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On the Waterfront With The FCC, PK
Even if you haven't seen the movie, chances are you've heard this
line: "I coulda been a contender." It came from one of the iconic
scenes in American cinema, the 1954 film, "On the Waterfront,"
starring Marlon Brando.
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A Web Divided: Twitter Reacts To Controversial Net Neutrality Vote, Huff
On Tuesday, the FCC voted to adopt a framework that aims to preserve
an "open Internet" by prohibiting Internet service providers from
discriminating in how they handle information traveling over their
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Al Franken: The Internet as We Know it Is Still at Risk, Huff
In today's net neutrality action by the Federal Communications
Commission there's good news and bad news. The good news is that,
thanks to Commissioners Copps and Clyburn -- not to mention a
nationwide network of net neutrality activists -- the proposal
approved today is better than the original circulated by FCC Chairman
Julius Genachowski. For instance, the FCC has now stated that it does
not condone discriminatory
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AT&T, Isen
Too often, well-funded ideologues have used intimidation,
vilification, and fear-mongering to advance their goal that government
control the Internet and other forms of communication without regard
for their impact on the jobs and livelihoods of millions already
challenged by a difficult economy.
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US backs net traffic regulations, BBC
US regulators approve controversial new rules meant to prohibit
broadband companies from interfering with internet traffic.
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FCC Net Neutrality Rules Slammed From All Sides, Wired
The FCC is set to vote on rules that would require the nation's ISPs
not to pick favorites on the net, but the proposal, five years in the
making, is pleasing few.
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FCC makes Net neutrality rules official, CNET
Vote essentially creates two classes of service with different rules,
one for wireless networks and the other for fixed broadband. The
agency's ability to enforce, though, may still be in question.
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Mitch McConnell Accuses Obama Of Plan To Seize Internet, Huff
Mitch McConnell took to the Senate floor Tuesday to warn that the
Obama administration is on the verge of nationalizing the Internet,
charging that the president has already seized large swaths of the
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U.S. FCC adopts Internet rules, Globe and Mail
New regulations allow flow of lawful content but also let service
providers ration network access
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FCC's Net neutrality ruling: Misplaced nostalgia, CNET
The real problem with Net neutrality advocacy is that it tries to
preserve the Internet as it looked in the mid-1990s, author Larry
Downes argues.
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How Will Net Neutrality Rules Affect Consumers?, NPR
NPR's Robert Siegel talks to reporter Marguerite Reardon
about how the FCC's new net neutrality rules will affect the consumer.
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Divided FCC Approves Net Neutrality Rules, NPR
The Federal Communications Commission has voted to adopt new rules of
the road for the Internet. The 3 to 2 vote follows years of debate
over net neutrality -- the idea that phone and cable companies that
deliver broadband to millions of Americans should treat all of the
traffic on their networks equally. Those broadband providers favor
less regulation, while technology companies and consumer advocates
continue to push for more.
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Larry Magid: FCC Network Neutrality Rules Neither Socialism nor Sell-
out, Huff
Despite what some politicians and pundits are saying, the FCC's vote
on net neutrality is neither a government takeover of the Internet nor
a complete sell-out to the telecommunications industry. Like President
Obama who appointed him, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski is a
pragmatist who fashioned a compromise that doesn't go nearly as far as
some would like while providing some protections for consumers and
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Christina Gagnier: In a Rare Moment, Consensus Reached in Net
Neutrality Debate, Huff
The FCC should at least get credit for the one thing they accomplished
with today's Net Neutrality vote: they brought both sides of a
critical issue together to declare a collective "WTF," most
appropriate considering the Commission's policy on wireless.
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A Few Thoughts on Today's FCC Vote, AT&T
For far too long, the question of net neutrality has hamstrung the FCC
and prevented needed action on far more urgent, and real, problems.
Today's vote, we trust, will put this issue behind us with a
compromise that appears to balance major differences despite a number
of lingering concerns.
