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"The Americans think we need of the telephone, but we do not. We have
plenty of messenger boys." Sir William Preece, chief engineer of
Britain's Post Office (1876)

Defiant LightSquared says FCC action would violate its rights, CW
The FCC's proposal to kill LightSquared's planned LTE network would
violate the fledgling carrier's property rights by taking away its
spectrum and destroying its multibillion-dollar investment in mobile
broadband, LightSquared will argue on Friday in a formal comment to
the agency.

LightSquared continues to fight for survival, CNET
LightSquared, the beleaguered wireless operator, is not giving up on
its plans to build a nationwide 4G LTE network. And it's calling on
the FCC to take action.

SC v. DIRTY WORLD, LLC, Dist. Court, WD Missouri 2012, Fed Court
Defendant not liable for defamation under 47 USC 230©; so long as a
third party willingly provides the essential published content, the
interactive service provider receives full immunity regardless of the
specific editing or selection process."

2012, Fed Court
Comcast has standing to pursue its cyber piracy claims for statutory
damages, but not for actual damages or injunctive relief, where
Comcast abandoned and dismantled its website

ICANN and LACNIC Agree to Enhance DNS Reliability in Latin America,
Caribbean, ICANN
At the ICANN 43 meeting ongoing this week, the Latin American and
Caribbean Internet Addresses Registry (LACNIC) and the Internet
Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) signed an agreement
pledging to work together to increase the number of L-Root locations
in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Red Cross and Internet Governance with Cause, CircleID
One of many controversies surrounding the introduction of new domain
names is the special protection given, though a moratorium, to the Red
Cross and Red Crescent Movement (RCRC) and International Olympic
Committee (IOC).1 Although the RCRC and the IOC are discussed
together, they are very different. Substantively speaking, ICANN's
decision to protect the RCRC brand has a

'This American Life' Retracts Mike Daisey's Apple Factory Story, NPR
The story became the show's most popular podcast and inspired a
petition, signed by hundreds of thousands, demanding better working
conditions for factory workers. But, now, This American Life says
Daisey fabricated many aspects of the story.

AT&T pays $935 to settle iPhone throttling judgment, FierceBroadband
In a case that has become a public relations nightmare for it, AT&T
Mobility (NYSE:T) has paid $935 to Matt Spaccarelli, the irate iPhone
customer who won a small claims lawsuit in which he successfully
argued that AT&T had broken its promise to provide him with
"unlimited" mobile data service.

Consumer Report Incorrectly Thinks Metered Data Saves You Money -
Urges Grandfathered AT&T Unlimited Users to Ditch Plans, DSLReports
We've noted for some time that 4G wireless plans are generally based
around the idea of a pricing funnel disguised as value and choice,
where users are shoved toward tiers where they overpay for data pools
they never actually use. Introductory plans (usually 200-300MB) are
set just at a point where they offer too little usage for most users,
requiring consumers sign up for more expensive plans (usually 2-3 GB)
that provide too much usage for most users

China microblog rules take effect, BBC
Millions of microblog users in China face new registration rules, as
authorities try to prevent the spread of what they call "unfounded"

As ITU Eyes the Internet, Where is Civil Society?, CDT
The International Telecommunications Union (ITU), a United Nations
agency, will soon hold a meeting of world governments to decide
whether and how it will regulate the Internet. However, global civil
society has had little opportunity to take part in the debate.

Iran 'blocks' Foreign Office site, BBC
Tehran has blocked access to a UK Foreign Office website in Iran as
part of its "ever-tightening stranglehold of censorship", the foreign
secretary says.

Pakistan's Internet filter has the Valley buzzing over who's bidding, CNET
The bids are now in, but whoever wants a piece of what is almost
certainly a juicy contract is keeping quiet--and for good reason.

Righthaven is no more! It has ceased to be! It's expired and gone to
meet its maker!, Citizens Media Law Project
f there is a polar opposite to organizations like ours, it is the
intellectual property troll. And in the IP troll heirarchy, one of
the trolliest has long been Righthaven, the self-described
"pre-eminent copyright enforcer" that sued hundreds of bloggers and
other Internet denizens apparently as part of its business model. If
the DMLP, the EFF, Public Citizen, and the like are the Justice
League, Righthaven would be in the Secret Society of Supervillians.

Ouellette v. VIACOM INTERNATIONAL, INC., Dist. Court, D. Montana 2012, Fed Court
DMCA 17 USC s 512(f) action for wrongful takedown dismissed where
plaintiff would not be able to establish bad faith on part of

Privacy suit filed against Path, Twitter, Apple, Facebook, others, CNET
Address book issue with mobile apps prompts privacy lawsuit against app makers.

Police step up social media efforts amid confusing law, USA Today
Police departments and federal agencies are aggressively seeking
information from social-media companies, beefing up their budgets and
providing training to dig for online clues left by criminals and
victims in targeted investigations

Text Spam Class Action Against Jiffy Lube Moves Forward – In re Jiffy
Lube Int'l, Inc., Text Spam Litigation, Technology & Marketing Law
In re Jiffy Lube International, Inc., Text Spam Litigation,
11-md-2261-JM-JMA (N.D. Cal.; Mar. 9, 2012) Plaintiffs...

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