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"Our houses are such unwieldy property that we are often imprisoned
rather than housed in them." -Henry David Thoreau

Internet bandwidth report: Have we reached "Peak Netflix?", Ars Technica
Remember that Sandvine report published five months ago that called
Netflix the "king" of North American fixed download Internet data?
That survey estimated the online video company's share at 29.7 percent
of all peak download time, a 44 percent boost in

LightSquared Goes All In on K Street, National Journal
After months spent trying to make a technological case for why its
network will not interfere with GPS, LightSquared has gone political.

The Wi-Fi Journey, Virulent Word of Mouse
Behind every successful technology lie many quirky stories showing how
it grew like a teenager or barely averted disaster. With the passage
of time, most of those stories fade into obscurity or, at best, become
parts of verbal explanations accompanying countless resumes. The few
events that find their way into public discourse, if any do at all,
normally get stripped of context and nuance, losing the contours that
actually mattered to those who participated.

Amtrak Filtering Gay, Lesbian News Sources - Train Wi-Fi Comes With
Yet Another Broken Filtering System, dlsreports
For years stories have repeatedly highlighted how imposing Internet
filters on services is often a well-intentioned push that winds up
doing more harm than good. In case after case, those who want to get
around said filters usually can quite easily, while others wind up
running into problems with legitimate content being blocked. The
latest broken filters come courtesy of Amtrak, which is utilizing a
web filter system on their train Wi-Fi

Amtrak Lets You Surf The Web While Traveling, But Don't Try To Read
Anything About Gay People, Techdirt
The Maryland Juice blog has been following a story in which Montgomery
County, Maryland's local government has instituted an overly
aggressive web filter for government employees, that seems to block
all sorts of sites that mention things about gays or lesbians. And

Sandvine: Netflix Accounts For 32% of Peak Traffic - And Other
Tidbits, Including Mean Usage is Actually Down, DSLReports
According to a new study by Sandvine, Netflix traffic comprises 32% of
all Internet traffic during peak hours. The intelligent network
manufacturer's 10th Global Internet Phenomena Report offers some
interesting insight courtesy of data collected on ISP networks, noting

Technology and human rights, Google
Every day we see Internet users around the world finding new ways to
use technology to help bring about political, economic and social
change. It's exciting to see people exercise their rights to freely
express themselves and access information across borders and media --
rights first enshrined in Article 19 of the United Nation's Universal
Declaration of Human Rights long before the Internet existed

Google Reveals 70% Increase In Requests For Content Removal; Including
Law Enforcement Wanting To Hide Police Brutality, Techdirt
Google has released its latest "transparency report" which seeks to
reveal aggregate data on requests for user information and content
takedowns from around the world. Much of the press coverage focuses on
the fact that requests on user info was up 29% from January 1, 2011

Time Warner Cable Net Slips, WSJ
Time Warner Cable's earnings slipped 1.1% as growth in its high-speed
Internet customer base continued to offset big drops in pay-TV

Disastrous IP Legislation Is Back – And It's Worse than Ever, EFF
We've reported here often on efforts to ram through Congress
legislation that would authorize massive interference with the
Internet, all in the name of a fruitless quest to stamp out all
infringement online. Today Representative Lamar upped the ante,
introducing legislation, called the Stop Online Piracy Act, or "SOPA,"
that would not only sabotage the domain name system but would also
threaten to effectively eliminate the

New Video On How PROTECT IP Act Breaks The Internet, Techdirt
The folks behind Fight For the Future have teamed up with Kirby
Ferguson, who created the excellent everything is a remix series, have
teamed up to put together a video about the problems with PROTECT
IP/E-PARASITES. It's worth a watch... and passing it on to others

Another Court Makes Righthaven Pay Up For Its Trolling Ways, Techdirt
The judgements against copyright troll Righthaven are starting to pile
up. Righthaven recently tried (unsuccessfully) to convince a Nevada
court that $34k was more money than it could reasonably scrape
together to post a bond while it appealed the adverse judgment in that
case. Now

ICE Seized 20 Domain Names For The NFL Over The Weekend, Techdirt
Despite challenges concerning the legality of ICE seizing domain names
prior to any sort of adversarial hearing, it appears that ICE has no
intention to slow down. The group quietly seized 20 more domain names
over the weekend, and it looks like most involved sites selling

Beautiful Chrome app by 60 Minutes a sign of TV's future?, Globe calls it the 'the first primetime news magazine show to
have its own standalone web application'

Geo-Mapping and the FBI: High-Level Statements Contradict Practices on
the Ground, EFF
This week, Wired's Danger Room blog reported on the FBI's efforts to
track Muslims in the United States using "geo-maps." The maps,
released in response to ACLU Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
requests, show that the FBI is tracking Muslims and mapping Muslim
communities extensively and with little, if any, suspicion of criminal

Senators Question Legality of Mobile Phone Apps, Daily Dashboard
The Alexandria Echo Press reports on a bipartisan call led by Sens. Al
Franken (D-MN) and Chuck Grassley (R-IA) for an investigation into
mobile phone apps that "allow domestic abusers and stalkers to
secretly track a victim's movement and location, read a victim's
e-mail and text

Before the Internet There Was the Telegraph, Verizon
Monday of this week was the 150th anniversary of the completion of the
transcontinental telegraph. It is hard now to understand how
significant this event was. Until the telegraph came in to being, it
was impossible for messages to be relayed to people who were long
distances apart any faster than the speed of a horse. Yes,

How secure is HTTPS today? How often is it attacked?, EFF
HTTPS is a lot more secure than HTTP! If a site uses accounts, or
publishes material that people might prefer to read in private, the
site should be protected with HTTPS.

BART Considers a Cell Phone Shutdown Policy, EFF
This summer, decision-makers at Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) garnered
considerable criticism -- not to mention the ire of Anonymous and days
of protests -- after they chose to shut down cell phone access to four
BART stations in downtown San Francisco based on rumors of an upcoming
protest. Now BART's Board Directors has drafted a Cell Phone
Interruption Policy, which they will consider at an upcoming meeting

EFF, ACLU file lawsuits over Patriot Act data collection, CW
Two civil liberties groups have filed lawsuits asking the U.S.
Department of Justice to detail its collection of electronic data and
other information under the 10-year-old counterterrorism law, the USA
Patriot Act.

Ten Years After the Patriot Act, a Look at Three of the Most Dangerous
Provisions Affecting Ordinary Americans, EFF
Ten years ago today, in the name of protecting national security and
guarding against terrorism, President George W. Bush signed into law
some of the most sweeping changes to search and surveillance law in
modern American history. Unfortunately known as the USA PATRIOT

Louisiana loses $80 million broadband stimulus grant, Muni
The NTIA has rescinded the $80 million broadband grant given to
Louisiana for the deployment of a 900-mile fiber optic network that
would have delivered broadband service to the poorest parts of the
state, as well as to educational institutions. According to US Senator

Governor Snyder Sees Broadband as an Essential Element for Michigan's
Revitalization, Connected Nation
"From government and schools to hospitals and private industry, our
cyber networks are integral to Michigan's infrastructure, economic
growth, and quality of life."

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