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FCC Engages in More Empty Broadband Showmanship - 'Connect to Compete'
Plan Completely Ignores Competition, DSLReports
The FCC recently announced Connect to Compete, a national private and
nonprofit sector partnership created to "increase broadband adoption
and digital literacy training in disadvantaged communities throughout
the United States." According to the FCC, the plan involves partnering

FCC, Non-Profits and Private Sector Partner to Expand Broadband
Adoption through Digital Literacy, Comcast
Today, at an event at The Pew Charitable Trusts' offices in
Washington, D.C., FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski announced a major
new initiative — Connect to Compete — organized by the FCC in
cooperation with a host of private sector companies and non-profit
groups to expand broadband adoption by focusing on digital literacy.

FCC and Connect To Compete Tackle Broadband Adoption Challenge, FCC
Yesterday, joined by executives and nonprofit leaders, Chairman
Genachowski announced a first-of-its kind national effort to address
broadband adoption, digital literacy, and the employment skills gap.
If you have a moment, there are two articles worth reading from USA
Today and the New York Times.

FCC Works With the Geek Squad To Broaden Broadband, Media Law Prof
The FCC increases its broadband program by enlisting folks like the
Geek Squad. More here from the New York Times.

FCC Commissioner Copps On the Broadband Initiative to Extend Digital
Literacy, Media Law Prof
Commissioner Copps' Statement on the Broadband Adoption Initiative to
Extend Digital Literary Training and Provide Employment Assistance To
Communities I applaud the launch of the Connect to Compete initiative
and the many participants who have committed to bring the wonders...

Public Knowledge Praises FCC's Digital Literacy Programs, PK
"We commend Chairman Genachowski for his commitment to digital
literacy, and for his efforts to help improve the ability of Americans
to find jobs and to receive the proper training for jobs. His
recognition of libraries as a center for job training, and support for
more funding of libraries,

LightSquared: GPS interference fix could cost industry $400M, FierceWireless
LightSquared Chief Marketing Officer Frank Boulben has indicated that
gear to solve the interference problem between the company's proposed
wholesale LTE network in the S-band and high-precision GPS receivers
could cost the commercial GPS industry as much as $400 million.

LightSquared shows GPS interference fix, CW
LightSquared and a partner, Javad GNSS, showed off a filter and an
antenna on Thursday that they said would solve the anticipated GPS
interference problem that has plagued the carrier's plan to deploy an
LTE network in frequencies near those used by GPS.
LightSquared shows GPS interference fix

LightSquared Says FCC Network Guidance Likely by Year's End, BW
Philip Falcone's LightSquared venture said it expects guidance from
U.S. regulators by year's end on its proposed wireless network, which
has sparked concerns that it may disrupt the global-positioning

Bad FCC Data Still Driving Bad Broadband Policy - Our Flawed $300
Million Broadband Map at the Center, DSLReports
As we noted yesterday in detail, the FCC's new "Connect to Compete"
plan appears to be another in a long line of FCC plans designed to
look like the agency is actually engaged in productive broadband
industry policy making, when in reality the FCC continues to ignore
the fact that most consumers live in uncompetitive markets and pay a
steep premium for service as a result.

WISP White Paper Released Today, Wireless Cowboys
I've been pretty quiet on the blog lately, mostly because I have been
busy working on a white paper for WISPA that covers the advantages of
fixed wireless providers and the tremendous value that WISPs bring to
our country. I will be presenting on the paper today as the luncheon
keynote speaker at WISPAPALOOZA, the [...]

Netflix Is Slower On AT&T Fiber Than Everyone Else's Cable. Huh?, Forbes
Ken Florance, Director of Content Delivery for Netflix, posted this on
Wednesday on Netflix's techie blog with, as promised, separate lines
for AT&T and Verizon fiber-optic offerings from their DSL offerings.
Florance writes, "The chart now gives a fairly complete look at
performance on top networks, with additional insight into how
different technologies (DSL, Cable, FTTx) impact potential

Most people check e-mail, surf the Web when watching TV, CNET
The majority of people in the U.S. who watch television are also using
smartphones, tablets, and e-readers when viewing their favorite
programming, Nielsen finds.

