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Netflix will add closed captions to all of its videos within two years, Gigaom :: Keyword: [ADA]
Netflix has settled a court case brought against it by the National Association for the Deaf and other disability rights advocates, agreeing to a consent decree that will require it to have closed captions for all of its videos by October 2014.

Netflix and deaf-rights group settle suit over video captions, CNET :: Keyword: [ADA]
A two-year class action lawsuit under the Americans with Disabilities Act ended with the streaming service agreeing to put captions on 100 percent of its video library by 2014.

Is There Something To Be Done About Broadband Competition?, Forbes :: Keyword: [Broadband]
Two dominant schools of thought have emerged in the broadband policy arena. The first, represented by the views of Susan Crawford, a visiting professor at Harvard Law School, is that there is not enough competition to cable modem service and thus government must intervene to prevent a likely abuse of market power. A second

FOIA Request Turns Up Info on Non-FCC-Compliant Transmitters., Comlawblog :: Keyword: [Wifi]
In our recent blog post about an AT&T wireless Internet service causing interference to an airport weather radar in Puerto Rico, we asked whether the FCC had charged AT&T with the wrong offense. Because the transmitter operated outside its FCC-certified frequency range (among other

AT&T's FaceTime policy triggers formal complaint, Fierce :: Keyword: [Net Neutrality]
AT&T's (NYSE:T) decision to offer Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) FaceTime video calling feature over cellular at no extra charge only to its Mobile Share data plan customers has led one consumer to file a formal complaint with the FCC.

Akamai Releases Second Quarter 2012 'State of the Internet' Report, Akamai :: Keyword: [Data]
Akamai Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: AKAM), the leading cloud platform for helping enterprises provide secure, high-performing user experiences on any device, anywhere, today released its Second Quarter, 2012 State of the Internet report. Based on data gathered from the Akamai Intelligent

Nobody 'Goes Online' Anymore, Huffpo :: Keyword: [Data]
A large survey of Internet users found that they say they spend fewer hours per week online than they did a year ago.

Internet Governance World Meets in Toronto Amid New Domains Controversy, Michael Geist :: Keyword: [ICANN]
The Internet governance world gathers in Toronto this week as the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the California-based non-profit corporation charged with the principal responsibility for maintaining the Internet's domain name system, holds one of its meetings in Canada for only the third time. My

Indian Internet Governance Conference: a Multistakeholder Success Story, ISOC :: Keyword: [ICANN]
On 04-05 October, the Internet Society was honored to be a co-organiser of the first-ever Indian Internet Governance Conference (IIGC). Organized

FCC targets Craigslist cellphone jammer vendors, issues six citations, Ars Technica :: Keyword: [eCommerce]
The Federal Communications Commission has stepped up its enforcement game, issuing citations to six individuals for advertising and selling signal cellphone jamming devices on Craigslist. The FCC has also warned several online vendors and produced public service announcements in Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.

Kirk D. Homeyer, Can a State Seize an Internet Gambling Website's Domain Name? An Analysis of the Kentucky Case, SSRN :: Keyword: [Gambling]
The recently developed Internet gambling forum has produced myriad legal issues affecting state, federal, and international law, which issues arise in large part from the ubiquity of the Internet. Based on an analysis of the Kentucky Case, this 

Google Under Pressure from EU Regulators on Privacy Policy, EFF :: Keyword: [Google]
On Oct. 16, European Union data protection authorities issued a letter to Google CEO Larry Page calling upon the search engine giant to revisit its privacy policy. Earlier this year, the policy was unified into one policy covering a wide range of different Google services and integrating data from Google search history and YouTube

EU warns Google risks fines over privacy, FT :: Keyword: [Google]
Regulators demand policy changes after an investigation shows Google fails to provide users with adequate information about use of their personal data

F.T.C. Staff Prepares Antitrust Case Against Google Over Search, NYT :: Keyword: [Google]
For investigators preparing a recommendation that the government sue, a main line of inquiry has been whether Google has manipulated its search results to favor its products.

US lawmaker questions FTC Google antitrust probe, CW :: Keyword: [Google]
The U.S. Federal Trade Commission should "tread carefully" before bringing an antitrust complaint against Google, a veteran U.S. lawmaker said as news reports suggested the agency is ready to move forward.

