Tuesday, March 08, 2011

CFP for CFP (Computers Freedom and Privacy)

The 21st annual Computers, Freedom, & Privacy (CFP) is accepting
proposals for this year's conference, which will take place on June
14-16, 2011. The theme for the 2011 conference is "The Future is


Past CFPs have explored what computing technology means for freedom
and privacy, including its usefulness as a surveillance tool and its
potential ubiquity. This year's call for proposals will focus on the
present state of technology and its impact on human rights struggles
around the world.

The call for proposals seeks contributions for this year's agenda. The
meeting will involve technologists, privacy policy experts, and
policymakers in discussions about the information society and the
future of technology, innovation, and freedom.

Submission Dates and Deadlines


March 15, 2011 Early Bird Deadline
April 1, 2011 Final Deadline
April 3, 2011 Deadline for Poster Showcase Submissions

Questions and Issues for CFP 2011

- What is social media's role in the charged democracy movement in the
Middle East and North Africa?
- How can technology and social media support human rights?
- What is the impact of mobile personal computing technology on
freedom and privacy?
- Are the courts, policy and decision makers ready to address freedom
and privacy in a 24/7 connected world?
- Are our leaders tech savvy enough to make good legal and policy
decisions regarding the deployment of smart grid, e-health records,
and the spread of consumer location based advertising?
- How will access to the wealth of knowledge available online be assured?
- Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, Smart Grid: are they passing tech
fads or here to stay?
- And much more!

To see the categories for submissions for this year's CFP visit:


To make a submission for the following:

- Speakers - http://bit.ly/dVZYMu

- Topics -http://bit.ly/gr6hHG

- Plenary Panels - http://bit.ly/feJTGy

- Workshops - http://bit.ly/gvhWcK

- Tutorials - http://bit.ly/e0pvdi

- Legal Poster Showcase Session & Panel - http://bit.ly/eTN0w0

- Research Poster Showcase Session & Panel - http://bit.ly/ggQ7lK

- Birds of a Feather Sessions -http://bit.ly/hTSARe

If you would like to see examples of submissions, visit http://bit.ly/geP9Qh

Computers, Freedom, and Privacy does not generally provide
compensation to speakers. All conference registration fees will be
waived for academic, non-profit, and government speakers (excluding
speakers for Birds of a Feather sessions). Travel funding may be
available on a case-by-case basis or through scholarship programs.

If you have questions contact cfp2011@epic.org.

Your contributions to this year's CFP are appreciated. We are working
to sponsor travel for a number of human rights activists from the
Middle East and North Africa to attend this year's conference. If you
know of an organization or company that would interested in supporting
CFP 2011 please contact Jules Polonetsky

Thank you,
Lillie Coney
Co-chair CFP 2011

Jules Polonetsky
Future of Privacy Forum
Co-chair CFP 2011

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