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The only man I know who behaves sensibly is my tailor; he takes my
measurements anew each time he sees me. The rest go on with their old
measurements and expect me to fit them. ~George Bernard Shaw

LightSquared, FCC face criticism from Republican lawmakers, WAPO
The Federal Communications Commission's initial approval of a troubled
satellite venture came under fresh criticism Thursday as a key
Republican lawmaker questioned whether the agency's actions could lead
to billions of dollars in costs for taxpayers.

LightSquared to defend project in open letter in newspapers, CW
LightSquared said late Sunday that it planned to run the next day in
major newspapers in the U.S. an open letter explaining its position
over the controversy surrounding its LTE (long-term evolution)
network, particularly concerns about its interference with GPS (global
positioning system).

An Innovation-Centric Approach of Telecommunications Infrastructure
Regulation by Konstantinos K. Stylianou, 16 Va. J.L. & Tech. 221
This paper considers the mechanics and role of innovation in
telecommunications networks and explains how regulation can be
designed to maximize innovation. Several reasons are presented for why
the fast-changing, networked, and technical nature of
telecommunications offers a favorable environment for innovation to
thrive, ...

The Unintended Consequences of Cyberbullying Rhetoric, apophenia
We all know that teen bullying - both online and offline - has
devastating consequences. Jamey Rodemeyer's suicide is a tragedy. He
was tormented for being gay. He knew he was being bullied and he
regularly talked about the

University Police & Administration Freak Out Over Nathan Fillion
Firefly Poster; Censor, Threaten Professor, Techdirt
we come across yet another case of idiotic censorship by law
enforcement who appear to have little understanding of the law. It
involves a professor, James Miller, from the University of
Wisconsin-Stout, who had the temerity to put up a picture of actor
Nathan Fillion on his door, with the text of one of his lines from the
show Firefly:

Federal court ruling provides a victory for grassroots journalism, OJR
Last month, a federal court ruled that recording public officials,
including police officers, is protected by the First Amendment. This
decision, which may outrage law enforcement officials and members of
Congress, is one of the first federal court decisions that brings the
First Amendment into the Internet age.

Stock Trading Message Board Protected by 47 USC 230--Deer Consumer
Products v. Little, Tech & Marketing Law Blog
Deer Consumer Products v. Little, Index No. 650823/11 (NY Sup. Ct.
Aug. 31, 2011) SeekingAlpha is a...

Why FCC Net Neutrality Regs Are So Vulnerable, Forbes
Now that the FCC's net neutrality regulations have been published, and
are now able to be appealed in court and formally opposed in a vote in
the U.S. Senate, they are highly vulnerable to being overturned
because net neutrality in almost every dimension is a fiction unable
to withstand scrutiny.

Free Press Files Suit to Protect Openness on the Wireless Web, Save the Internet
On Wednesday afternoon Free Press filed a legal challenge to the Open
Internet rules recently published by the Federal Communications

Free Press files lawsuit challenging FCC's Open Internet Rules, Muni
Free Press filed today in the First Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston
a petition for review of the Federal Communications Commission's
December 2010 Open Internet order. The Federal Register published the
new rules last week, opening the window for such lawsuits. Free Press,
headquartered in Western Massachusetts, will challenge the arbitrary
nature of rule provisions that provide less protection for mobile

Federal Register Publication Marks Beginning of Net Neutrality
Litigation, Telecom Law Monitor
One long march is finally over, another one begins. After OMB
approval of the rules was announced earlier this week, today, the FCC
published the Net Neutrality Order in the Federal Register. The 44
page summary is available here. With this notice today, the next
stage in the net neutrality saga finally begins.

Opening Session Remarks of Assistant Secretary Strickling at the
Internet Governance Forum, NTIA
Thank you, Alice, and I want to especially thank the Kenyan government
for hosting this important conference.

Working Together to Improve the Internet - BITAG Starts to Make Good
on Its Promise, Verizon
Every time a device connects to the Internet, it gets its own unique
"Internet Protocol" address. The current system, IPv4, has been around
since the early 1980s, and provides for about 4.3 billion addresses.
By the early 1990s, however, it became clear that the available
addresses would someday be depleted, and so a new

Full Tilt Poker Loses License, WSJ
Full Tilt Poker, the online poker site accused of being a giant Ponzi
scheme by a U.S. federal prosecutor, has had its gambling license
revoked by a regulator in the U.K.'s Channel Islands.