Sprint gains control over Clearwire with stock buy, Gigaom :: Keyword: [Sprint]
Sprint has upped in investment in Clearwire to give it the majority stake it needs to take direct control of the struggling 4G carrier. In a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Thursday, Sprint revealed it has bought the outstanding shares of Eagle River Holdings, the investment arm of Clearwire’s original founder Craig McCaw.

Japanese Company to Acquire 70% of Sprint, MTTLR :: Keyword: [Sprint]
On October 15, Japanese tech titan SoftBank announced that it will acquire 70% of Sprint Nextel. The $20.1 billion deal will allow Sprint to compete with the two largest American wireless companies, Verizon and AT&T, by providing Sprint with $8 billion in new capital. Of the $8 billion, $3.1 billion will come in the form of a bond, to be

US review finds no proof of Huawei spying, FT :: Keyword: [China]
A White House-ordered inquiry has concluded that relying on the networking gear maker exposes security vulnerabilities that hackers could exploit

'No evidence' of Huawei espionage, BBC :: Keyword: [China]
A leaked report into the activities of Huawei found no evidence that the firm was in league with the Chinese government.

Rise In U.S. Hacker Attacks Against China, Forbes :: Keyword: [China]
News last week that a U.S. government report alleged Chinese telecom companies were likely spying on U.S. firms comes at a time when Chinese companies are getting hacked into like never before. Including from computer systems in the U.S.

U.S. Says Iran Is Behind Cyberattacks, WSJ :: Keyword: [Iran]
Iranian hackers with government ties have mounted cyberattacks against American targets in recent months, escalating a low-grade cyberwar.

ETNO response to the Commission Public Consultation on specific aspects of transparency, traffic management and switching in an open Internet, ETNO :: Keyword: [ITU]
ETNO does not call for regulation of IP-Interconnection, be it at global, EU or national level. IP-Interconnection should be covered by commercial agreements, including on the provision of enhanced quality of service, allowing the development of new sustainable models of traffic and payment flows in the internet value chain, and supporting sustained investment in network infrastructure.

WCIT Civil Society Briefing Leaves Many Questions Unanswered, CDT :: Keyword: [ITU]
Earlier this week, the ITU Secretariat hosted a briefing for civil society organizations interested in the ITU's upcoming World Conference on International Telecommunications. Although the Secretariat's official aim was to "provide an overview of the conference, the preparatory process, and some of the main principles and

Internet is not broken, Bangkok Post :: Keyword: [ITU]
A conference sponsored by the United Nations in Dubai this week bears careful watching. The good news is that Thai representatives at the ITU Telecom World 2012 are well aware of the hidden agenda of the conference. The bad news is that some influential governments and self-interested groups want to use the meeting to undermine the freedom of the internet.

Study Finds File Sharers Buy 30% More Music Than Non-File Sharers, Michael Geist :: Keyword: [Copyright]
A new study by the American Assembly finds that file-sharers buy 30 percent more music than non-file sharers. The study is consistent with many other studies that confirm that file sharers spend more on music and cultural products than those that do not. Study author Joe Karaganis has a follow-up post responding to criticisms from NPD, which has done survey work for the RIAA.

AT&T's Version of Six Strikes Launches November 28 - Will Include Walled Garden and 'Education' Campaign, DSLReports :: Keyword: [Copyright]
Leaked documents suggest that AT&T will begin their "six strikes" entertainment-industry anti-piracy campaign starting on November 28. Efforts to tame user piracy will vary slightly by ISP (ranging from filters and throttle to potentially severed connectivity) and will be spearheaded by the Center for Copyright Information (CCI). Leaked

"Six strikes" system goes live this fall, appeals to cost $35, Ars Technica :: Keyword: [Copyright]
The Center for Copyright Information has revealed more details about its "six strikes" system, which it calls the Copyright Alert System (CAS). In a blog post published Thursday morning, the program’s head, Jill Lesser, announced that the CAS “will begin in the coming weeks.”

Why It's Almost Impossible To Get Punished For A Bogus DMCA Takedown, Techdirt :: Keyword: [DMCA]
Yesterday, we wrote about the latest in the long running saga that is Stephanie Lenz's battle (with the help of the EFF) over whether or not Universal Music was right to issue a DMCA takedown for her 29 second video of her toddler son dancing to a (barely audible) Prince song. Once again, here's the video.

