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LightSquared asks to share weather-balloon spectrum for its LTE network, CW :: Keyword: [Lightsquared]
Embattled satellite carrier LightSquared proposed that the government let it share spectrum with federal uses such as weather balloons so it can get enough spectrum to launch its proposed national LTE mobile network.

IP Interconnection – Blog Post Number Two, Verizon :: Keyword: [Backbone]
In the legacy telecommunications market place, economic regulation of interconnection – including price regulation as well as interconnection mandates – was taken for granted. IP networks, on the other hand, have neither been subject to economic regulation in general, nor to interconnection rules in particular. 

Summary of Recent LightSquared Hearing, :: Keyword: [Lightsquared]
The committee received testimony on the process and decision-making leading up to the FCC's grant of a conditional waiver to LightSquared on January 26, 2011.

LightSquared Seeks a Fresh Signal, WSJ :: Keyword: [Lightsquared]
LightSquared wants regulatory approval for a plan it thinks will overcome the technical problems that have postponed its launch of a next-generation network and tipped the company into bankruptcy protection.

Comcast binges on Wi-Fi hotspots in California, Gigaom :: Keyword: [Wifi]
Comcast may not have been able to cut it as a mobile operator, but it doesn’t seem to have any trouble becoming a wireless hotspot provider. On Thursday the cable company said it has completed a build of a “few thousand” Wi-Fi hotspots throughout its northern and central California cable territory, including the San Francisco Bay Area.

Copyright Trolls Still Arguing That Open WiFi Is 'Negligent', Techdirt :: Keyword: [WiFi]
We've written a few times now about the argument used by some copyright trolls that leaving WiFi open is negligence. This has become a common claim in cases where an accused defendant claims they did not do any unauthorized file sharing of the work(s) in question, but that since their WiFi is open, it could have been just about

No Virginia, You Have No Duty to Secure Your WiFi Access Point, CircleID :: Keyword: [Wifi Security]
Every now and again a report flies across the network about the police breaking down someone's door and attempting to arrest the home owner for bad things online — assuming that whatever happened from that person's Internet connection is their fault. Now there are lots of problems with this — lots of problems. But one of the big

FCC chief lays out plans to boost mobile carriers' spectrum, CW :: Keyword: [Wireless]
FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski detailed plans on Thursday to free up more wireless spectrum that carriers say they need to offer high-speed mobile services.

F.C.C. Backs Plan on Reclaiming Spectrum for a Wireless Auction, NYT :: Keyword: [Auctions]
The Federal Communications Commission approved a process to pay television broadcasters to give up airwaves that would then be auctioned to cellphone companies.

FCC moves forward on incentive spectrum auctions, CW :: Keyword: [Auctions]
The U.S. Federal Communications Commission took the first step toward groundbreaking auctions of television spectrum to mobile carriers faced with skyrocketing bandwidth demands from their customers.

Comcast’s New Policy Raises Net Neutrality and Antitrust Concerns, IPLJ :: Keyword: [Neutral]
In 2008, Comcast announced a new policy to institute data caps on residential Internet use. Comcast subscribers who exceeded 250GB of data usage twice in a six-month span were cut off from service. While the policy was initially met with some criticism, the relatively generous cap did not affect the vast majority of subscribers,

Net Neutrality: The Past, Present and Future, Broadband for America :: Keyword: [Net Neutrality]
Network Neutrality is a topic that draws strong feelings from both sides of the aisle. Republicans oppose it. Democrats favor it. Yet there is still room for agreement.

A Network Neutrality Meme That Will Not Go Away, PK :: Keyword: [Net Neutrality]
Recently, arguments against network neutrality as a “solution in search of a problem” have resurfaced (recently subscribed to by Mitt Romney’s campaign, recently argued by Verizon in its challenge to the Open Internet Order, and also argued here and here). People who make this argument essentially claim either (1)

Internet Grows to More Than 240 Million Domain Names in the Second Quarter of 2012, Verisign :: Keyword: [Data]
More than seven million domain names were added to the Internet in the second quarter of 2012, bringing the total number of registered domain names at June 30, 2012, to more than 240 million worldwide across all domains, according to the latest Domain Name Industry Brief, published by VeriSign, Inc.

25% of American Adults Own Tablet Computers, Pew :: Keyword: [Data]
A quarter of American adults now own tablet computers, a major increase from the first measurement of tablet ownership by Pew Internet in the late summer of 2010.

