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The tax which will be paid for the purpose of education is not more
than the thousandth part of what will be paid to kings, priests and
nobles who will rise up among us if we leave the people in ignorance.
–Thomas Jefferson

LightSquared GPS Working Group Sends FCC Its First Report on
Interference Assessment, Inside GNSS
Yesterday (March 15, 2011), a working group mandated by the FCC waiver
to address the potential LightSquared/GPS interference issue delivered
its first monthly report required by the FCC.
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FCC Waiver Poses Serious Risk to GPS, TMC
Trimble, a founding member of the Coalition to Save Our GPS has
revealed to a House Committee that a recent waiver given by the
Federal Communications Commission could severely disrupt the Global
Positioning Systems (GPS). FCC granted an unusual conditional waiver
to a company
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One Year Later, FCC
Last year, the Federal Communications Commission developed and
released the National Broadband Plan (the Plan) to ensure that every
American has "access to broadband capability." A section of the Plan
included a detailed strategy for achieving maximum use of broadband to
advance public safety communications. One year
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Chairman Genachowski: The Clock is Ticking, FCC
This morning Chairman Genachowski spoke on spectrum, consumers and
America's small businesses, delivering the keynote address as part of
the Mobile Future Forum. He called attention to the growth of
broadband in America, the looming spectrum crisis and our solution,
voluntary, market-based incentive auctions to free up that spectrum.
He emphasized "we must act" to set the pace for the 21st century and
said, "there's no other choice than for the U.S. to lead."
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How 47 USC 230 Improves Marketplace Efficiency, Tech & Marketing Law
I have been working on a draft article currently titled "In Defense of
47 USC 230" (I'm...
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Testifying before Congress: Net Neutrality, Network Musings
In general, the Republicans who wished to repeal the FCC order tried
to: • Confuse regulating access to the Internet (telecommunications
providers: i.e. Verizon and ATT for the vast bulk of Americans) which
is the subject of the FCC order, and regulating services (Google,
Amazon, Facebook) which aren't under the FCC's jurisdiction.
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House Panel Moves Forward To Repeal Net Neutrality Rules, Huff
House Republicans have taken another step toward repealing new Federal
Communications Commission rules that prohibit phone and cable
companies from interfering with Internet traffic on their broadband
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In Which We Learn the Difference Between "Being Slow" and "Bad Faith"
(Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act), Cybertelecom
One of the interesting things coming forward in the AntiCybersquatting
Consumer Protection Act (ACPA) cases is that even though a defendant
can register a domain name in good faith, the use of that domain name
can morph into bad faith and violate the ACPA. This commonly occurs
when there is a contractual arrangement between the trademark owner
and the domain name registrant that eventually
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IPv6 Crunch Time Nears, Comm Tech
With the clock ticking, CableLabs now is holding weekly IPv6 phone
conferences with cable-industry players.
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IPv6 Address Allocations, Circleid
Last year, we presented statistics on the number of RIPE NCC members
and the resources distributed to them. Now, one year later, we revisit
the topic and look at how things evolved in 2010. We were particularly
interested to see how the number of IPv6 allocations increased over
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FTC Online Endorsement Guidelines Strike Again - FTC Dings Legacy
Learning Over Allegedly Misleading Affiliate Reviews, Tech & Marketing
n re Legacy Learning Systems, Inc., FTC File No. 102 3055...
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Study Suggests That The Internet Makes Youth 'More Engaged Citizens', Techdirt
Following on our recent post discussing Clay Shirky's views concerning
social media's role in helping to politicize people who were formerly
not all that interested in politics, Shocklee points us to news of a
recent study that has found, indeed, that high school students who use
the internet to research key interests "were more likely to become
involved in 'civic and political
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The Internet and Campaign 2010, Pew
54% of adults used the internet for political purposes in the 2010
election cycle, far surpassing the 2006 midterm contest.
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Quake damages plants of Fujitsu and Canon, CW
The 8.9 magnitude earthquake last week has brought damages to six
plants of the Fujitsu Group and several facilities of Canon.
