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"Hope and curiosity about the future seemed better than guarantees.
That's the way I was. The unknown was always so attractive to me . . .
and still is." Hedy Lamarr (received US patent in 1942 for spread
spectrum technology)

Internet Essentials — An Ambitious and Comprehensive Broadband
Adoption Experiment, Comcast
For more than a decade, there has been a national debate on how to
close the digital divide between those of us who are connected to the
Internet and those who, for a variety of reasons, are not. Both the
Federal Communications Commission and the Department of Commerce's
National Telecommunications and Information Administration have
reported that more than 33% of American homes are still not connected
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Is There A Bandwidth Shortage?, NPR
Movie and video streaming are Internet gas guzzlers. They account for
a huge growing amount of traffic on the Internet, and service
providers are struggling to keep up with demand. CNET Senior Writer
Maggie Reardon talks to Steve Inskeep about whether consumers are
facing a bandwidth shortage.
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U.S. subscribers hang up on cable, satellite; economy, streaming to
blame, Globe and Mail
Analysts estimate subscription-TV industry lost 380,000 subscribers in
second quarter
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LightSquared says GPS makers ignored filtering rules, CW
GPS vendors have not complied with a 2008 Department of Defense
recommendation that called for better filtering of signals from
adjacent spectrum bands, mobile startup LightSquared told the U.S.
Federal Communications Commission on Thursday.
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FCC asks for more information on LightSquared, GPS, WAPO
The Federal Communications Commission has asked for more information
from LightSquared and the U.S. GPS Industry Council about possible
interference between their networks.
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FCC won't guarantee timetable for LightSquared review, Fierce Broadband
FCC officials, in a briefing with reporters earlier this week, made it
clear that they can't guarantee the completion of a review of
LightSquared's proposed plans and its proposed remedies to the GPS
interference problem by by September.
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DA Realizes That Gizmodo Didn't Break The Law In Writing About Found
iPhone 4 Prototype, Techdirt
You may recall the huge scoop that the site Gizmodo (part of the
Gawker family) got a year and a half ago when it got its hands on a
prototype iPhone 4 that someone had accidentally left in a bar. The
whole thing got weird when police raided then-Gizmodo editor Jason
Chen's house and took all his computer equipment. Many people expected
Chen to be charged with a crime, even if the whole thing seemed silly
(and, really,
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ISP Tracking Spurs Class-Action Suit, Daily Dashboard
GigaOM reports on researchers' discovery that some Internet service
providers (ISPs) have been rerouting users' online traffic to provide
Web search results "that can generate money for firms selected by the
ISP as well as the ISP itself." The practice has resulted in a
class-action lawsuit against companies Paxfire and RCN, and Sen.
Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) has said he is considering investigating the
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Paxfire Responds: Says It Doesn't Hijack Searches, Will Seek Sanctions
Against Lawyers, Techdirt
Last week, we wrote about a lawsuit filed against Paxfire for
supposedly teaming up with ISPs hijacking browser searches for profit.
The idea was that search terms never made it to the search engine in
question, but rather automatically directed users to pages paid for by
marketers. That is, if you searched for "Apple" via your browser
search, rather than having that search Bing (if Bing is your search
engine) for "Apple," it
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Paxfire Snooping Scandal Gets Political Attention - Things Will Soon
Heat Up For ISPs Involved, dslreports
Last week Berkeley researchers and the EFF announced that ten ISPs
were covertly intercepting and sometimes redirecting user search
results for additional profit. This week saw a new lawsuit against
hardware vendor Paxfire and RCN, with Paxfire denying that they've
done anything wrong. The ISPs involved in the traffic hijacking
stopped the practice dead in its tracks once the story broke, but as
expected the
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Inside the Burdens of the Net Neutrality Rules, Telecom Law Monitor
The Office of Management and Budget does not post the comments it
receives on Paperwork Reduction Act notices, like the FCC's recent
notices regarding the net neutrality rules. But we have them here.
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Top Internet Activities? Search & Email, Once Again, Pew
What's the most popular internet activity? It's a tie between those
perennial winners, search and email. A new survey finds both are done
by 92% of online adults in the United States.
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Grading the top 10 U.S. carriers in 2Q, Fierce Broadband
The top U.S. wireless carriers saw growth in subscriber numbers
(Verizon Wireless, AT&T Mobility and Sprint Nextel) in the second
quarter of 2011. Check out this chart from FierceWireless with details
on the major metrics--such as churn, ARPU and revenue--of each carrier
listed by subscriber base according to Strategy
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David Cameron's counterproductive attack on social media, Globe and Mail
Banning or restricting the use of social media networks is a tool of
dictatorial regimes, and British Prime Minister David Cameron sends
the wrong message by announcing his government is considering it.
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Panicked over social media, Mr. Cameron joins company of autocrats,
Globe and Mail
Panicking in the face of an unfamiliar and hard-to-control technology
only enhances their mythos
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The IBM PC Hits the Big 3-0, Xbox Stays in the Top Spot, plus Windows
Phone, Kinect and Internet Explorer, MS
Today is the 30th anniversary of the unveiling of the IBM PC. Earlier
this week, Microsoft Corporate Vice President of Corporate
Communications Frank Shaw opined on what the PC has meant to Microsoft
and the technology industry as a whole and what the future holds for
the PC. Check it out.
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An Honest Policy Wonk, Virulent Word of Mouse
Captured regulators routinely take the blame for the ills of
regulatory policy in electricity, telephony, and broadcasting.
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