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"The weakest link in the security chain is the human element." "I obtained confidential information in the same way government employees did, and I did it all without even touching a computer . . . . I was so successful with this line of attack that I rarely had to go towards a technical attack." - Kevin Mitnick

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Netflix will add closed captions to all of its videos within two years, Gigaom :: Keyword: [ADA]
Netflix has settled a court case brought against it by the National Association for the Deaf and other disability rights advocates, agreeing to a consent decree that will require it to have closed captions for all of its videos by October 2014.

Groups Express Concern at FCC Speedtest Data Collection - Argue There's No Checks and Balances for FCC Data Use, DSLReports :: Keyword: [Broadband]
Several groups have sent the FCC a letter (pdf) expressing concern at the amount of data collected by the agency's speed tests. The last few years the FCC realized that actually having some real-world data might help inform policy decisions (go figure!) -- so they introduced their own speed test, and launched a program using

FCC Tests Wired Broadband Performance Among Large ISPs, Part I, The Bandwidth Report :: Keyword: [Broadband]
Although the gap between advertised and actual broadband speeds is closing among US ISPs, there is still a 25-33 percentage point difference between the fastest and slowest providers at identical speed tiers,

FCC's U-NII Advisory and Enforcement Actions Underscore Potential Growing Pains of Spectrum Sharing by Unlicensed Devices, Telecom Law Monitor :: Keyword: [WIFI]
One of the central issues in any spectrum sharing environment is the ability to enforce compliance with the regulations governing operation of the devices in the band, particularly the operation of secondary devices sharing spectrum on a non-interference basis with primary services. This is equally the case when new categories of

Mani Potnuru, Limits of the Federal Wiretap Act’s Ability to Protect Against Wi-Fi Sniffing, Michigan Law Review :: Keyword: [Wifi Security]
Adoption of Wi-Fi wireless technology continues to see explosive growth. However, many users still operate their home Wi-Fi networks in unsecured mode or use publicly available unsecured

ITIF Challenges Conclusions in UN Report on State of Global Broadband, USTelecom :: Keyword: [Broadband Data]
A recent report on the global state of broadband which ranks the United States at 23rd place in the number of citizens using broadband and 18th in broadband subscription

De-Spinning the UN Broadband Report, ITIF :: Keyword: [Broadband Data]
What the public and policymakers do not need is another poorly constructed report claiming that the United States lags behind in broadband, which advocates are already holding up as yet more evidence of America's failed broadband policy.

ICANN’s core principles and the expansion of generic top-level domain names, Intl J of Law & Info Tech :: Keyword: [ICANN]
ICANN is a self-regulatory body that oversees the registration of domain names and coordinates Internet protocol addresses. As a multi-stakeholder body with significant influence over the root of the Internet,

Woman Slammed With QUADRILLION Dollar Phone Bill, Huffpo :: Keyword: [Industry]
There are large phone bills and then there are insane phone bills. Solenne San Jose, a woman from Pessac, in the Bordeaux region of France, received an utterly insane one.

Huawei to US: "Butt out of our business", Forbes :: Keyword: [China]
Among all the condemnations in yesterday's report on Huawei Technologies from US Congress intelligence committee investigators, one of them stands out above all others: the company’s maddening failure to adopt a Western-friendly culture of transparency while seeking business with Western countries, including a number of national governments.

China Calls Huawei Report 'Groundless', WSJ :: Keyword: [China]
Beijing said a U.S. congressional report urging U.S. business to spurn Chinese telecoms Huawei Technologies and ZTE could hurt relations between the countries.

WCIT Civil Society Briefing Leaves Many Questions Unanswered, CDT :: Keyword: [ITU]
Earlier this week, the ITU Secretariat hosted a briefing for civil society organizations interested in the ITU's upcoming World Conference on International Telecommunications. Although the Secretariat's official aim was to "provide an overview of the conference, the preparatory process, and some of the main principles and issues being discussed," concrete answers to these questions were few and far between. 

