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Level 3 Still Insists Comcast Misleading Everyone - PR pendulum
continues to sway back and forth, dslreports
Last week Level3 ignited somewhat of an Internet firestorm by
proclaiming that Comcast was violating net neutrality by demanding
they pay a new connection fee to deliver Internet video services to
Comcast customers. Comcast quickly responded, insisting that this was
just another
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Two Stories about the Comcast/Level 3 Dispute (Part 2), Freedom to Tinker
In my last post I told a story about the Level 3/Comcast dispute that
portrays Comcast in a favorable light. Now here's another story that
casts Comcast as the villain.
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State Department, Once Again, Asks Wikileaks To 'Return' Leaked Cables, Techdirt
Earlier this year, we all had a good laugh over the demand from the
Pentagon that Wikileaks "return" the leaked documents it held. Lots of
people pointed out that they were digital copies. You don't "return"
stuff that's digital. All this demand did was make the Pentagon look
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If Assange Were In China, US Politicians Would Be Cheering Him On, Techdirt
We've pointed out the general hypocrisy of US politicians calling for
an end to internet censorship, while threatening Wikileaks at the same
time. If you want to see some real irony, check out the fact that
Senator Joe Lieberman, who has been the loudest voice in pushing for
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Silencing WikiLeaks A Free Speech Challenge For U.S., NPR
Administration officials, angry over the disclosure of sensitive
intelligence information, have harshly criticized WikiLeaks, and the
Justice Department is considering whether founder Julian Assange can
be prosecuted. Critics say such efforts don't square with the U.S.
commitment to
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Genachowski Signals Bold Net Neutrality Move, CommLawBlog
At Chairman's insistence, Commission will vote on new net neutrality
rules in December despite shaky legal foundations and opposition in
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Shortcomings in FCC Internet Access Report 'Inexcusable', Free Press
The Federal Communications Commission released its latest report on
Internet access service on Wednesday. The report, based on the
semi-annual Form 477 census of Internet providers, is intended to
allow the agency to monitor broadband adoption, competition,
subscriber trends and service speeds.
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8% of online Americans use Twitter, Pew
Eight percent of online adults use Twitter. It is particularly popular
with young adults, minorities, and those who live in cities.
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Use of the internet in higher-income households, Pew
Those in households earning over $75,000 are different from other
Americans in their tech ownership and use.
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97% of INTERNET NOW FULL UP, warn IPv4 shepherd boys, Register
'Honest, the wolf's chewing my trouser leg now' says Cerf
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VeriSign Deploys DNS Security Extensions in .net Zone, Verisign
VeriSign, Inc. (NASDAQ: VRSN), the trusted provider of Internet
infrastructure services for the networked world, today announced it
has deployed DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC) in the .net zone.
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Comcast-NBC Needs Net Neutrality: Waxman, Internet News
Chairman of House Energy and Commerce Committee asks Federal
Communications Chairman to condition blockbuster media merger with
anti-discrimination rules.
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EFF Demands Copyright Troll Pay for 'Meritless' Lawsuit, EFF
The Electronic Frontier Foundation is demanding that the newspaper
lawsuit factory RightHaven pay the EFF's costs for its successful
defense of the website Democratic Underground from one of RightHaven's
many copyright lawsuits.
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Citizen Media Law Project is Hiring an Assistant Director, Citizen's Media
Are you a lawyer interested in dealing with emerging legal issues
related to law, journalism, and new media on the Internet? Would you
like to help online journalism and new media ventures meet their legal
needs? Do you want a stimulating yet laid back work environment?
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"The End of the Free Internet" (The WikiLeaks Controversy), EPIC
No description
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NYT Reporter Defends Publishing WikiLeaks Cables, NPR
Speaking Tuesday on Fox News, Sen. Joe Lieberman suggested that The
New York Times should be investigated for publishing leaked diplomatic
cables. The New York Times' chief Washington correspondent, David
Sanger, responds -- and explains what the documents reveal
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Netflix adds to streaming library with ABC-Disney deal, WAPO
Netflix Wednesday announced a licensing deal with Disney-ABC
Television to stream hundreds of shows and movies such as "Ugly Betty"
and "Desperate Housewives," building on the online television
provider's growing library of content.
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Netflix To Stream Disney-ABC Shows, Huff
Netflix is adding more episodes of TV shows from Disney-ABC Television
Group to its growing library of TV content.
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Hackers Attack Companies That Hindered WikiLeaks, NYT
Activists attacked sites of companies like Mastercard that took action
against WikiLeaks; a counterattack on hackers' sites followed.
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Group used 30,000-node botnet in MasterCard, PayPal attacks, CW
PayPal's website was hit late Wednesday by two botnets as online
activists continued their Web attacks on companies that have severed
their relationships with WikiLeaks.
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Web Attackers Point to Cause in WikiLeaks, NYT
Loosely united cyberpranksters have evolved into a political movement
for an unfettered Internet.
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'Cyber war will hit all web users', BBC
There are fears the "cyber war" between Wikileaks supporters and
opponents could lead to everyday internet use becoming much more
heavily regulated.
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Military Threatens To Court Martial Anyone Using USB Drives Or Other
Removable Media, Techdirt
Apparently, one strategy the military is taking in a weak attempt to
prevent a future State Department cable leaks, like the one currently
going on, is to ban all forms of removable media and to threaten to
court martial anyone caught using USB keys or CD-Rs on machines
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