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Verizon Comments on FCC "Net Neutrality" Vote, Verizon
"Verizon has long been committed to the goal of an open and vibrant
Internet. We have invested tens of billions of dollars building
innovative and dynamic wireline and wireless broadband networks that
provide abundant capacity to our customers. We are also the only major
ISP that has publicly embraced openness obligations for both its
wireline and wireless broadband Internet access services. We do this
because we believe this is good for our customers and good for our
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NCTA Response to FCC Vote on Internet Rules, NCTA
Today, the FCC voted on rules that would apply to Internet access
providers. We issued a statement from NCTA's President & CEO Kyle
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FCC Votes on Rules for the Open Internet, COMCAST
While we look forward to reviewing the final order, the rules as
described generally appear intended to strike a workable balance
between the needs of the marketplace for certainty and everyone's
desire that Internet openness be preserved. Most importantly, this
approach removes the cloud of Title II regulation that would
unquestionably have harmed innovation and investment in the Internet
and broadband infrastructure. While
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USTelecom Statement On FCC Open Internet Order, USTelecom
"While we appreciate the hard work and good faith that the Chairman
put into this matter, and his proceeding under Title I rather than
Title II, we do not support the final rule, and we believe that the
Commission will come to regret the action it has taken today as one
that is fundamentally inconsistent with the National Broadband Plan's
goals of increased broadband investment, innovation, deployment, and
adoption. While the order will not affect the open way in which we
operate our networks, or afford consumers any advantages that they are
not enjoying today, it is
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CTIA-The Wireless Association® Statement on the FCC's Open Meeting,
"While we agree with Commissioners McDowell and Baker that net
neutrality rules are unnecessary, and we continue to maintain that net
neutrality rules are particularly unnecessary for the wireless
industry that continually innovates, competes and significantly
invests in our nation, we recognize that the Chairman has attempted to
bridge the differences among the various stakeholders. As
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Chairman Rockefeller Statement on FCC Approval of Net Neutrality
Rules, Senate Commerce
Chairman John D. (Jay) Rockefeller IV released a statement today
following the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) approval of
rules governing net neutrality. The rules are aimed at preventing
Internet providers from interfering with web traffic.
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New Rules for an Open Internet, FCC
Almost everyone seems to agree that the openness of the Internet is
essential — it has unleashed an enormous wave of innovation, economic
growth, job creation, small business generation, and vibrant free
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Free Press: FCC Net Neutrality Order a 'Squandered Opportunity',
Free Press
By a 3-2 vote Tuesday, the Federal Communications Commission approved
new rules intended to prevent Internet providers like AT&T, Comcast
and Verizon from acting as gatekeepers on the Web. The rules, however,
heavily favor the industry they are intended to regulate, and leave
consumers with minimal protections.
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Public Knowledge: FCC Net Neutrality Order Falls Short, PK
"The Federal Communications Commission's actions today on Net
Neutrality fell far short of what they could have accomplished. With
just three modest changes that we and others suggested, the Commission
could have established clear rules that would give more protections to
Internet users than the one approved today. Instead, these rules will
be subject to manipulation by telephone and cable companies. The
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Steve Wozniak on Today's Net Neutrality Decision, PK
Public Knowledge Policy Analyst Ben Doernberg caught up with Apple Co-
Founder Steve Wozniak at today's Net Neutralty vote and got his
thoughts on the importance of protecting innovation from gatekeeper
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U.S. soldier in Afghanistan gets $16,000 AT&T bill, CNET
Pfc. Jose Rivera, posted to Afghanistan, believes he was told by AT&T
that for an extra $4.95 a month, he could make international calls to
his wife. Instead, AT&T says he now owes $16,000.
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Homeland Security's Domain Seizures On Unsound Footing - First
Amendment violations and systemic incompetence, dslreports
Last month the Department Of Homeland Security seized roughly eighty
domains, including at least one search engine, under a broad new
copyright protection push. Techdirt has been taking a look at the full
affidavit involved in the seizures, and unsurprisingly notes that the
government's legal and logistical footing on the seizures is shaky at
best. While some legitimate bootleg operations were targeted, in other
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'Tis the Season for Apple TV, Ecommerce Times
On the whole, this past week has been a pretty good one for Apple.
Apple TVs are apparently flying off the shelves. iPad sales are also
strong, and the device is expected to remain king of the tablet roost
through 2011. Sure, a wave of tablets running Android and other
operating systems is expected to hit the market in 2011, but right
now, the iPad's lead remains tremendous. Finally, Apple appears to
have really listened to the
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Apple TV Sales To Top 1 Million This Week, Huff
Apple has just released sales figures for the new Apple TV, which went
on sale in October.
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Gary Chapman, Internet Ethicist, Dies at 58, NYT
Mr. Chapman was an educator gave voice to many leaders in the computer
field who struggled with the ethical implications of new technology.
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Americans Say 'No Thanks' To Online Tracking, Huff
Most Americans do not want to be tracked by online advertisers,
according to a new Gallup poll released Tuesday.
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Web attacks plague rights sites, BBC
Easy access tools that can mount huge web attacks may hit human rights
groups hard, finds research.
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