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FCC looks to regulate middle-mile connections, CW
The U.S. Federal Communications Commission will look into new
regulations of middle-mile broadband connections used by many
businesses and owned largely by AT&T and Verizon Communications, the
agency said.

The FCC Noses Under the Broadband Internet Tent, Forbes
A seemingly technical order circulating at the FCC this week is
raising alarms among those who support a vibrant broadband Internet

Repealing De-Regulation: How Not to Build a Roadmap Towards an All-IP
World, AT&T
The FCC has circulated an order that would undo more than 12 years of
Clinton-era, deregulatory pricing policy on legacy non-packet
services. The services in question are called "special access"
services – 95% of which are slow 1.5 megabits per second (Mbps) TDM
(think POTS) services. That is not a misprint. We are not talking
about 100 Mbps connections – services we should actually be figuring
out how to get to more

FCC Special Access Discussions Welcomed by State Regulators, NARUC
The National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners issued
the following statement in support of an order circulated by Federal
Communications Commission Chair Julius Genachowski dealing with
special access data that would suspend petitions for pricing
flexibility while the agency collects more data and drafts new

FCC Special Access Reboot — And AT&T's Somewhat Disingenuous Response, TFTSF
Good news, the FCC has decides to one again reboot its seven year old
proceeding on "special access." Given that I have been flogging the
FCC since 2006 to do something about this, with occasional reminders
since then, I …

Price v. Gannett Co., Dist. Court, SD West Virginia 2012, Fed Court
Plaintiffs allege that Gannett is the parent company of Topix, a
company that operates websites with local forum discussion pages.
Plaintiffs allege that "unknown posters" have posted defamatory
statements about them on Topix's website after their son's death.
HELD: 47 USC § 230 provides immunity for Topix from the state-law tort
claims alleged in the complain

GARRUTO v. Longo, Dist. Court, D. New Jersey 2012, Fed Court
ACPA Cause of Action Dismissed; Plaintiff's mark is neither famous or
distinctive; no demonstration defendants registered a domain name… at

New net address system enabled, BBC
A new identification system for the internet launches, enabling
trillions of new unique addresses to be made.

Top 5 IPv6-ready wireless routers, CNET
CNET editor Dong Ngo's pick of top 5 routers that can handle IPv6 for
homes and small businesses.

AT&T: We're Doing Just Fine on IPv6 Transition - Company Says 5
Million Homes IPv6 Ready By End of 2012, DSLReports
While companies like Comcast have been aggressive in getting IPv6
deployed, AT&T has been somewhat quiet on the matter. That was until
recently, when the company hinted that their IPv6 plans involve
deploying carrier grad NAT as an IPv6 migration attempt. U-Verse users
were recently told that as AT&T deploys carrier grade NAT, they'll
need to change their subnet and pony up $15 a month for a public IP
address to keep everything working correctly.

Akamai is Supporting IPv6 Delivery for Major Enterprises and
Government Agencies in Advance of World IPv6 Launch, Akamai
Akamai Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: AKAM), the leading cloud platform
for helping enterprises provide secure, high-performing user
experiences on any device, anywhere, announced today its participation
in World IPv6 Launch beginning tomorrow, June 6th, when major Internet
service providers (ISPs), Web companies, and home networking equipment
manufacturers around the world will come together to permanently
enable IPv6 for their products and services.

Making the IPv4 address market in Europe more transparent, IGP
Today a policy proposal that we submitted to RIPE NCC was published
for comment. Policy Proposal 2012-5 wants to increase the transparency
of the transfer market for IPv4 addresses by requiring the RIPE NCC to
publish a record of all transfers conducted under their policy.

IPv6: What could be (but isn't yet), CAIDA
With IPv6 Launch approaching, there is increasing interest in
measuring the readiness of the IPv6 infrastructure. A major concern,
particularly for networks that source or sink content, is the
performance that is achievable over IPv6, and how it compares to the
performance over IPv4. A recent study by Nikkah et al. argues that
data plane performance, as measured by web page download times, is
largely comparable in IPv4 and IPv6, as

ARIN and World IPv6 Launch Day, ARIN

World IPv6 Launch Day: The view from ATLAS, Arbor Networks
With the arrival of World v6 Day it's time to see how far down the
trail to IPv6 adoption we have come in the past year. Arbor will be
utilising data from some of its customers, via our ATLAS Internet
monitoring infrastructure, to measure the traffic changes during (and
after) World IPv6 Launch. We will be
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Netflix Evolves, Level3
When we entered the CDN space a few years ago a central part of our
"pitch" to the large online media providers was that Level 3 would
help build the best distribution platform for them. Best in the sense
that the performance and cost matched our customers' needs. And we did
this because we recognized that the content being delivered, the
audience size and distribution, the monetization models, the content
library size and popularity distribution all varied. And those
variations mean that in many cases a blend of technologies is required
to optimize performance or cost or both.