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Free Calls to Japan, Text to Donate, and Free TV Japan, Verizon
See here for the latest, Verizon announces it will match Verizon
employee donations to relief efforts of between $25 and $1,000 to the
three designated relief agencies.
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Comcast Provides Free Calls to Japan, COMCAST
Our thoughts go out to all of the victims of the devastating
earthquake and tsunami that swept Japan, as well as to their family
and friends.
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White House wants new copyright law crackdown, CNET
Obama administration asks Congress to make "illegal streaming" of
audio or video a federal felony and says FBI agents should be able to
wiretap suspected infringers.
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Rep. Lofgren Again Explains How And Why Domain Seizures Violate The
Law, Techdirt
We had just pointed to a lawyer explaining why the domain seizures by
the government were likely to be unconstitutional. That was in
response to some of our commenters who insist that anyone who actually
understands the law would clearly see that such seizures are perfectly
fine. Well, here's another lawyer who disagrees -- and she also
happens to be a Congressional
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Netflix Vying To Acquire Original TV Series, Huff
Netflix Inc. is trying to buy the Internet streaming rights to a
26-episode drama starring Kevin Spacey before the series is shown on a
television network.
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Why Netflix's Lousy On-Demand Library Is Beating iTunes and Everyone
Else, Ecommerce Times
For a company that's been criticized for hanging onto an old-school
movie rental business -- DVDs and Blu-ray disks -- Netflix seems to be
surviving just fine. A year ago, Netflix stock traded for less than
$70 per share, while today it's been up well over $200. Sure, it
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Stunning story revealed in latest Netflix movie stats, CNET
New study underscores stunning emergence of Netflix as a dominant
supplier of digital movies.
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NATOA Congratulates New NCTA President Michael Powell, NATOA
The National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors
(NATOA) congratulates former FCC Chairman Michael Powell on being
named President of the National Cable and Telecommunications
Association (NCTA). "We look.
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Public Knowledge Statement on Michael Powell Appointment as NCTA President, PK
We congratulate former FCC Chairman Michael Powell on his appointment
as president and CEO of the National Cable and Telecommunications
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"There's a Mercedes divide": former FCC chief now top cable lobbyist,
Ars Technica
The revolving door that is Washington, DC swiveled rather loudly
yesterday with the announcement that former Federal Communications
Commission Chair Michael K. Powell will soon head the National Cable
and Telecommunications Association. Powell ran the FCC from 2001
through 2005.
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Senate Committee Holds Hearing on the State of Online Consumer Privacy, Info Law
On March 16, 2011, the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and
Transportation held a full committee hearing on the state of online
consumer privacy. The hearing was the first in a series of hearings
the Committee will hold on consumer privacy in the 112th Congress. The
hearing focused on online commercial practices that involve
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Congress Should Reject Privacy-Killing Do Not Track Mandate, Tech Lib Front
The push for online privacy regulation has real momentum, as proposed
privacy legislation from numerous lawmakers, aDepartment of Commerce
report proposing a compulsory Do Not Track mechanism to regulate
business marketing practices, and the Obama Administration's proposed
"Privacy Bill of Rights" all indicate.
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White House To Push Privacy Bill Of Rights, Huff
The Obama administration plans to ask Congress Wednesday to pass a
"privacy bill of rights" to protect Americans from intrusive data
gathering, amid growing concern about the tracking and targeting of
Internet users.
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Making Twitter more secure: HTTPS, Twitter
Today, we're taking an important step to make it easier to manage the
security of your Twitter experience – we are adding a user setting
that lets you always use HTTPS when accessing Using HTTPS
for your favorite Internet services is particularly important when
using them over unsecured WiFi connections.
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Making Universal Service and Intercarrier Compensation Reform Happen, FCC
When we voted unanimously to approve the USF/ICC Transformation NPRM
last month, each of us made clear that we are committed to reforming
the Universal Service Fund (USF) and the Intercarrier Compensation
(ICC) system, and to doing so as soon as possible. We must eliminate
waste and inefficiency and modernize USF and ICC to bring the benefits
of broadband to all Americans. We can't afford to delay.
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