AS Core IPv4+IPv6 Graph 2011 available, CAIDA :: Keyword: [IPv6]
CAIDA's visualization of both IPv4 and IPv6 AS-level Internet topology based on Archipelago data for 2011. This visualization represents macroscopic snapshots of IPv4 and IPv6 Internet topology samples captured in April 2011. For the IPv4 map, CAIDA collected data from 54 monitors located in 29 countries on 6 continents. For the

Measuring the Deployment of IPv6: Topology, Routing and Performance, CAIDA :: Keyword: [IPv6]
"Measuring the Deployment of IPv6: Topology, Routing and Performance", in Internet Measurement Conference (IMC), Nov 2012

Most U.S. Agencies Expected to Miss IPv6 Deadline, CircleID :: Keyword: [IPv6]
Most federal agencies are expected to miss the September 30 deadline that requires their public-facing websites to support IPv6. An official weekly snapshot provided by the National Institute of Standards and Technology showed that as of September 26, just 11 percent of the 1,498 government external domains tested had operational

Congress set to pass online sales tax, trade group says, CW :: Keyword: [Tax]
Steve DelBianco is worried that the U.S. Congress will soon pass a law allowing states to collect sales taxes from most online sellers.

Huawei mulls initial public offering, report says, CNET :: Keyword: [Backbone]
The company has so far only reached out to investment banks to see what it would take to bring its shares public.

Steve Pearlstein and the Internet Ecosystem, Verizon :: Keyword: [Verizon]
I’ve authored posts in the past (see here for an example) about the dynamically competitive and highly innovative nature of the Internet ecosystem, the wide array of companies, providers and the users themselves that make the Internet valuable and a vital part of society. Recently, US Telecom 

Lofgren’s Task Force on the Global Internet, PK :: Keyword: [Internet Freedom]
There has been a flurry of activity around Internet freedom recently. Not only have both parties included it in their platform, but Rep. Zoe Lofgren has taken an affirmative step in its favor by proposing the Global Free Internet Act of 2012, H.R. 6530 (a predecessor bill called the “One Global Internet Act” was proposed by

China’s secretive networking giant Huawei weighs an IPO, Gigaom :: Keyword: [China]
Telecom infrastructure powerhouse Huawei has reached out to investment banks about a possibility of publicly listing its stock on an international exchange, according to reports from the Wall Street Journaland Reuters. While the news agencies’ sources said no final decision has been made, an initial public offering (IPO) could help the

Gmail access restored inside Iran, BBC :: Keyword: [Iran]
Iran lifts restrictions imposed a week ago on the secure version of the Google email service and search engine.

Remarks of Assistant Secretary Strickling at Columbia Institute for Tele-Information, NTIA :: Keyword: [ITU]
Over the next few months, countries around the world, including the United States, will be considering their positions on these important issues as they prepare for the World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT), to be held under the auspices of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in Dubai in

ETNO threatens digital revolution in Africa and beyond, LIRNasia :: Keyword: [ITU]
African scholar Dele Meiji Fatunla is respected beyond Africa. He has slammed ETNO’s proposal as a threatening element to the economic future of Africa as well as the developing world. And LIRNEasia CEO Rohan Samarajiva’s analysis on ETNO’s doctrine shines, along with OECD’s researcher Rudolf Van Der Berg, in Fatunla’s arsenal.

The Evolution of the ITU's Views on Internet Governance (2006-2012), CircleID :: Keyword: [ITU]
Someone was talking the other day about the ITU and what they think about the issue of Internet Governance. I know what the ITU Secretariat wrote in a paper some years ago (Bulgaria was one of the governments heavily criticizing the errors and flaws in the ITU paper), but also decided it might be interesting to show how this

UN IP group tells Pirate Party: You can't even watch, Ars Technica :: Keyword: [UN]
In Germany, the Pirate Party has sent a candidate to a state senate; in Sweden, the party has actually elected members of the European Parliament. But whatever its successes, the Pirate Party still won't be able to sit in on proceedings of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), a UN body that sets international rules for

Is the WCIT Indeed Wicked?, CircleID :: Keyword: [ITU]
The traditional network operators see OTT services as a threat, and the companies offering them are perceived to be getting a free lunch over their networks — they are calling for international regulation.

Ghana echoes LIRNEasia: Minister bins ETNO doctrine, LIRNasia :: Keyword: [ITU]
Ghana’s Communication Minister Mr. Haruna Iddrisu said his government “will not allow any economic cost or value to the internet that will limit access” and ubiquitous access to Internet is a “nonnegotiable” issue. In a stakeholder meeting Idrisu also said, “One ingredient that had helped Ghana to enjoy the stable and peaceful economy

Robert Pepper, Net Threat: The Dangers From Global Web Regulation , Forbes :: Keyword: [ITU]

U.N. Agency Reassures: We Just Want to Break the Internet, Not Take it Over, Forbes :: Keyword: [ITU]
In recent months, the International Telecommunications Union, the U.N.’s telephone regulatory agency, has been fighting hard to quiet a growing chorus of warnings that it is maneuvering to rewrite the rules of Internet governance.

