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State of the Net Panel on Broadband Reveals Common Interests, Cabletechtalk :: Keyword: [bROADBAND] The growth of business and broadband was the featured topic during the panel, “Big Broadband: What Happens when the Psychology of Abundance Confronts Both the Economics of Deployment and the Rules of Regulators” at today’s 9th Annual State of the Net Conference in Washington, DC.

Capped Broadband Reflects Capped Competition, New America :: Keyword: [Broadband] Last month my colleagues and I at the the Open Technology Institute released a paper titled “Capping the Nation’s Broadband Future?” The paper examines data caps, an increasingly common practice where internet service providers

Rep. Anna Eshoo promises FCC bill if net neutrality rules overturned #thecircuit, WAPO :: Keyword: [Neutral] Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-Calif.) said Tuesday that she would introduce legislation affirming the Federal Communications Commission’s jurisdiction to “ensure a free and open Internet.”According to remarks prepared for a speech, Eshoo said she would introduce such

FCC Open Internet Advisory Committee Progress, Freedom to Tinker :: Keyword: [OIAC] Earlier this year, I wrote about the launch of the Open Internet Advisory Committee (OIAC). The committee’s mandate is to, “track and evaluate the effect of the FCC’s Open Internet rules, and to provide any recommendations it deems appropriate to the FCC regarding policies and practices

Jennifer Rexford -- Open Internet Challenges in Mobile Broadband Networks , Youtube :: Keyword: [OIAC] No description available.

Nasser v. WHITEPAGES, INC., Dist. Court, WD Virginia 2012, Fed Court :: Keyword: [47 U.S.C. § 230] Defendant Motion to Dismiss where Plaintiff claims that Defendant Whitepages incorrectly listed Plaintiff's phone number as "Comcast Phone of Virginia," resulting in plaintiff receiving 1000s of unwanted calls intended for Comcast. "While such control over content stretches the boundaries of Section 230 immunity, courts have found that an interactive service provider who solicits, pays for, edits, and generally maintains active control over the content of its website may continue to assert immunity from liability."

Joseph Monaghan, Social Networking Websites' Liability For User Illegality, Seton Hall J Sports Ent Law :: Keyword: [47 U.S.C. § 230] The purpose of this Comment is to examine social networking websites‘ liability for the criminal actions of their users beyond copyright infringement. Specifically, the Comment will illustrate that social networking websites are

47 USC 230 Protects Online White Pages for Publishing Incorrect Phone Number--Nasser v. WhitePages, Technology and Media Law Blog :: Keyword: [47 U.S.C. § 230] Nasser v. WhitePages, Inc., 2012 WL 6858438 (W.D. Va. magistrate report and recommendations December 20, 2012). The...

Akamai Releases Third Quarter 2012 'State of the Internet' Report, Akamai :: Keyword: [Data] Akamai Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: AKAM), the leading cloud platform for helping enterprises provide secure, high-performing user experiences on any device, anywhere, today released its Third Quarter, 2012 State of the Internet report. Based on data gathered from the Akamai Intelligent Platform™, the report provides insight into key global statistics including connection speeds, attack traffic, and network connectivity and availability, among many others.

2001:deba:7ab1:e::effe:c75, CAIDA :: Keyword: [IPv6] In many respects, the deployment, adoption, use, and performance of IPv6 has received more recent attention than IPv4. Certainly the longitudinal measurement of IPv6, from its infancy to the exhaustion of ICANN v4 space to native 1% penetration (as observed by Google), is

"Measuring and Modeling the Adoption of IPv6" slideset, CAIDA :: Keyword: [IPv6] This slideset was presented at the TIP meeting in January 2013.

AT&T Suffering Major U-Verse Outage - Users Unable to Use TV, Voice or Internet Services, dslreports :: Keyword: [ATT] AT&T customers in our forums note that AT&T has been experiencing a service outage across numerous states. According to our users in Louisiana, Kentucky, Texas, Georgia Tennessee, Florida, and Arkansas, they have been unable to use U-Verse voice, television or Internet services -- in some cases since yesterday morning.

AT&T says U-verse outage is over, CNN :: Keyword: [ATT] Service was gradually returning Thursday for tens of thousands of AT&T's U-verse TV, Internet and phone customers after an outage that lasted several days.

Tata Communications brings 100G connectivity to carriers and enterprises across the US and Europe using Ciena's GeoMesh, Tata :: Keyword: [Backbone] no description

Groups raise questions about privacy on Skype, CW :: Keyword: [Skype] Skype owner Microsoft should release information about how much user data it gives to third parties, including government agencies, several organizations and individuals said in a letter to company officials.

