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"If in the first act you introduce a gun, by the third act you have to
use it." - Anton Chekhov

Verizon to install 100 gigabit network in U.S., CNET
Following an upgrade in Europe, Verizon is looking to deploy 100G
Ethernet to certain sections of its U.S. Internet backbone by the end
of the second quarter.
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Obama Invested in Company That Got Sweet Deal From FCC, NLPC
More significantly, the FCC also allowed LightSquared to exploit a
loophole that allows it to deploy a national 4G wireless network to
handle cell phone calls and data. LightSquared is getting valuable
wireless spectrum on the cheap, while its competitors like AT&T and
Verizon are spending billions to build out their networks.
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DOD, DOT slam FCC over GPS interference concerns, Flightglobal
The US Department of Transportation and Defense Department on 25 March
issued a strongly worded letter to the Federal Communications
Commission (FCC) expressing concern over elements of an ongoing
analysis on the potential effects on GPS of a newly approved broadband
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New visualizations of M-Lab data, M Labs
The recent addition of Google's data visualization tool to the M-Lab
platform has become a huge success at allowing people to visualize
their broadband connectivity and how it compares across geographical
boundaries. However, work hasn't stopped there and this week new
visualization metrics have been added to the tool for users to
experiment with:
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Censorship: Made in the USA, Save the Internet
March has been a stormy month across the Arab world as the hope for
new democracy faces the harsh reality of despots armed with guns,
tanks and the tools of censorship.
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U.S. Products Help Block Mideast Web, Huff
As Middle East regimes try to stifle dissent by censoring the
Internet, the U.S. faces an uncomfortable reality: American companies
provide much of the technology used to block websites.
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Filtering the Mideast Web, VOA
Paul Sonne and Steve Stecklow at the Wall Street Journal have an
eye-opening feature today, and the headline says it all: "U.S.
Products Help Block Mideast Web."
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The case of Prof. Cronon and the FOIA requests for his private emails,
Freedom to Tinker
Prof. William Cronon, from the University of Wisconsin, started a
blog, Scholar as Citizen, wherein he critiqued Republican policies in
the State of Wisconsin and elsewhere. I'm going to skip the politics
and focus on the fact that the Republicans used Wisconsin's FOIA
mechanism to ask for a wide variety of his emails and they're likely
to get them.
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Oops: major Canadian ISP admits throttling World of Warcraft, Ars Technica
Back in February, a Canadian gamer wrote the government's telecom
regulator with an unusual complaint: her ISP, Rogers, was allegedly
throttling games like World of Warcraft, making them all but
unplayable. Even more unusual, the government demanded that Rogers
look into the accusation, and the ISP has now admitted that it is, in
fact, throttling WoW in some cases. But only by accident.
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People Actually Do Pay for Online Content, Pew
On March 28, 2011, Senior Fellow Jim Jansen gave the opening keynote
address at theBuying & Selling eContent 2011, held March 28-30 in
Scottsdale, AR.
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ARIN Reiterates Availability of IP Address Space Transfers According
to Community Policy, ARIN
No description
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N.Y. to scrutinize AT&T and T-Mobile merger, CNET
The state's attorney general plans to analyze the proposed merger,
which could create a "near duopoly," to ensure that it doesn't harm
New York wireless consumers.
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The Case Against AT&T&T (Part I), PK
Public Knowledge unequivocally opposes the proposed merger of AT&T,
the 2nd largest national wireless carrier, with T-Mobile, the fourth
(out of four) largest national wireless carrier. If the $39 billion
merger is approved, the combined entity would serve anywhere between
42-44% of a
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Amount of Unsolicited Internet Traffic Reflecting Situation in Libya, Circleid
During the recent political unrest in the Middle East, researchers
have observed significant changes in Internet traffic and
connectivity. Typically people look at routing data, latencies when
connecting to sites and search and query statistics. Here we show
results from a previously
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Another New Study Shows That Filesharing Doesn't Deter Artists From
Making Music, EFF
Further proof that the recording industry's oft-repeated claims of the
downfall of the entire music industry hold no water: a new report
finding that filesharing has led directly to "reduced costs of
bringing works to market and a growing role of independent labels." In
other words, in the past decade, we have seen more music from
independent outlets and at lower prices – something that consumers and
music fans should all be happy about.
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Netflix Lowers Streaming Video Quality To Cut Data Use, Huff
Online video rental company Netflix Inc has tweaked its Canadian
streaming service to cut down on the amount of data it uses in a
country where Internet usage is typically metered and capped.
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Data caps claim a victim: Netflix cuts streaming video quality, Ars Technica
Netflix announced last night that Canadian users will, by default,
receive lower-quality—and lower-bandwidth—streaming video. The change
was made to protect users, "because many Canadian Internet service
providers unfortunately enforce monthly caps on the total amount of
data consumed."
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Report: Netflix, Miramax near streaming deal, CNET
The Wall Street Journal reports that Miramax and Netflix are close to
signing a $100 million deal to stream the studio's movies via the
video rental service
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Architect Of The Internet, Paul Baran, Dies At 84, NPR
Baran was the inventor of packet switching, or the idea that a piece
of information can be cut into pieces, sent through different
passageways and be put together at the end.
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Internet pioneer Paul Baran dies, BBC
US scientist Paul Baran, the inventor of a foundational internet
technology, has died aged 84.
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Republicans Push FCC On Google Wi-Fi Probe - Wondering Why it
Apparently Went Nowhere, dslreports
Last year Google found itself under fire from privacy regulators in
multiple countries for the company's admission that they had been
collecting Wi-Fi user data from unsecured hotspots using Street View
vehicles. Google initially stated they only collected publicly
available SSID and MAC
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Family Sues Facebook Over Photos Of Slain Daughter, NPR
An EMT posted a picture of the corpse on Facebook. Now the family
wants the social networking site to destroy all copies of the picture
in its possession.
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FTC Charges Deceptive Privacy Practices in Google's Rollout of Its
Buzz Social Network, FTC
Google Agrees to Implement Comprehensive Privacy Program to Protect
Consumer Data
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Want To Grope People At Random In Airports (Not Just At Security)?
Join The TSA!, Techdirt
The TSA's sexual assault-as-security theater continues. The latest
involves reports from a woman, who, despite having already cleared
security at LaGuardia airport, was approached by a TSA agent near the
gate for her flight, and told that he had to give her a pat-down on
the spot,
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North Carolina House Passes Anti-Community Fiber Bill - Fourth Time
May be a Charm for Time Warner Cable, dslreports
We've discussed in great detail how for four consecutive years North
Carolina incumbents Time Warner Cable, AT&T, and CenturyLink have been
trying to pass laws that either outright ban, or constrain the ability
of individual communities to deploy fiber to local residents and
businesses. These bills were very popular a few years ago, with a
dozen states passing such laws.
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Tech firm owner pleads guilty to E-Rate conspiracy, CW
A former owner of an Illinois tech firm pleads guilty to conspiracy
related to E-Rate fraud.
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