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Verizon Confirms FiOS Speed Increases (300 Mbps!) - Significant Speed
Bump in June When Pricing is Announced, DSLReports
Verizon has confirmed our exclusive insider information from earlier
this month, officially announcing some major speed upgrades for the
company's FiOS fiber to the home service. According to Verizon,
they're significantly ramping up the speeds of several FiOS tiers as
well as

Con Law Fail, Media Law Prof
"Your First Amendment Rights can be terminated!" So shouted a Chicago
police officer to two reporters as he arrested them. Unfortunately for
said cop, someone was watching, with a camera. More here from MSNBC.

Harvard prof to chair FCC's net neutrality advisory committee, Ars Technica
The Federal Communications Commission has named an Open Internet
Advisory Committee to monitor and report on the effectiveness of the
FCC's network neutrality regime. The committee will be chaired by
Harvard law professor Jonathan Zittrain. According to a statement from

Jonathan Zittrain to Chair FCC's Open Internet Advisory Committee ,
Berkman Center
David Holt

ADVISORY COMMITTEE. (DA No. 12-829). (Dkt No 09-191 07-52 ). CGB,

FCC Creates Net Neutrality 'Committee' - A Place for AT&T, Netflix,
Comcast and Cisco to Bicker?, DSLReports
As we've noted for years, like most FCC policies, their 2010 network
neutrality rules were more show than substance. The rules don't do
very much, failing to cover wireless in any meaningful way, while
allowing pretty much any network behavior so long as it can be
defended as an action that's necessary to protect network integrity.
As part of those rules the agency stated they'd create a committee to
discuss network neutrality

Foster v. Matlock, 2012 NY Slip Op 31363 - NY: Supreme Court 2012, NY Court
pursuant to the terms of the federal Communications Decency Act (47
USC § 230), internet service providers, such as Rose, are immune from
defamation suits resulting from the exercise of their traditional
editorial functions, such as deciding whether to publish a particular

Cisco to Announce Internet Traffic Projections at Global Forum on
Policy Implications of Surging Bandwidth Demand, CISCO

Cisco's VNI Forecast Projects the Internet Will Be Four Times as Large
in Four Years, CISCO

Regulate the Internet by Testimony. OCRMM , FCC

U.S. lawmakers push to prevent global Internet regulation, WAPO
U.S. lawmakers on Thursday introduced a resolution to fight against
any international efforts to put regulations on the Internet.

Testifying before the U.S. House of Representatives on Internet
Governance, Google
This morning Google Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist Vint
Cerf will testify before the House Energy and Commerce Communications
and Technology Subcommittee on Internet Governance and the
International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

FBI: New Internet addresses could hinder police investigations, CNET
As the Internet prepares to celebrate World IPv6 Day next week, law
enforcement is worried the transition could hinder legitimate
investigations. Some tech companies agree it's a concern.

Launching Forward with IPv6, Akamai
With the era of freely available IPv4 addresses nearing its end, I'm
pleased to see that 2012 appears to be the year when the IPv6 Internet
will finally reach maturity and launch into wide-scale commercial use.
For over a decade, the groundwork for the migration to version 6 of
the Internet

IPv4: Business As Usual, CircleID
This year, we expect that the RIPE NCC's pool of unallocated IPv4
addresses will reach the "last /8", meaning that we have 16,777,216
IPv4 addresses left in the available pool. At that point it will no
longer be possible for RIPE NCC members to obtain the amount of IPv4
addresses they will require to expand their current and future

FTC hires U.S. legal all-star for Google antitrust probe, Globe
Oklahoma City prosecution just the first in long string of
high-profile victories for Washington power-lawyer Beth Wilkinson

Confirmed: US and Israel created Stuxnet, lost control of it, Ars Technica
The new account is unlikely to alter Iran's view of the US, seen here
in a mural on the old US embassy in Tehran

Twitter usage doubled in year, Pew study finds, CNET
The percentage of adults who use Twitter daily has quadrupled over the
past 18 months, the study also finds.

Twitter Use 2012, Pew
Overall adoption remains steady, but "typical day" usage continues to
grow—8% of online adults now use Twitter on a typical day.
African-Americans, young adults, and mobile users stand out for their
high rates of Twitter usage.

FTC chair Leibowitz: Apps need simpler privacy statements, CNET
Agency in charge of consumer protection and antitrust takes aim at
social networks, dominant tech platforms.

(Dkt No 96-115 ). WCB WTB OGC . , FCC

FCC Seeks Comment on Privacy and Security of Information Stored on
Mobile Phones and Other Devices, Telecom Law Monitor
ays before tomorrow's Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Workshop on
Mobile Disclosures, the FCC weighed in with a pair of releases on
privacy and security issues raised by mobile devices. In the first
item released on Friday, the FCC is seeking to refresh its record
regarding the

Making the Internet Safer for Everyone, Google
Security online is a shared responsibility and we take our role very
seriously. We work hard to proactively identify security threats,
protect our users and their personal information, and help make the
Internet a safer place.

New Cybersecurity Center Kicks Off with Workshop, NIST
The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) will host a
kickoff workshop on Tuesday, June 26, 2012. The workshopamp's goal is
to introduce the center, which will bring together experts from
industry, government and academia ...

A Secure Internet as an Engine of Economic Growth, OECD
Strengthening Cybersecurity is becoming "the new comparative
advantage", as companies and customers move to countries with safer
and more reliable cyber-frameworks, said Angel Gurría, OECD Secretary-

Is Privacy Dead? Yes, If America's Surveillance State Drones On, Forbes
In the sci-fi flick Colossus: The Forbin Project, the all-knowing
computer was asked if it understood privacy.

White House launches coordinated effort to battle botnets, CW
The U.S. government has launched a coordinated effort with several
trade groups and private companies to combat botnets and educate
affected computer users, the White House announced Wednesday.

Obama Ordered Wave of Cyberattacks Against Iran, NYT
Even after the Stuxnet computer worm became public, President Obama
accelerated cyberattacks against Iran that had begun in the Bush
administration, temporarily disabling 1,000 centrifuges.

Flame War, VOA
New Alarm Bells, And Old Questions, About The Flame Virus And Cyber-War

Christopher Fox, Checking In: Historical Cell Site Location
Information and the Stored Communications Act, Seton Hall Law Review
Over the last twenty-five years, the number of cell phone subscribers
in the United States has increased from slightly over 200,000 in 1985
to roughly 293 million in 2010.1 Cell phones are now the only phones
used in over one quarter of all American households, a percentage that
has nearly tripled in the last five years

Henry H. Perritt, The Internet at 20: Evolution of a Constitution for
Cyberspace, William Mary LR
In 1995, this Journal published my1 article arguing for broader public
access to government-generated information, explaining that the
Internet provided the potential for a new window into government
operations and decisions

Israel rejects Flame malware link, BBC
Israel dismisses the suggestion that it is behind the Flame
cyber-attack which was uncovered this week.

Report: Obama ordered Stuxnet attacks on Iran, CW
U.S. President Barack Obama ordered the Stuxnet cyberattacks on Iran
in an effort to slow the country's development of a nuclear program,
according to a report in The New York Times.

How Alan Turing Helped Win WWII and was Thanked with Criminal
Prosecution for Being Gay, Forbes
During this Memorial Day celebration, somewhere between barbecuing and
beach time, give a thought to Alan Mathison Turing. You know him best
as the inventor of the Turing Machine--the conceptual precursor of the
modern computer--but we owe him a debt of gratitude well beyond his
pioneering efforts in computer science.

"If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where
they went."-Will Rogers
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