France Proposes Internet Tax - An Old War resurfacing, Circleid :: Keyword: [France] France is proposing an Internet Tax which was reported in the New York Times. The proposal if it follows through will affect the landscape of internet governance in days ahead.

Iran creates fake blogs in smear campaign against journalists in exile, Guardian :: Keyword: [Iran] BBC Persian staff victims of online identity theft designed to discredit them, with family in Iran facing harassment as well

Activists urge U.S. government to stop funding ITU, LIRNasia :: Keyword: [ITU] An advocacy group called “De-fund the ITU” demands the US government stops funding the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). In a signature campaign they have accused ITU of leading several countries to seize the control of the Internet during WCIT 2012 in Dubai.

Much Ado About WCIT-12 and Multi-Stakeholderism, Circleid :: Keyword: [ITU] In the last month of last year, the World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT-12) ended in Dubai amid, not hugs and fanfare, but finger-pointing and acrimony. The end, much anticipated as it was, wasn't the finest hour for international cooperation for the global public interest.

Internet Cable Activated in Cuba, Circleid :: Keyword: [Cuba] Doug Madory reporting from Renesys: In February 2011, the first submarine cable connecting the island nation of Cuba to the global Internet (by way of Venezuela) landed on Siboney beach, Santiago de Cuba. In the two years since, the fate of the cable has been a mystery for Cuba

Cuba's Internet speeds up as undersea cable is activated, CW :: Keyword: [Cuba] Cuba's Internet speeds increased on Tuesday, and the country appears to be routing more traffic through a previously dormant undersea fiber-optic cable, according to Internet monitoring company Renesys.

Cuba confirms high-speed internet, BBC :: Keyword: [Cuba] Cuba's state telecoms company, Etecsa, says a high-speed fibre-optic cable is connecting Cuba to the global internet, nearly two years after its arrival.

Pamela Samuelson, Is Copyright Reform Possible?, Harvard L R :: Keyword: [Copyright] Copyright law has taken quite a beating in the legal literature in the past decade or so. Complaints have been legion that copyright industry groups and corporate copyright owners have sought and too often obtained extremely strong and overly long copyright protections that

Vine: A new way to share video, Twitter :: Keyword: [Video] Today, we’re introducing Vine: a mobile service that lets you capture and share short looping videos. Like Tweets, the brevity of videos on Vine (6 seconds or less) inspires creativity. Now that you can easily capture motion and sound, we look forward to seeing what you create.

White House Announces "National Day of Civic Hacking", Techpresident :: Keyword: [Security] The White House blog is hosting a post that designates June 1-2 for a National Day of Civic Hacking.

U.S. is home to greatest number of botnet servers, says McAfee, CNET :: Keyword: [Security] With 631 active command and control servers, the U.S. far surpasses any other country when it comes to malware-controlled zombie computers, says the antivirus vendor.

Google Releases Transparency Report Showing US Surveillance Requests Up 33% in the Last Year, EFF :: Keyword: [Big Brother] This morning, Google released their semi-annual transparency report, and once again, it revealed a troubling trend: Internet surveillance around the world continues to rise, with the United States leading the way in demands for user data.

Hackers for Anonymous group jailed, BBC :: Keyword: [Hacker] Two men who carried out cyber attacks for the Anonymous hacking group are jailed, in what are believed to be the first convictions of their kind in the UK.

Anonymous hackers jailed for cyber attacks, Guardian :: Keyword: [Hacker] Two men jailed for carrying out cyber attacks, including one online assault that cost payments giant PayPal at least £3.5m

Hurricane Sandy Was A HUGE Loss For Verizon, Huffpo :: Keyword: [Sandy] U.S. telecommunications group Verizon Communications Inc posted a $1.93 billion quarterly loss on pension liabilities and superstorm Sandy-related charges that took the shine off a jump wireless business revenue.

NIST SBIR Program Soliciting Proposals to Solve Cybersecurity and Manufacturing Challenges, NIST :: Keyword: [NIST] The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), through its Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program, invites small businesses to propose solutions to specific challenges in the fields of cybersecurity and ...

Survey Finds Rising Reliance on Libraries as a Gateway to the Web, Pew :: Keyword: [Erate] Free access to computers and the Internet is now nearly as important to library patrons as borrowing books, according to a new survey.

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