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House Subcommittee Told FCC Action Poses a Threat to GPS, PRNewswire
A representative of a founding member of the Coalition to Save Our GPS
told a House subcommittee today that a recent action by the Federal
Communications Commission (FCC) could cause "consequences of
disruption" to the Global Positioning Systems (GPS) that will be "far
reaching, likely to affect large portions of the population and the
federal government."
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'Coalition To Save Our GPS' Takes Aim At Lightsquared - Urges FCC To
Pull New Spectrum Condition Waiver, dslreports
In a letter last January, the National Telecommunications and
Information Administration informed the FCC that Lightsquared's hybrid
LTE/satellite network may interfere with global satellite systems for
navigation, aeronautical emergency communications systems and
receivers used by Federal agencies. US Air Force Space Command and
General William Shelton also recently expressed concerns about
interference, going so far as to call potential problems
"unbelievable" while suggesting the FCC should "do the right thing"
and pull Lightsquared's licenses.
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Wireless Technology Prospects and Policy Options, CSTB
The use of radio-frequency communication--commonly referred to as
wireless communication--is becoming more pervasive as well as more
economically and socially important. Technological progress over many
decades has enabled the deployment of several successive generations
of cellular telephone technology, which is ...
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Web Startups Want An Open Internet -- House Republicans Don't, Huff
Veer and Vinay Gidwaney are the kind of people that House Republicans
should like. They are young, energetic, brilliant entrepreneurs. They
are just the kind of startups and small business creators that members
of Congress love to laud as the heart of the economy.
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A Dangerous Congressional Overreach on Net Neutrality, Save the Internet
Free Press Research Director S. Derek Turner testified on Thursday on
behalf of the Free Press Action Fund and the
coalition before the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on
Communications and Technology.
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The Internet and Innovation: My Testimony to Congress, Virulent Word of Mouse
A couple days ago I had the privilege and pleasure to testify before
the House Sub-committee on Communications, Technology and the
Internet, which is part of the Committee on Energy and Commerce in the
House of Representatives.
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IPv6 Percolates, IPv4 Regurgitates, Circleid
APNIC happened to be the first Regional Internet Registry to meet in
the IANA post IPv4 era. While discussions and proposals on how to
divvy up the last 'slash 8' into tinier blocks are to be expected, it
was rather unreal to see the energy spent divining how the RIR's would
share IPv4 space that would eventually be returned to IANA and then
regurgitated. A timewarp with the exhaustion clock turning backwards?
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Home Networking Equipment Not Ready for IPv6, USTelecom
The University of New Hampshire InterOperability Lab held an IPv6
consumer electronics Plugfest to test the IPv6 compatibility and
readiness of consumer networking equipment. Although UNH has not
published the full results, according to Network World numerous bugs
were found in many of the top names in the home networking industry.
Compounding this issue is that the equipment manufacturers don't have
a lot of time to
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NASA Study Says Ice Caps Melting At A Much Faster Rate, Huff
A new NASA study says the ice caps are melting at a much faster rate.
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Beware of Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Scams, MSISAC
The MS-ISAC today reminds Internet users who receive appeals to donate
money in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan to apply
a critical eye and do their due diligence before responding to those
requests. Past tragedies and natural disasters have prompted
individuals with criminal intent to solicit contributions purportedly
for a charitable organization and/or a good cause.
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Quake damage to Japan cables appears small, CW
Undersea telecommunications cables in and out of Japan seem to have
mostly survived the devastating earthquake that struck the country on
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Japan's Quake May Disrupt Chip Shipments, Internet News
What effect will Japan's big quake have on the global technology industry?
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Japan's phone networks remain severely disrupted, CW
More than a day after a massive earthquake and subsequent tidal wave
slammed Japan, the country's telecommunications services remain
severely disrupted.
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Despite quake, Japan's Net connections strong, CNET`
Internet research Renesys says it's surprised by how little the quakes
have affected the undersea Internet cables that keep Japan connected
to the rest of the world.
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Taiwanese semiconductor firms face supply shortages in Japan, CW
Taiwan's major semiconductor manufacturers, a crucial link in the
global tech supply chain, scrambled Monday to gauge how their access
to raw materials from Japanese suppliers will be affected by the
powerful earthquake in Japan.
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AT&T: Calls, Texts To Japan Free Through March, Huff
In response to last week's tsunami, AT&T has announced that its
wireless customers, in the United States and Puerto Rico, can call or
text Japan for free through March 31st. AT&T has also said it will not
charge its wireless postpaid customers for international long distance
calls or texts to Japan that were placed after March 11th.
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Time Warner Cable Offers Free Calls To Japan - While Several Carriers
Offer Access To Japan TV, dslreports
According to a statement by Time Warner Cable, the company is
providing its subscribers with free calls to Japan (specifically from
March 11 to April 15) as the crisis continues to unfold. "We have seen
an increase in the number of calls made by our customers to family,
friends and colleagues in Japan who have been touched by the events
that occurred earlier today," says the company," adding that "they are
all in our
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Vonage Offers Customers Free Calling to Japan, Vonage
No description
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Support for Japan, Twitter
Our thoughts, sympathy, and support go out to those in Japan affected
by Friday's powerful earthquake and resulting tsunami.
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Helping Japan Online, Digital Frontiers VOA
As quickly as the news filtering out of Japan has become more grim,
millions of concerned people have taken to the Internet to learn about
the unfolding tragedy. And, like Haiti's earthquake last year,
governments, organizations and humanitarian activists are using the
web as a tool to help.
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The Web Reacts to a Tsunami, Digital Frontiers VOA
Friday morning's historic 8.9 magnitude earthquake off the eastern
coast of Japan, and the resulting tsunami that tore into the Japanese
coastline, set the Internet into overdrive across the entire Pacific
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Japan Quake, Renesys
Today's 8.9 magnitude earthquake in Japan has had surprisingly limited
impacts on the structure and routing dynamics of the regional
Internet. Of roughly 6,000 Japanese network prefixes in the global
routing table, only about 100 were temporarily withdrawn from service
— and that number has actually decreased in the hours since the event.
Other carriers around the region have reported congestion and drops in
traffic due to follow-on effects of the quake, but most websites are
up and operational, and the Internet is available to support critical
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Iran launches cyber attack on 'enemies' of state: report, Globe and Mail
Feared paramilitary group say attacks in a retaliation for similar
attacks on Iran
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Foreigners in Japan rely on Twitter for breaking news, CW
Twitter has been a lifeline for Westerners both inside and outside of
Japan as they try to keep up with fast-moving events following
Friday's massive earthquake and the tsunami that followed.
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New sports channels signal shift in Apple TV, CNET
Today's iOS 4.3 update brings MLB.TV and NBA League Pass to Apple TV.
It could indicate Apple is taking a more app-like approach to its
living room device and does mean it is turning its "hobby" into a more
serious undertaking.
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USDA rural broadband loan program updated, Connected Nation
The USDA today released new information for applicants for its
broadband loan program for rural areas. The program is designed to
provide loans for the costs of construction, improvement, and
acquisition of facilities and equipment to provide broadband service
to eligible rural communities.
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