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Broadband Deployment Taking Back Seat at FCC, USTelecom
The FCC is neglecting its commitment to universal broadband deployment
in by focusing almost exclusively on net neutrality regulation over
the past few months, USTelecom President Walter McCormick said today
at a Practicing Law Institute conference. McCormick participated in a
debate about FCC regulatory policy with Michael Calabrese, senior
research fellow with New America Foundation.
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Bits: F.C.C. to Hold Forum on Teenagers and Technology, NYT
Julius Genachowski, the commission's chairman, says the forum will
focus on a range of issues that parents are concerned about, including
overuse of computers and phones by teenagers.
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Craig Aaron: The FCC's Guide to Losing Net Neutrality Without Really
Trying, Huff
Ever have to negotiate a contract or try to sell a used car?
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Grassroots groups to FCC: We need real net neutrality, Reclaim the Media
Reclaim the Media joined 80 other grassroots organizations in calling
upon the FCC and Chairman Julius Genachowski to enact genuine open
Internet principles,including enforceable net neutrality protections.
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Art Brodsky: The Mythical 'Reality' of the FCC's Net Neutrality Campaign, Huff
To a certain degree, in fact to a great degree, the ability to succeed
in as mushy an arena as politics is the ability to construct a
perception that differs from reality. It's what Federal Communications
Commission (FCC) Chairman Julius Genachowski is trying to do now with
his proposed Net Neutrality order. The Commission is scheduled to vote
on a Net Neutrality rule on Dec. 21.
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Net neutrality lobbying to peak this week, WAPO
Expect lobbying around net neutrality to reach fever pitch through
Tuesday. After that, the Federal Communications Commission will go
into its bunker to deliberate a draft of rules that will be voted on
Dec. 21.
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FCC Commissioner: net neutrality rules should cover wireless, Ars Technica
We're about ten days and counting from the Federal Communications
Commission issuing an Order with net neutrality rules, but one of
three Democrats on the FCC who supports the idea now says that the
draft on the table might not go far enough. That would be Mignon
Clyburn, who told the Practicing Law
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The Federal Communications Commission has updated and released its
latest report on Internet access service subscribership to better
monitor trends. Action
by: Industry Analysis & Technology Division, Wireline Competition
Bureau by REPORT
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Etc: The .xxx TLD is a step closer to reality., Ars Technica
The .xxx TLD is a step closer to reality.;comments=1
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U.S. Online Holiday Spending Approaches $22 Billion for the Season, Up
12 Percent vs. Year Ago, Comscore
For the holiday season-to-date, more than $21.95 billion has been
spent online, marking a 12-percent increase versus the corresponding
days last year. The most recent week (week ending Dec. 10) reached
$5.15 billion in spending, an increase of 11 percent versus the
corresponding week last year, as two individual days each surpassed
$900 million.
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Time Warner Views Netflix as a Fading Star, NYT
Netflix, now the envy of the media world, had a lucrative contract
with Starz that gave it cheap content. That deal is expiring, and
rivals are gloating.
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Conn. AG wants Google's Wi-Fi Street View data, CNET
Richard Blumenthal, the outgoing attorney general in Connecticut, has
demanded that Google turn over the Wi-Fi data it collected in its
Street View project.
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U.S. Hunts 'Hacktivists,' Some Ask: Is It Worth It?, NPR
The Justice Department is searching for the hackers who launched the
Internet attack against companies that stopped doing business with
WikiLeaks and its founder, Julian Assange. But former prosecutors and
cyber experts say that actually bringing criminal indictments in the
massive denial-of-service attacks could be a bridge too far.
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Skype aids communications for remote UN refugee workers, CW
Humanitarian workers in the most remote parts of the world are being
given a low-cost way to communicate with colleagues, friends and
families as a result of a partnership between the United Nations High
Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and Skype.
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