How a single DMCA notice took down 1.45 million education blogs, Ars Technica :: Keyword: [DMCA]
Web hosting firm ServerBeach recently received a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) violation notice from Pearson, the well-known educational publishing company. The notice pertained to Edublogs, which hosts 1.45 million education-related blogs with ServerBeach, and it focused on a single Edublogs page from 2007 that

Here comes Boxee TV: A $99 box with over-the-air TV and cloud DVR, Gigaom :: Keyword: [Video]
Boxee plans to announce a new device dubbed Boxee TV Tuesday that aims to combine over-the-air broadcast content with a cloud DVR and streaming services like Netflix and Vudu. Boxee TV will allow consumers to record two shows at a time, and upload each and every recording to the cloud, where it will offer unlimited storage for

Will Consumers Cut the Pay TV Cord?, IPLJ :: Keyword: [Video]
In the debate over the future of pay TV, Bernstein Research analysts Todd Jeunger and Craig Moffet have opposing outlooks on the solvency of cable and satellite in their current forms, leaving a great deal of room for speculation over whether consumers will continue to subscribe despite rising costs or simply cut the cord

Alan Turing Remembered As LGBT Icon, Huffpo :: Keyword: [History]
June 23, 2012 marked the 100 year anniversary of mathematician and logician Alan Turing's birth. It was celebrated around the world in his honor. Alan Turing was a genius, a visionary, and a war hero. He developed a machine that cracked the German Enigma code during World War II, helping to end the war early, saving millions

Christopher S. Yoo , When Antitrust Met Facebook, SSRN :: Keyword: [Social Networks]
Social networks are among the most dynamic forces on the Internet, increasingly displacing search engines as the primary way that end users find content and garnering headlines for their controversial stock offerings. In what may be considered 

Cyberthieves steal $400,000 from Bank of America, CNET :: Keyword: [Security]
The account -- now frozen -- is used to pay city government workers in Burlington, Wash., via direct deposit.

The Fourth Amendment in the Digital Age, Columbia Sci & Tech L R :: Keyword: [4th Amendment]
In the old days – and even now, as Occupy Wall Street exemplifies – people took to the streets to protest. But as technology evolved, new forms of demonstrations appeared. One such form is hacking to pursue political ends – hack-activism, or hactivism. A famous example of a hactivist group is Anonymous, whose attacks on

Panetta Warns of Dire Threat of Cyberattack: Why the US is Losing the Cyberwar, Forbes :: Keyword: [Cyberwar]
Several hours ago, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta issued a warning that the United States is vulnerable to a ?Cyber Pearl Harbor,? and revealed that digital attackers intent on causing "panic, destruction and loss of life" have already breached highly sensitive infrastructure including computers that run chemical, electric, and water systems.

US readies cyber-attack forces, BBC :: Keyword: [Cyberwar]
The US is preparing military forces skilled at conducting operations via computer networks to counter imminent cyber-attacks, says US secretary of defense.

Recent Cyber Attacks, Forbes :: Keyword: [Cyberwar]
William Banks, The Role of Counterterrorism Law in Shaping Ad Bellum Norms for Cyber War, SSRN :: Keyword: [Cyberwar]
Most cyber-intrusions now and in the foreseeable future will take place outside the traditional consensus normative framework for uses of force supplied by international law. For the myriad, multi-layered and multi-faceted cyber-attacks that 

VOIP Outage Reporting Requirements to Take Effect December 16, 2012, Telecom Law Monitor :: Keyword: [Outage]
In several earlier posts, we informed you the FCC had adopted mandatory outage reporting regulations for both facilities-based and non-facilities-based interconnected Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service providers. The FCC has now established those rules will take effect before the end of the year. 

Twitter at the Town Hall Debate, Twitter :: Keyword: [Vote]
As the presidential candidates met at Hofstra University tonight to answer questions from a group of self-declared undecided voters, viewers around the country came to Twitter to participate in the debate exchanges and offer their own commentary. Th

The Obama And Romney Campaigns Know If You've Visited Porn Sites. Why 'Do Not Track' Matters., Forbes :: Keyword: [Vote]
The New York Times published two articles on Sunday that perfectly book-end the increasingly fractious debate over online tracking and data aggregation.

Google 'completely wrong' = Romney, CNN :: Keyword: [Vote]
To the amusement of Mitt Romney's critics, a Google Image search for the phrase "completely wrong" on Wednesday returned a page nearly full of images of the Republican presidential candidate

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