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LightSquared announces GPS interference fix, agrees to pay for
government retrofits, FierceWireless
LightSquared declared it has come up with a simple, affordable
solution to the high-precision GPS interference problems posed by its
planned wholesale LTE network--and it's willing to foot the bill to
retrofit certain government GPS devices.

White House: We Gave Lightsquared Plenty Of Grief Over GPS, TPM
The White House is pushing back against charges of favoritism towards
a telecom firm Lightsquared, citing numerous instances in which
administration officials have raised concerns about its plan to create
a new wireless broadband network.

LightSquared solves GPS interference with new device, CNET
LightSquared says a new product developed in partnership with GPS
manufacturer Javad GNSS and due out in November will eliminate
interference problems with high-precision GPS devices.

LightSquared says GPS fix will cost $50-$300, CW
Satellite-4G carrier LightSquared said Wednesday that gear to prevent
interference between its network and precision GPS gear will cost $50
to $300 per device and it is in talks with the U.S. government about
covering the cost of upgrading or replacing all federally-owned

Oversight Committee reviewing information on LightSquared, WAPO
The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee confirmed it is
looking into information related to LightSquared, the satellite-based
mobile broadband network. The panel is reviewing material brought to
its attention, said Frederick Hill, a spokesman for committee chairman
Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.).

The National Broadband Map Gets an Update, NTIA
Earlier this year, we launched a ground-breaking interactive online
map that shows what high-speed Internet services are available across
the country. Like the spread of railroads and electrification spurred
new economic opportunities during America's past, broadband is
supporting new economic

FCC Chairman Joins D.C. School Superintendent for Internet Essentials
Launch in Washington, Comcast
This morning at Ballou Senior High School in the Anacostia
neighborhood of Washington, D.C., I had the privilege of joining FCC
Chairman Julius Genachowski and D.C. Public Schools Chancellor Kaya
Henderson and local and national community leaders to officially
launch Internet Essentials in the city.

Kowalski v. Koster, WD Missouri 2011
Where Pltf claims Defendant, a public official, threatened to shut
down Pltf's website which contains content added by third parties
about public officials sexual orientations. Pltf brought claim for
delaratory releif that Deft had violated the Communications Decency
Act. This claim is dismissed; the CDA immunizes Internet service
providers and does not create any cause of action under 42 U.S.C. §

OMB: Thumbs Up for Net Neutrality Provisions, CommLawBlog
The net neutrality rules have cruised past another hurdle: the Office
of Management and Budget (OMB) has approved the two "information
collection" aspects of the "open

Typosquatting Continues to Pose Dangers to Enterprises, Consumers, CircleID
While typosquatting is not a new phenomenon, recent research
highlights that it is being used to collect sensitive corporate
information from employees and lure consumers to interact with dubious

Poker Site Fires Back at U.S., WSJ
Attorneys for Full Tilt Poker fired back at the U.S. Justice
Department's civil case against the poker website, decrying the
government's assertion that their company ran a massive "Ponzi

Ponzi Schemes and Federal Indictments: The Need for Comprehensive
Online Poker Reform, JOLT Blog
While millions of online gamblers in the United States continue to
defy the law, the federal government is holding all the cards. This
fact was clearly illustrated in April when the Department of Justice
filed an indictment against the founders of two of the world's largest
online poker companies, Full Tilt Poker and

U.S. calls online poker site a 'global Ponzi scheme', Globe
Prosecutors allege that Full Tilt Poker co-owners siphoned off player
cash for themselves and to cover company expenses

AT&T, DOJ headed for February trial over T-Mobile USA buy, FierceWireless
There was no settlement following yesterday's court date that came
about because of the Justice Department's challenge of AT&T's (NYSE:T)
proposed $39 billion acquisition of T-Mobile USA

Puzzling over big wireless carrier mergers: An Editorial, Virulent Word of Mouse
Let's talk about AT&T proposal to merge with T-Mobile. Why do the
parties involved still consider this merger viable?