US says will oppose major revisions of global telecom rules, :: Keyword: [ITU]
Pedestrians walk past a computer and its reflection showing the login page for Facebook in traditional Chinese characters in Hong Kong on May 14, 2012. The United

Kim Dotcom’s lawyer: “There has been a trail of illegality”, Gigaom :: Keyword: [Copyright]
Police violated numerous laws in New Zealand when pursuing their case against Kim Dotcom and MegaUpload, Dotcom’s lawyer Ira P. Rothken said during a panel at the SF Musictech Summit in San Francisco Tuesday, which is why he is hoping that the case will soon be dismissed in its entirety. There has been a trail of illegality

ICE Reluctantly Releases A Small Number Of Heavily Redacted Domain Seizure Docs, Holds The Rest Hostage, Techdirt :: Keyword: [IP DNS]
Back in December of 2010, Aaron Swartz filed a Freedom of Information Act request regarding the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) efforts to seize, without any notification or adversarial hearings, domain names which ICE claimed were facilitating copyright and/or trademark infringement. After nearly two years of

Ripoff Report and Topix Postings Protected by California's Anti-SLAPP Law--Chaker v. Mateo, Tech & Marketing Law Blog :: Keyword: [News]
Chaker v. Mateo, 2012 WL 4711885 (Cal. App. Ct. Oct. 4, 2012) Chaker and Nicole Mateo had...

The Proposed "Cloud Computing Act of 2012," and How Internet Regulation Can Go Awry (Forbes Cross-Post), Tech & Marketing Law Blog :: Keyword: [Cloud]
Sen. Amy Klobuchar has introduced a new bill, the "Cloud Computing Act of 2012" (S.3569), that purports...

Chris Jay Hoofnagle , Jennifer M. Urban and Su Li , Privacy and Modern Advertising: Most US Internet Users Want 'Do Not Track' to Stop Collection of Data about their Online Activities, SSRN :: Keyword: [Privacy]
Most Americans have not heard of 'Do Not Track,' a proposal to allow Internet users to exercise more control over online advertising. However, when probed, most prefer that Do Not Track block advertisers from collecting data about their online 

Rockefeller Urges Senate Action on Cybersecurity, Senate Commerce Committee :: Keyword: [Security]
Chairman John D. (Jay) Rockefeller IV today issued the following statement after Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta warned of the threats facing the nation's critical infrastructure in a speech Thursday night.

New Senate Report: Counterterrorism "Fusion Centers" Invade Innocent Americans’ Privacy and Don’t Stop Terrorism, EFF :: Keyword: [Big Brother]
The Department of Homeland Security’s 70 counterterrrorism "fusion centers" produce "predominantly useless information," "a bunch of crap," while "running afoul of departmental guidelines meant to guard against civil liberties" and are "possibly in violation of the Privacy Act."

U.S. Supreme Court won't hear NSA, AT&T wiretapping case, CW :: Keyword: [Big Brother]
The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to overturn legal immunity for telecom carriers that allegedly participated with a U.S. National Security Agency surveillance program during the last decade.

No Computer Fraud and Abuse Act violation for taking over former employee’s LinkedIn account, Internet Cases :: Keyword: [CFAA]
After plaintiff was fired as an executive, her former employer (using the password known by another employee) took over plaintiff’s LinkedIn account. It kept all of plaintiff’s contacts and recommendations but switched out plaintiff’s name and photo with those of the new CEO.

Obama Beats Romney in Internet Savvy & Social Media, Forbes :: Keyword: [Vote]
According to a Google survey, President Obama beat out Republican contender Mitt Romney in a poll over which of the two is more adept at social media and online persuasion. According to the report by IT News Online, 64% of a polled group of 2,500 internet users throughout the United States felt the president was better in that category.

Obama Actually Won The First Presidential Debate According To Online Gamers, Forbes :: Keyword: [Vote]
While what seemed like a majority of political pundits, members of the media and average Americans felt that Mitt Romney won the first presidential debate; Barack Obama scored a victory with online gamers. Nexon America has been conducting polls with players of its popular online game, Maplestory. Overall, 11,867 votes were

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