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“If large numbers of people believe in freedom of speech, there will be freedom of speech, even if the law forbids it. But if public opinion is sluggish, inconvenient minorities will be persecuted, even if laws exist to protect them.”—George Orwell, author, c. 1945

FCC CHAIRMAN JULIUS GENACHOWSKI ANNOUNCES MAJOR EFFORT TO INCREASE WI-FI SPEEDS AND ALLEVIATE WI-FI CONGESTION AT AIRPORTS, CONVENTION CENTERS, AND IN HOMES WITH MULTIPLE DEVICES AND USERS., FCC :: Keyword: [Wifi] FCC Action To Free Up New Spectrum For Wi-Fi Will Kick-Off Government-Wide Effort To Expedite Ultra-High-Speed, High-Capacity Wi-Fi And Support U.S. Innovation Economy; Increasing “Gigabit Wi-Fi” Spectrum by 35%

Walden, Latta Welcome Progress on Efforts to Increase Unlicensed Spectrum, Energy and Commerce Committee :: Keyword: [Wireless] “We applaud Chairman Genachowski for announcing the FCC will examine the spectrum in the 5GHz band for unlicensed devices and services, as directed by the spectrum law Congress passed last year,” said Walden and Latta. “Focusing additional unlicensed development in that

Amanda Leese, Net Transparency: Post-Comcast FCC Authority to Enforce Disclosure Requirements Critical to “Preserving the Open Internet”, NJTIP :: Keyword: [Net Neutrality] Net Transparency: Post-Comcast FCC Authority to Enforce Disclosure Requirements Critical to “Preserving the Open Internet”

AT&T under fire for exempting microcell traffic from U-Verse data caps, Ars Technica :: Keyword: [Neutral] Public Knowledge is raising the alarm about AT&T's decision to exempt traffic generated by AT&T's wireless microcells from the data caps imposed on U-Verse broadband customers. PK's Michael Weinberg says that AT&T is "egregiously abusing data caps to give its own services advantages over competitors."

AT&T Exempts Itself From Its Data Cap, Violates (at least) the Spirit of Net Neutrality, Public Knowledge :: Keyword: [Neutral] Last year, Comcast started exempting its own online video service from the data cap it imposed on consumers. When consumers streamed online video (say, because they were thinking about cutting the cord and replacing their Comcast cable subscription with an online competitor), that video counted against their cap. Unless, of course, that online video

CARNIVALE v. STAUB DESIGN, LLC, Dist. Court, D. Delaware 2013 :: Keyword: [ACPA] The court again concludes that defendants' use of the domain name theaffordablehouse.com was in bad faith, as it uses plaintiff's mark in violation of § 1125(d)(1)(B)(i) of the ACPA

First all-digital library in the U.S. will look like an Apple Store, CNET :: Keyword: [Library] The library, slated to open this fall in Bexar County, Texas, was inspired by Walter Isaacson's biography of Steve Jobs.

The 9 Things We Learned from Facebook's 'Graph Search' Press Conference, Forbes :: Keyword: [Facebook] There was a big press conference held by Facebook(FB) on Tuesday at which they announced “Graph Search.” Although 95% of people

Broadband Beyond 2015: Where Next for Britain's Broadband Future?, Policy Exchange UK, Youtube :: Keyword: [UK] The internet is a huge part of our lives, whether we are at home, at work or out and about. Recognising the importance of connectivity, the government has allocated funds to help take superfast

Youth connects with hot tech topics at ITU, ITU :: Keyword: [ITU] On Wednesday 9th ITU opened its doors to some 350 students from across Europe as host of the Model UN programme run by the Lycée International of Ferney-Voltaire #FerMUN13.

Aaron Swartz keynote - "How we stopped SOPA" , F2C2012, Youtube :: Keyword: [SOPA] Aaron Swartz keynote - "How we stopped SOPA" at F2C:Freedom to Connect 2012, Washington DC on May 21 2012

How To Use 'Graph Search' To Facebook-Stalk Mark Zuckerberg And His Employees, Forbes :: Keyword: [Search] A few lucky individuals have already started using the terribly-named "Graph Search," Facebook's new search engine. I am one of those lucky individuals.

CBS Forced CNET To Drop Its 'Best Of CES 2013' Winner, The DISH Hopper, Forbes :: Keyword: [News] The 'Hopper' not only could have been a contender, it would have won CNET's Best of CES award. Instead, CBS told the editors to do a re-vote.