MPAA chief admits: SOPA and PIPA "are dead, they're not coming back.", Ars Technica :: Keyword: [Copyright]
MPAA CEO Chris Dodd didn't seem eager to talk about the aftermath of SOPA when he spoke at San Francisco's Commonwealth Club on Tuesday night. The former Connecticut senator would have preferred to wax poetic about innovation, California, and the collaboration between Hollywood and Silicon Valley. "Every studio I deal with has a distribution agreement with Google," said Dodd. "We've divided up this discussion in a way that doesn't really get us moving along as a people."

YouTube Upgrades Its Automated Copyright Enforcement System, EFF :: Keyword: [Copyright]
From its inception, YouTube’s algorithmic copyright cop, Content ID, has been rife with problems — at least from the user’s perspective. Overbroad takedowns, a confusing dispute process, and little in the way of accountability turned the “filter” into an easy censorship tool. On Wednesday, however, YouTube announced several 

US Military Classifies Wikileaks As 'Enemy Of The United States', Techdirt :: Keyword: [Media]
Back when Wikileaks first released some State Department cables, creating quite the uproar among government officials, the Treasury Department was clear that it would not declare Wikileaks a terrorist organization or list Julian Assange as a "Specially Designated National" on the list, because it did not meet the proper criteria.

Pew study: News consumption up via mobile, social media, CNET :: Keyword: [News]
Social-networking sites grew from 9 percent to 19 percent as a source for news in the last two years, but only 3 percent of respondents say they regularly get news from Twitter.

Ambrose, Meg Leta, It’s About Time: Privacy, Information Lifecycles, and the Right to Be Forgotten, SSRN :: Keyword: [Privacy]
The current consensus is that information, once online, is there forever. Content permanence has led many European countries, the European Union, and even the United States to establish a right to be forgotten to protect citizens from the 

Congressional Investigation Slams DHS Anti-Terror Centers: Wasted Taxpayer Funds, Created No Useful Intelligence & Violated Civil Liberties, Techdirt :: Keyword: [Privacy]
Since September 11th, the government has often had something of a blank check (and the equivalent lack of oversight) for anything labeled as being part of an anti-terror effort. As such, it should hardly come as a surprise that programs are wasteful, possibly fraudulent, bad for civil liberties and (oh yeah) completely useless (to

Senate Report Finds Fusion Centers "Wasteful," Likely Violate Federal Privacy Laws, EPIC :: Keyword: [Privacy]
A Senate Investigations Committee has released a new report on "State and Local Fusion Centers", government data warehouses that store an enormous amount of information on Americans. The Senate report found that Fusion Centers, operated by the Department of Homeland Security, "often produced irrelevant, useless or

FTC settles with Bieber fan site over child data-collection claims, CNET :: Keyword: [COPPA]
The FTC has agreed to accept $1 million from Artist Arena, a division of Warner Music Group that creates fan Web sites, to settle charges that it illegally collected names and e-mail addresses from children

Feds Nab Bieber Fan Site Promoter In Kids' Online Privacy Case, Forbes :: Keyword: [COPPA]
If you have kids, you may be all too familiar with Justin Bieber ? in fact, you may even know of his girlfriend Selena Gomez. Indeed, welcome to the world of Bieliebers.

F.T.C. Moves to Tighten Online Privacy Protections for Children, NYT :: Keyword: [COPPA]
Federal regulations intended to curb the collection of data from young Internet users without their parents’ permission might cause companies to stop creating child-centric sites.

Cyberattacks on 6 American Banks Frustrate Customers, NYT :: Keyword: [Security]
The cyberattacks, by a group claiming Middle Eastern ties, caused Internet blackouts and delays in online banking, and the banks did not explain clearly what was going on.

U.S. Law Enforcement Is Tracking Who Calls, Texts And Emails Whom More Often Than Ever Before, Forbes :: Keyword: [4th Amendment]
Law enforcement isn't just interested in what Americans are saying on the phone or on the Internet. They're also interested in whom they're saying it to--a piece of information that conveniently doesn't require a warrant to obtain. And according to newly released documents, the Feds are surveilling and mapping out those social

ACLU: Electronic surveillance by US agencies skyrocketing, CW :: Keyword: [4th Amendment]
U.S. law enforcement surveillance of email and other Internet communication has skyrocketed in the last two years, according to data obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union.

Obama Goes All-In On Warrantless Spying, Huffpo :: Keyword: [4th Amendment]
The Obama administration has overseen a sharp increase in the number of people subjected to warrantless electronic surveillance of their telephone, email and Facebook accounts by federal law enforcement agencies, new documents released by the American Civil Liberties Union on Friday revealed.

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