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"Guitar music is on the way out." Decca Records, declining to record a new group called The Beatles (1962)

Our National Broadband Plan is a Two-Year-Old Dunce - FCC Ignored Competitive Problems to Focus on Adoption, And Failed, DSLReports
Just about two years ago the FCC introduced our first ever national broadband plan. While designed to appear comprehensive and ambitious, I noted at the time that beyond the chocolate-flavored exterior lay a very hollow project. Completely ignoring their own data on open access and the broadband sector's biggest problem (a lack of competition), the FCC focused on ramping up adoption (read: helping ISPs sell more service). To do this they simply piggybacked on

FCC Plans New Rules on Satellite Airwaves, WSJ
Federal telecommunications regulators began deliberations Wednesday on new regulations to open up satellite airwaves for more wireless phone usage.

FCC moves ahead on Dish wireless plan, WAPO
The Federal Communications Commission on Wednesday took a step forward into turning satellite spectrum held by Dish Network into a terrestrial wireless network, with a notice that it intends to investigate the plan and vote on whether to approve the license.

Sorry, carriers, 9 out of 10 tablets sold are Wi-Fi, Gigaom
Approximately 90 percent of all tablets in the U.S. relied on Wi-Fi over 3G mobile broadband last year, according to industry analyst Chetan Sharma. In his most recent wireless market update report that summarizes the industry in 2011, Sharma suggests that carriers aren't a needed distribution chain for slates; at least not yet.

Study: U.S. broadband adoption levels off, CW
Adoption of broadband service in the U.S. has levelled off since 2009, and the U.S. government and the tech and broadband industries will need to work more closely together to drive up subscriber numbers, according to a new study.

ICANN Confirms That It's Going To Make It Easier For Governments To Seize Domains Around The Globe, Techdirt
This just gets worse and worse. After pointing out that ICANN was missing a big (and important) opportunity by not speaking out against governments seizing domain names, we were disappointed to see ICANN release a white paper that was more of a how-to manual for governments on seizing domains. Now, Paul Keating points us to the depressing news that ICANN is now publicly saying that it will work more closely with governments around the world to help them seize

Public Engagement Through Social Media, White House
On Friday, March 16th, the White House Office of Public Engagement and the General Services Administration brought together over 300 regional community leaders and 13 federal agencies in Columbus, Ohio at the third White House Community Partnership Summit. Joined by Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman and Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, attendees shared their thoughts and ideas with Administration officials. The

Facilitating Internet Freedom in Iran, White House
"From Facebook to Twitter - from cell phones to the Internet - our people use the same tools to talk to one another, and to enrich our lives. Yet increasingly, the Iranian people are denied the basic freedom to access the information

The Coming Cyberwar With Iran?, VOA
On January 17th, 1991, as the 34-nation coalition of Operation Desert Storm prepared for its first aerial bombardment of targets in Iraq, the U.S. military sprung a surprise.

DISH NETWORK LLC v. DiMarco, Dist. Court, D. Nevada 2012, Fed Court
Plaintiffs are likely to succeed on their DMCA claims that Defendants' trafficking in the WizHub devices and extended warranty codes violate the statute. Plaintiffs will be irreparably harmed through the loss of subscription fees they would otherwise receive by potential customers who receive encrypted, subscription-based programming for free via those devices.

Twitter turns six, Twitter
Six years may not be very long in human terms, but it's been quite an enormous span for the thing we know and love as Twitter. When @jack first sketched out his notion in March 2006, no one could have predicted the trajectory of this new communication tool. Now it seems that there are as many ways to express

D Constantine, Cloud Computing: The Next Great Technological Innovation, the Death of Online Privacy, Or Both?, GA State U L R
Google Docs1 is a service used by individuals and, in its Google Apps2 form, by businesses and educators.3 Google Docs allows a user to log on to his Google account on any computer and create text documents, spreadsheets, and a variety of other documents while saving everything remotely—allowing that same user to log off one computer, log on to another computer, and continue to work on the same document.

Firefox switching to HTTPS Google search by default (and the end of referrer leakage), Do Not Track
A few days ago, Mozilla's developers quietly enabled Google's HTTPS encrypted search as the default search service for the "nightly" developer trunk of the Firefox browser (it will actually use the SPDY protocol). This change should reach regular users at some point in the next few months

Tons Of Companies Sued In Class Action Lawsuit Over Uploading Phone Addressbooks, Techdirt
There was some controversy a month or so ago, when it came out that app maker Path was secretly uploading your entire address book to its servers. The company apologized and deleted all the data. Of course, pretty quickly, people realized that lots of apps do this, if you allow the app to search your address

Dangerously Vague Cybersecurity Legislation Threatens Civil Liberties, EFF
There is a spate of proposed cybersecurity legislation working its way through the House and Senate. The bills are aimed primarily at facilitating cooperation regarding so-called "cybersecurity" issues among different branches of government as well as between government and the private sector. The bills range from being downright terrible to appropriately intentioned, yet they all suffer from the fundamental inability to clearly define the threats which are being defended

Cybersecurity Act of 2012, Senate Commerce
The bipartisan Cybersecurity Act of 2012 was developed in response to the ever-increasing number of cyber attacks on both private companies and the United States government.

FBI Still Struggling With Supreme Court's GPS Ruling, NPR
The Supreme Court recently said police overstepped their legal authority by planting a GPS tracker on the car of a suspected drug dealer without a search warrant. The decision set off alarm bells at the FBI, where officials are trying to determine whether they need to change the way they work.

NSA Insists It Doesn't Have 'The Ability' To Spy On American Emails, Texts, Etc., Techdirt
Earlier this week, we wrote about an excellent and detailed article in Wired about the efforts by the NSA to collect and store pretty much all communications data they could get their hands on -- whether originating in the US or not (despite clear rules that the NSA is only supposed to deal with foreign threats and communications). Some of that report merely confirmed earlier stories and news reports about programs like the warrantless wiretapping program the NSA runs,

NSA Chief Denies Wired's Domestic Spying Story (Fourteen Times) In Congressional Hearing, Forbes
In his recent bombshell story for Wired magazine, National Security Agency chronicler James Bamford writes that the joke that the agency's acronym stands for "never say anything" applies now more than ever. In fact, it seems the NSA does speak. It says "no" quite a lot.

Email Deliverability Takes a Turn for the Worse, Clickz
After several stable years, the inbox placement rate fell from 81% in the first half of 2012 to 76.5% in the second half.

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