Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Guide to Tech News Podcasts

Does anyone still listen to podcasts (you know, as in iPod).  Podcasts are on demand audio files; you subscribe to the audio feed through an RSS feed or through itunes so that each time there is a new show, it magically appears through the wonders of technology on your thingy.  Lots of tech news podcasts have faded away recently, including one of the best: CNET's Buzz Outloud (a mix of technology, news, reporters, and whiskey). Here is some of the fair that remains available.
  • BBC Click (was BBC Go Digital which was BBC Digital Planet. Now shorter and it seems less robust.)
  • CNET News (CNET has significantly revamped its offerings. Gone is Buzz Outloud... and its not clear that CNET will replace it with a new tech news podcast. You can still listen to New Yorkers yammer about gaming on The 404)
  • NPR Technology (the weeks tech news segments pasted together, usually with some Science Friday filler)
  • PRI The World (From the technology hub of Brussels, Belgium, the most under appreciated technology news podcast by Clark Boyd * one of my favorites *)
  • CSPAN The Communicators (inside the beltway, informative, boring - really, you have to listen to this one (not want to). Seriously, this is an informative podcast)
  • Surprisingly Free (informative interviews with big thinkers brought to you by the Mercatus Center at GMU Law)
  • Hearsay Culture ( KZSU-FM Stanford University, informative interviews with authors)
  • Congressional Internet Caucus (they have great audio / video but they are not putting it in their podcast feed * sigh *)
  • Twit News Today (A Buzz Outloud refugee talks with other people about the news)
  • Public Knowledge (Advocates talk about policy)
  • Berkman Center (Harvard, informative lectures, frequently lunch time presentations by big thinkers)
  • Wall Street Journal Technology Daily Podcast (short, sweet, your daily dose)
  • CMS Colloquium Podcasts (havent listened to it yet, but its MIT!)
  • The Guardian Tech Weekly (well informed weekly round table with Aleks Krotoski.  This is another of my favorites)
Load up the MP3 player and listen to something good on the commute home, instead of yelling at the car in front of use.

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