financial institutions, CW :: Keyword: [Worms] Security researchers from Symantec have identified an information-stealing Trojan program that was used to infect computer servers belonging to various U.S. financial institutions.

Stuxnet attacks Iran again, reports say, CNET :: Keyword: [Worm] The worm apparently was aimed at a power plant and other sites in southern Iran but was thwarted.

Over half of American homes don’t have or use their landline, Gigaom :: Keyword: [PSTN] It’s not really surprising but over half of Americans don’t have or use a land line, according to data published late last week by the Centers for Disease Control. The study tracks the demographics of land line telephone use and was designed to help the CDC adapt its data collection programs, which relied heavily on calling land lines. While the pitfalls of relying

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