OnStar Drops Plan To Monitor Non-Subscribers, Techdirt
Given the widespread public backlash over OnStar's plan to keep
tracking people after they'd canceled their service -- and to
potentially sell aggregate info to advertisers -- it appears that
OnStar did what many people expected and backed away from the plan. It
may have helped that

Earthlink Joins ISPs Snooping User Search Traffic - Use of 'Middle
Man' Search Sniffing Technology Spreading, DSLReports
For years ISPs have been using DNS redirection, or redirecting users
who visit misspelled or nonexistent domains to ISP run ad-laden search
portals. The technology is a significant money maker for ISPs,
estimated to bring them at least an additional $5 per user, per month.
Recently however, DNS redirection companies like Paxfire have been
taking things one step further, injecting themselves in between the
traditional user

Google+ Hits Huge Growth Spurt, Forbes
Google+ experienced a huge growth spurt after the social network
opened to the public, indicating it may soon bypass more established
social networks, including LinkedIn and Twitter.

The Role of Internet Intermediaries in Advancing Public Policy Objectives, OECD
This book presents a comprehensive view of Internet intermediaries,
their economic and social function, development and prospects,
benefits and costs, and roles and responsibilities.,3355,en_2649_34223_1_1_1_1_1,00.html?rssChId=34223#48794855

Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) to be signed this weekend -
unconstitutional?, Yale ISP
Strong arguments have been emerging that the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade
Agreement (ACTA), to be signed this weekend by the US, may be
unconstitutional as a Sole Executive Agreement. ISP Student Fellow
Adam Hockensmith has been working on a paper to this effect. The
issue has also been covered in the below:

Government Violates Free Speech Rights with Domain Name Seizure, EFF
The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) urged a federal appeals court
in an amicus brief today to order the return of two domain names
seized by the U.S. government in violation of the First Amendment.

CDT, EFF, Public Knowledge File Brief in Domain Name Seizure Case, CDT
Spanish website Rojadirecta has appealed the early August court
decision refusing to order the prompt return of domain names seized
from Rojadirecta in February. On Friday, CDT joined EFF and Public
Knowledge in an amicus brief telling the appeals court that the
seizure of domain names constitutes a prior restraint and demands
careful First Amendment scrutiny--something entirely absent from the

4.9 Million Records Lost, Daily Dashboard
Three healthcare providers have suffered recent data breaches. A
Pentagon contractor's website alerts of a data breach affecting as
many as 4.9 million patients, San Antonio Express reports. Science
Applications International says the lost information--stored on backup
computer tapes from electronic health records--included Social
Security numbers, addresses, phone numbers and other private health
information of

DOJ Document Shows How Long Telcos Hold Onto Your Data, Techdirt
With the Justice Department believing that it can get all sorts of
data from telcos without any oversight or without a warrant, it seems
rather important to know what kind of info your mobile operator is
keeping -- and for how long. The ACLU, via a Freedom of Information
Act request,

Privacy advocates ask FTC to investigate Facebook, WAPO
The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) and 10 other privacy
and civil rights advocacy groups have asked the Federal Trade
Commission to "investigate the extent of the harm to consumer privacy
and safety" in the company's use of cookies and its proposed changes
to its site.

A Dynamic Approach to Federal Cybersecurity, White House
At the 2010 RSA Conference, I issued a rallying call for the
cybersecurity community to collectively evolve from previous static,
compliance-based metrics programs to a more dynamic approach that
utilizes continuous monitoring. Since then, we've seen the public and
private sector respond with innovative approaches to this challenge.

Guy Arrested, Threatened With 15 Years For Recording Traffic Stop In
Illinois, Techdirt
With Illinois planning to appeal the Michael Allison case, in which
the state wants to put Allison in jail for 75 years because he
recorded an interaction with the police, it's worth pointing out that
this is not the only such case in Illinois. A few people have sent
over this ABC report about

What the Cops Can't Do, Internet Service Providers Can by Steven R.
Morrison, 16 Va. J.L. & Tech. 253 (2011)
Legal rules have emerged that limit the State"s right to search the
contents of emails as they exist on Internet Service Providers"
networks. Much attention has been paid to these rules, and they will
continue to develop. What the State can"t do, however, Internet ...

US Postal Service Versus Email: The Historic Grudge Match of the Ages,
Mr. Peabody, let's turn to the Wayback Machine and travel to the far
and weird past: The time is 1977. The country is in a tailspin.
Saturday Night Live is singing carols about killing Gary Gilmore for
Christmas . President Carter takes

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