OECD Workshop on Broadband Metrics, OECD
A workshop on the development of broadband Internet metrics will be
hosted by the FCC and co-chaired by the United States Department of
Commerce in Washington, D.C., United States, on October 12-13, 2011.,3699,en_2649_37441_1_1_1_1_37441,00.html?rssChId=37441#48622087

Of canaries and coal mines: What happened at VeriSign?, IGP
Too many techies still don't understand the concept of due process,
and opportunistic law enforcement agencies, who tend to view due
process constraints as an inconvenience, are very happy to take
advantage of that. That's the lesson to draw from VeriSign's sudden
withdrawal of a proposed new "domain name anti-abuse policy"

Cybersquatting Definition under the ACPA. The Basics., Cybersquatting
& Domain Disputes
What is cybersquatting? It is a question I hear a lot as an internet
lawyer protecting trademark interests across the World Wide Web. Today
we are speaking with Attorney Brian Hall so we can all better
understand what constitutes 'cybersquatting"...

Report: Gov't Agencies Lack Effective Frameworks, Daily Dashboard
A government watchdog agency has said that the Department of Homeland
Security (DHS) "does not adequately review the privacy and
effectiveness of data-mining systems it uses in counterterrorism
efforts," reports InformationWeek. The Government Accountability

FCC Presses AT&T About Jobs Claim, WSJ
FCC officials asked AT&T for more information about the company's
claims that its proposed $39 billion acquisition of T-Mobile USA would
create as many as 96,000 jobs.

FCC questions AT&T on T-Mo claims, Gigaom
The Federal Communications Commission has joined those questioning Ma
Bell about its stated benefits of its purchase of T-Mobile. The agency
on Thursday sent AT&T a letter inquiring about the number of jobs AT&T
said would be created by the merger.

Microsoft Officially Welcomes Skype, Skype
Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq "MSFT") has closed its acquisition of Skype
Global S.à r.l. Negotiations of the definitive agreement under which
Microsoft would acquire Skype, an Internet communications company, for
$8.5 billion were led by investor group Silver Lake and the
transaction was originally announced on May 10, 2011. Boards of
directors of both Microsoft and Skype previously approved the

Tony Bates Weighs in on Microsoft's Acquisition of Skype, MS
I am delighted to announce the deal with Microsoft has formally
closed, and Skype is now a division of Microsoft. This represents a
huge leap forward in Skype's mission to be the communications choice
for a billion people every day.

Hulu No Longer for Sale, WSJ
Owners of online-video site Hulu ended efforts to sell the joint
venture, after an auction process exposed rifts between them and
potential buyers on the value of future rights to stream TV shows over
the Internet.

US Postal Service Sends Postage Due Bill To Guy Who Put Block Party
Invites Into Neighbors' Mailboxes, Techdirt
US Postal Service's (USPS) desperation is beginning to show. We
already noted its new ad campaign that seems to focus much more on how
bad email is, rather than on any additional value provided by the
USPS. But now, it appears that the USPS is cracking down on illicit
use of its mailboxes. As you may or may not know, under US law, home
mailboxes (even though they're purchased by the homeowner) are

Lawmakers disagree on need for online privacy legislation, CW
While representatives of the online advertising industry questioned
whether new laws are needed to protect consumer privacy online,
several U.S. lawmakers on Thursday called for new regulations
targeting online tracking.

Researcher Finds Majority of Sites Leaking User Data, Daily Dashboard
Reuters reports on a Stanford University researcher's finding that
dozens of companies are gathering and selling bits and pieces of
presumably "anonymous" data on users. Researcher Jonathan Mayer says
that 61 percent of 185 sites surveyed shared user information with
other sites. And opting out of behavioral targeting doesn't stop the
data collection, Mayer says of do-not-track efforts, adding, "It's a
fact of life that

EFF on Facebook's Cross-Site Tracking, CircleID
On September 25th, 2011, Nik Cubrilovic, a hacker and writer,
published a blog post that showed that a particular Facebook session
cookie wasn't being deleted after a user logged out. He noted that the
session cookie included your Facebook user id number, which would

Police Who Illegally Broke Into Gizmodo Journalist's House Deride
Seized E-mails as "Juvenile", EFF
The saga of the lost iPhone prototype -- the 2010 incident at least,
not the most recent one -- has finally concluded. On Tuesday, Brian
Hogan (who allegedly found the iPhone 4 prototype in a Redwood City
bar) and Sage Wallower (who allegedly helped Hogan contact various web
sites about the find) pleaded no contest to misdemeanor theft and were
sentenced to probation, 40 hours of community service, and $250 each
in restitution payments to Apple.

The DHS Says 'No' To Requests For Public Affairs Contact Numbers;
Hysterically Cites 'Privacy' Concerns, Techdirt
Not to continue to beat on this dead horse of administration promises,
but statements were made about adopting a "presumption in favor of
disclosure" when it came to Freedom of Information Act requests and a
general mindset of "transparency" was supposed to be on its way,
washing away 8 years worth of privacy erosion and

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