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FCC approves latecomer Microsoft as white-space database provider,
Fierce Broadband
The FCC's Office of Engineering and Technology (OET) has named
Microsoft as an administrator of the TV white spaces database, despite
the company filing late and others opposing its designation.
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The GPS Fiasco, Economist
The ultimate source of the trouble is a decision made in 2003 by the
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to grant special dispensation
to a broadband satellite operator called SkyTerra, allowing it to fill
gaps in its coverage by means of ground-based transmitters. SkyTerra's
chunk of spectrum (1,525-1,559 megahertz) abutted a crucial frequency
(1,575 megahertz) used by GPS satellites.
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Schlesinger, Parkinson Address FCC: Rescind LightSquared Waiver, GPS World
The two co-chairs of the U.S. National Advisory Board for Space-Based
Positioning, Navigation, and Timing, the Hon. James R. Schlesinger and
Dr. Bradford Parkinson, have delivered an official, strongly worded
letter today to Julius Genachowski, chairman, Federal Communications
Commission. The letter "formally requests that the Federal
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LightSquared Continues Generating Commission Controversy, TVB
LightSquared is proceeding as planned even as its proposed network
continues generating dispute. The company said today it has
transitioned 50,000 public safety and enterprise customers to its new
SkyTerra 1 satellite.
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FCC advisory board pans LightSquared's wireless bid, Denver Post
Philip Falcone's LightSquared wireless service shouldn't be allowed to
operate as planned because it would interfere with "many millions" of
Global Positioning System devices, an advisory board said.
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The Nefarious ACPA: The Nefarious Methodology
Methodology is the boring icky stuff of research. For a lawyer,
methodology is normally simple. You sit down with a big stack of
dusty books and read what a bunch of old dusty judges said, based on
their research of what some even older dusty judges said.
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White House Names a New Chief of Information Technology, NYT
Steven VanRoekel, who has been a leader at Microsoft and the F.C.C.,
will take over as chief information officer for the federal
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Former Microsoft exec, Obama donor named new U.S. CIO, CW
The White House announced Thursday that President Barack Obama intends
to appoint Steven VanRoekel to replace Vivek Kundra as the federal
government CIO.
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Comcast Loses More Basic Cable Subs, Adds Broadband - Sees Revenue of
$14.3 Billion in Second Quarter, dslreports
Comcast today released their second quarter earning results, which
indicate that the nation's largest cable company lost 238,000 basic
video subscribers -- a number that continues a sector trend, but is
less than the 265,000 basic video subscribers the company lost this
time last year. Comcast added 144,000 broadband customers, up from
118,000 one year ago -- bringing their broadband customer total to
17.55 million. The
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Comcast adds 144K to bring broadband subs to 17.55 million, Gigaom
Comcast says it added 144,000 new broadband subscribers during the
second quarter of 2011. Thanks to growing demand for higher-speed
tiers, the company saw its revenues jump almost 10 percent to $2.2
billion for the quarter. According to Leichtman Research Group, a
Durham, N.H.-based market research firm, Comcast had 17.406 million
subscribers at the end of the first quarter. At the end of the second
quarter, it had
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EFF Backs Another Blogger Fighting Off Baseless Righthaven Lawsuit, EFF
Despite a string of courtroom losses, copyright troll Righthaven
continues to pursue its misguided infringement litigation. Tuesday,
EFF filed an amicus brief in support of a defendant moving to dismiss
Righthaven v. Wolf, the lead case in the federal court in Colorado.
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Righthaven, still angering judges, finally pays cash for its mistakes,
Ars Technica
Righthaven, the Las Vegas copyright enforcer that has filed hundreds
of suits to "defend" newspaper articles, has been hammered repeatedly
in court. Now, it is finally paying defense lawyers, even if it can't
quite manage to send a check to the proper location.
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Judge Realizes That Nearly All Of The 23,322 People Sued By US
Copyright Group Aren't In Its Jurisdiction, Techdirt
While many courts had pretty clearly rejected attempts by various mass
lawsuit filing "anti-piracy" law firms to sue a ton of people in a
single lawsuit, we were surprised and dismayed back in May to see one
judge allow subpoenas to go out on all 23,322 IP addresses sued by US
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CNN announces revamp for iReport tool, Lost Remote
In honor of the fifth anniversay of CNN iReport, the 24-hour cable
news organization announced that they will be revamping the tool into
a "social network for news", according to Participation Director of
CNN Digital, Lila King. "Instead a (network) built around your
friends, it's built around sources and topics you care about and
trust," [...] No related posts.
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So long computer overlords - how clouds can liberate research and
transform discovery, Bill St Arnaud
Here is an excellent presentation by Ian Foster on how clouds and
grids can liberate researchers from traditional IT research tasks.
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Watch Out: The Feds Want to Regulate the Cloud, PC world
Government regulation could have a chilling effect on cloud computing
and complicate what should be simple and dynamic
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Walden Statement on FCC Process, House Commerce
Communications and Technology Subcommittee Chairman Greg Walden (R-OR)
today issued the following statement after the Federal Communications
Commission released new program carriage rules and the "Measuring
Broadband America" report:
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Encrypt the Web with HTTPS Everywhere, EFF
The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), in collaboration with the
Tor Project, has launched an official 1.0 version of HTTPS Everywhere,
a tool for the Firefox web browser that helps secure web browsing by
encrypting connections to more than 1,000 websites.
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Guardians of Internet Security Are Targets, NYT
A string of hackers' attacks on Internet security companies shows the
extent of online vulnerabilities, but the breaches may help the firms
grow their business.
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White House: Need to monitor online 'extremism', CNET
President Obama's new anti-"extremism" strategy hints at expanding
monitoring of social networks beyond what Homeland Security already
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Hacking Law Must Be Revised to Prevent Its 'Gross Misuse', CDT
Today, the Center for Democracy & Technology joined a group of
individuals and organizations from across the philosophical spectrum
in signing a letter to Senators Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and Chuck
Grassley (R-IA) on recommended reforms to the Computer Fraud and Abuse
Act (CFAA).
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Spam king Sanford Wallace indicted for Facebook spam, CW
Notorious spam king Sanford Wallace is facing federal fraud charges
for allegedly breaking into Facebook accounts and sending 27 million
spam messages in 2008 and 2009.
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