Comcast Highlights $10 Broadband in DC - Hopes Nobody Notices Few
People Can Get It, DSLReports
One of the few conditions faced by Comcast when they acquired NBC
Universal was that the company had to offer $10 broadband to any
household making less than $24,000 a year -- for three years. It was
actually a condition Comcast volunteered, and it's giving them a lot
of PR mileage as the company

Testifying before the U.S. Senate on competition, Google
This afternoon at 2 PM E.T., Eric Schmidt will testify before the U.S.
Senate to talk about Google's approach to competition. He will deliver
a simple message: we welcome competition. It makes us better. It makes
our competitors better. Most importantly, it means better products for
our users.

Mimes aren't silent in Capitol Hill attack on Google, CNET
Consumer Watchdog dispatches a group of mimes to playfully spy on
government workers to illustrate what they say is Google's antiprivacy

Google Chairman Testifies Before Antitrust Panel, NPR
Google is in the spotlight Wednesday. It's defending itself against
allegations that it's acting like a monopoly. Google's chairman, Eric
Schmidt, testified in front of a Senate subcommittee. For more,
Melissa Block talks to NPR's Yuki Noguchi.

"Google rigs its results," say critics at Senate antitrust hearing, Ars Technica
"Google abandoned these core principles [of fair play] when they
started interfering with profits and profit growth," said Nextag CEO
Jeff Katz today before a Senate antitrust hearing on the search giant.
"Today, Google doesn't play fair. Google rigs its results, biasing in
favor of Google Shopping and

Righthaven's Copyright Trolling is a Bankrupt Idea, Citizens Media Law Project
It's been several months since we last checked up on Righthaven. How
is everybody's favorite copyright troll doing?

1st Circuit Reinstates $675,000 File-Sharing Award Against Tenenbaum
-- Sony BMG v. Tenenbaum, Tech & Marketing Law Blog
Sony BMG Music Entertainment v. Tenenbaum, 2011 WL 4133920 (1st Cir.
Sept. 16, 2011) [pdf] Sony's...

U.S. Cloud Providers Banned Pending Law Revision, Daily Dashboard
The Dutch government has announced it will ban U.S. cloud service
providers from government contracts due to compliance concerns
surrounding the U.S. Patriot Act, reports ZDNet. The Dutch government
says this is a temporary measure until the European Commission changes
data protection

Commonwealth v. Koch, PA Super 2011
Text message found on cell phone inadmissible as evidence where the
the text message and its author were not authenticated

'Person of Interest': Cell phones spying on you, CNET
If you think video cameras are the big threat to you privacy, better
not look at your cell phone

COPPA: What happens when a generation ignores a law?, OJR
The United States Federal Trade Commission is seeking public comment
on amendments to its rule implementing the Children's Online Privacy
Protection Act [COPPA]. While, as a website publisher and

EFF To Appeals Court: Border Is Not An "Anything Goes" Zone, EFF
EFF has long been committed to helping international travelers protect
their electronic devices and digital data at the U.S. border. We're
continuing to push for some legal limits on the government's sweeping
authority to search electronic devices at the border with an amicus
brief we recently filed

Citizen Recording Of Police Proves Officer Lied About Arrest, Techdirt alerts us to an LA Times article covering a recent trial in
which a private citizen's cellphone video proved officers lied about
an arrest, resulting in the acquittal of a young man accused of
carrying a concealed firearm.

FTC Announces New and Improved OnGuardOnline Website, FTC
Want to know more about Internet safety and security? Visit the new
and improved for practical tips and resources on how
to be safe, secure and responsible online.

Denied Motion to Dismiss for failure to state a claim for which relief
can be granted (1) Can Spam Act claim, (2) Computer Fraud and Abuse
Act Claim and (3) Fraud. MaxBounty is an advertising and marketing
company that uses a network of publishers to drive traffic to its
customers' websites. Facebook alleges that MaxBounty engaged and
continues to engage in impermissible advertising and commercial
activity on

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