Why Netflix's CDN should scare the storage industry, Gigaom
Lest storage vendors thought they were immune to disruption that open
source hardware is having on the server industry, Netflix's new Open
Connect content-delivery network might make them think again. While
Open Connect directly targets commercial CDNs, it's based upon (or at
least inspired by) open source storage designs first released by
Backblaze almost three years ago. Backblaze's design evolving and
expanding its range into the data centers of a Fortune 1000 company is
significant in the same way the evolution of modern man was for

U.N. could tax U.S.-based Web sites, leaked docs show, CNET
Global Internet tax suggested by European network operators, who want
Apple, Google, and other Web companies to pay to deliver content, is
proposed for debate at a U.N. agency in December

Spying Online In Syria, VOA
As the situation and armed conflicts in Syria enter a new period of
uncertainty and militarization, it increasingly appears the same may
well be said about Syria's Internet.

The Cybersecurity Act (S. 2105) Threatens Online Rights - a Handout
for Your Senator, EFF
Worried about the Lieberman-Collins Cybersecurity Act? You should be.
As we've explained before, it poses serious threats to online rights.
Here's a one-page handout you can use as a reference. It's great for
sharing with friends, handing to Senate staffers, publishing online,
or using as talking points when explaining the issue to someone for
the first time. Download it here and please spread it around!

US Government Still Insisting It Can't Be Sued Over Warrantless
Wiretapping, EFF
Once again, the federal government is trying its hardest to prevent
the courts from determining whether it has broken (or is still
breaking) the law through the NSA's wiretapping program.

Barak admits Israel's cyberwar activity, FT
Defence minister says capabilities include attack as well as defence
after book reveals collaboration with US on Stuxnet computer virus

Stuxnet, Flame just the tip of the weapons-grade malware iceberg, Globe
A real cyberweapons arms race has begun, and there are no rules or
treaties covering this new frontier in war

UN warning on 'risk of cyberwar', BBC
Greater co-operation between countries is needed to avoid the risk of
global cyberwar, the UN warns

The Rewards (and Risks) of Cyber War, NAF
The militarization of cyberspace has been under way for more than a
decade, but only in the last few years have the telltale signs
appeared suggesting that the United States is erecting a new digital
wing of its permanent national-security state. Three years ago, for
example, came the birth of the 24th Air Force, at Lackland Air Force
Base, Texas, and Robins Air Force Base, Georgia. The 24th claims to be
"the newest numbered air force," as well as "the first-ever unit
designated for the sole purpose of cyberspace operations." According
to its fact sheet,

JUROR NUMBER ONE v. Superior Court of Sacramento County, Cal: Court of
Appeal, 3rd Appellate Dist. 2012, CA Court
Juror Number One posted to FB about while trial was in progress. Court
investigated misconduct and ordered juror to sign Stored
Communications Act consent to access FB account. Juror filed writ of
prohibition. "We conclude the SCA is not applicable to the order at
issue here and Juror Number One has otherwise failed to establish a
violation of constitutional or privacy rights. We therefore deny the

Why the Internet Doesn't Always Work, Akamai
This coming week thousands of us who focus on ecommerce - both as
online retailers and technology providers alike - will be converging
in Chicago at IRCE's 2012 event. Teaming up with Kevin Diamond, the
CTO of Hautelook, I am looking forward to the opportunity to talk
about the challenges of doing business over the Internet.

The Secret Life of Wally Madhavani, Virulent Word of Mouse
"We're going through." The commander's voice was like thin ice
breaking. He wore a full dress uniform, with a patch rakishly pulled
over one eye. His loyal puppy stood at his side, staring into the

"If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where
they went."-Will Rogers
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