CBS quashes CNet’s award to Dish’s ad-skipping device, WAPO :: Keyword: [News] CNet, the popular technology news and review Web site, has long prided itself on its independence from the tech giants whose gadgets and products it covers. But its relationship with its parent company is proving to be a more complicated matter.

Crawford’s Misplaced Nostalgia for Utility Regulation, Tech Lib Front :: Keyword: [Common Carrier] In her new book, Captive Audience, Susan Crawford makes the same argument that the lawyers for AT&T made in Judge Harold H. Greene’s courtroom in response to the government’s antitrust complaint beginning in 1981, i.e., that telephone service was a “natural monopoly.” In those

Criticism of Crawford’s “Captive Audience” Mounts, Broadband for America :: Keyword: [Common Carrier] The Jan. 8th release of Susan Crawford’s new book “Captive Audience: The Telecom Industry and Monopoly Power in the New Gilded Age” has drawn a firestorm of criticism from industry and policy experts alike

The Next FCC Chair: Decisive Protector of the Public Interest, Public Knowledge :: Keyword: [FCC] Even though current FCC Chair Julius Genachowski has not announced that he is leaving, there is still much talk about who is being considered to be his successor. In its never-ending fascination with the horse race of politics, the trade press has been throwing out names of the supposed frontrunners every few weeks or so.

Reed Hundt & Blair Levin, Cspan :: Keyword: [FCC] This week on the Communicators, former FCC Chairman Reed Hundt and his former chief of staff, Blair Levin, talk about their new book, "The Politics of Abundance: How Technology Can Fix the Budget, Revive the American Dream, and Establish Obama's Legacy."

112th Congress Finished Its Term By Taking Away More of Your Privacy, In The Worst Possible Way, EFF :: Keyword: [Privacy] The 113th Congress was sworn into office last week and will start regular business later this month. They’ll have a huge, and perhaps unprecedented, slate of Internet related legislation in the next year, including potentially taking up a dangerous new Internet surveillance bill—which we will detail in the coming days and weeks.

Bits Blog: Security Firm Discovers Cyber-Spy Campaign, NYT :: Keyword: [Security] A Russian cybersecurity company issued a report on Monday saying that it had identified a sophisticated cyberespionage campaign that has been in operation since 2007.

Java still flawed after update, BBC :: Keyword: [Vulnerability] Web security experts claim that Oracle's emergency update to its Java software still leaves users vulnerable to hacks

US-CERT: Disable Java in browsers because of exploit, CW :: Keyword: [Vulnerability] Internet users should consider disabling Java in their browsers because of an exploit that can allow remote attackers to execute code on a vulnerable system, the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) recommended late Thursday.

Malware infects US power facilities through USB drives, CW :: Keyword: [Vulnerability] Two U.S. power companies reported infections of malware during the past three months, with the bad software apparently brought in through tainted USB drives, according to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team (ICS-CERT).

Health Online 2013, Pew :: Keyword: [Telemedicine] One in three U.S. adults say that at one time or another they have gone online specifically to try to figure out what medical condition they or someone else might have. And yet medical professionals are still most people’s top choice when they are dealing with a serious health concern.

comScore Releases December 2012 U.S. Online Video Rankings, Comscore :: Keyword: [Telemedicine] released data from the comScore Video Metrix service showing that 182 million U.S. Internet users watched 38.7 billion online content videos in December, while video ad views totaled 11.3 billion.

The internet and campaign 2006, Pew :: Keyword: [Vote]

26-Year-Old Internet Folk Hero Commits Suicide After Years Of Government Harassment, Forbes :: Keyword: [] Post has been updated to reflect the per page price increase for Pacer that took affect April 2012

Farewell to Aaron Swartz, an Extraordinary Hacker and Activist, EFF :: Keyword: [] Yesterday Aaron Swartz, a close friend and collaborator of ours, committed suicide. This is a tragic end to a brief and extraordinary life.

At A Young Age, Aaron Swartz Did A Lifetime Of Work, NPR :: Keyword: [] There was sadness and shock among many of the most engaged people in the tech community Saturday after news spread of the suicide of a young computer prodigy. Aaron Swartz, 26, became a tech celebrity at the age of 14, but friends and family say he battled depression and was

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