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No universal truth contains the Ego-Self. There are no events or
objects of the past, future, or present that are absolutely constant.
[Therefore, do not] carry the burden of the past, indulge in fantasies
of the future, nor intoxicate with the desires of the present. –

LightSquared harms GPS, The Hill
LightSquared has been trying for nearly a year to show that it can
provide new broadband services without seriously undermining the
critical GPS uses and applications Americans rely on every day. It has
consistently failed to make its case. But that hasn't slowed down a
LightSquared public

US Broadband in Maps, Graphs, and some Bars, Digitopoly
To be sure, most of us do not use government statistical reports as
anything more than bedtime reading for inducing soporific reactions.
It is cheaper than a sleeping pill

Implementing Net Neutrality, Telecom Law Monitor
The Federal Communications Commission adopted the new Open
Internet/Net Neutrality regulations on December 23, 2010, which will
go into effect on November 20, 2011. These regulations place
restrictions on certain providers of broadband Internet access. To
listen to Steve Augustino's view on the implementation of the FCC's
new Open Internet regulations, please view the Lexblog Network TV
interview below. In

Akamai Announces Second Quarter 2011 'State of the Internet' Report, Akamai
Akamai technologies today released its Second Quarter, 2011 State of
the Internet report. Based on data gathered from the Akamai
Intelligent Platform™, which serves as much as 30 percent of the
world's Web traffic at any one time, the report provides insight into
key global statistics such as Internet penetration, mobile traffic and
data consumption, origins of attack traffic and SSL usage, and global
and regional connection speeds.

Blogging IGF: EFF Fights Against Dangers of Intermediaries as Internet
Police, EFF
As several international organizations hatch new ways to impose
control over online activities, genuine multi-stakeholder input in
policy development becomes extremely crucial. The sixth UN Internet
Governance Forum (IGF), held in Nairobi, Kenya, was an important venue
for discussing competing models for governing the Internet.

SURFnet and KPN to collaborate on next generation mobile networks,
Internet and IPv6, Bill St. Arnaud
Kudos to SURFnet on an exciting new initiative between SURFnet and KPN
(Dutch incumbent telephone company). As many of you know I have been
blogging about this opportunity for R&E networks for some time. I
think R&E networks can play an important leadership role in deploying
revolutionary next generation mobile networks with an "enterprise"
centric architecture, integrating campus Wifi,

2011 Global IPv6 Survey Results, ARIN
no description

Steve Jobs: America's Schools Are Dying, Forbes
no description

Into the depths of AT&T's let-us-buy-T-Mobile astroturf campaign, Ars Technica
AT&T is legendary for laundering its public policy preferences through
minority and social service groups that it supports financially in
order to produce an apparent groundswell of support. We've written
about it enough times not to be surprised by the practice anymore, but
the Center for Public Integrity has just concluded an in-depth
investigation of the practice that's well worth a look. In order to
support its proposed T-Mobile

Victory! Google Surrenders in the Nymwars, EFF
Proponents of pseudonymity scored a major victory today, when Google
executive Vic Gundotra revealed at the Web 2.0 Summit that social
networking service Google+ will begin supporting pseudonyms and other
types of identity.

Do Bell's Throttling Practices Violate CRTC Net Neutrality Rules?: It
Says P2P Congestion Declining, Geist
Earlier this week, Bell wrote to its wholesale ISP customers to let
them know that it is shifting away from throttling practices that have
been in place for several years. The letter states:

Wyden: PROTECT IP Act Is About Letting The Content Sector Attack The
Innovation Sector, Techdirt
For years we've seen Silicon Valley basically ignore what's happening
in Washington DC, and this has allowed certain other industries to
take advantage of that policy. Hopefully, more people are beginning to
realize that this is a problem and that speaking out and doing
something may have an impact. Thankfully, some in Congress are helping
to spread that word as well. Senator Wyden, who we've obviously
mentioned a bunch

Is There A Cloud Bubble Forming?, USTelecom
Everyday we read about a new data center being built or getting ready
to open up in a major U.S. city. With companies like Amazon, Google,
Apple, Facebook and others utilizing the "Cloud" service model to
serve an ever growing global user community, these massive data
centers connected to the Internet, have become the engines behind
these popular services. Each one of these data centers is built with
thousands of

Your Cheating Heart: iPhone App Finds Wife With Another Man, Yahoo
When Apple released its new iOS 5 operating system to go with its
iPhone 4S, it touted a new app called "Find My Friends" as a great way
to track and meet up with friends. If they agree, you can see their
locations on a map on your screen.

The FTC Has Your Back, Even When It's Naked: FTC Orders P2P Program's
Default File Sharing Settings Changed, Privacy Law Blog
On October 12, 2011, the FTC announced that it, along with Frostwire
LLC and FrostWire's managing member, Angel Leon, (collectively,
"FrostWire"), agreed to a stipulated final order for permanent
injunction resulting from the FTC's complaint alleging that (a) users
of FrostWire's Android mobile file-sharing application were likely to
unwittingly share personal files stored on their mobile devices with
other P2P

The Cybersecurity Agenda: Policy Options and the Path Forward, Brookings
Cybersecurity has emerged as a policy priority for both the White
House and Congress, and bipartisan consensus on how to address
cyber-related challenges is growing. Yet the transition from focusing
on isolated threats to building comprehensive cybersecurity solutions
has not

1986 Rocked, But It's Time For Change, CDT
Today marks the 25th anniversary of the Electronic Communications
Privacy Act (ECPA), the federal statute that specifies standards for
government monitoring of cell phone conversations and Internet

TechFreedom Joins Call to Action to Reform ECPA on Its 25th
Anniversary, Tech Liberation Front
TechFreedom is calling on all Americans to stand up for their digital
Fourth Amendment rights. The Constitution delicately balances privacy
with the needs of law enforcement by making judges responsible for
determining whether law enforcement has established 'probable cause.'
This judicial warrant requirement has always been the crown jewel of
our civil rights. Our Founding Fathers would be appalled to learn that

Is it time for an ECPA alteration?, IPLJ
Currently, under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act ("ECPA"),
the government is permitted to, among other things, track your
movements using the signal your mobile phone silently sends out every
few seconds, read your e-mail and sneak a peek at your online calendar
and the private photos you have stored in "the cloud," all without a
warrant. Although the government would need a warrant to seize

Aging 'Privacy' Law Leaves Cloud E-Mail Open to Cops, Wired
Twenty-five years ago Friday, President Ronald Reagan signed
legislation that for the first time provided Americans with sweeping
digital-privacy protections. The law came at a time when e-mail was
used mostly by nerdy scientists, when phones without wires hardly
worked as you stepped out into the backyard, and when?the World Wide
Web didn't exist. Four presidencies ...

Did California Unintentionally (?) Impose New Statutory Duties on
Every Blogger? A Post on the Newly Enacted California Reader Privacy
Act, Tech & Marketing Law Blog
California recently enacted the Reader Privacy Act, SB 602. See the
EFF announcement. This new California law...

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