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but I repeat myself. – Mark Twain

Coalition Seeks GPS Protection from Obama Administration, Point of Beginning
We note that the White House is hosting a forum on "Spectrum Auctions:
Unlocking the Innovative Potential of Wireless Broadband" that
includes remarks by key members of the Obama Administration. We salute
President Obama's continued efforts to expand broadband coverage
throughout this country, but in doing so we ask that the
administration ensure that the Global Positioning System (GPS) is not
sacrificed in the process.
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FCC's Broadband Improvements Could Kill Your GPS, eweek
The Obama administration's drive to approve wireless broadband could
end up killing most GPS use in the United States.
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Map of publicly owned broadband networks in the United States, Muni
The Institute for Local Self-Reliance has released the Community
Broadband Map and report, Publicly Owned Broadband Networks: Averting
the Looming Broadband Monopoly. The map plots the 54 cities, big and
small, that own citywide fiber networks and another 79 own citywide
cable networks. Over 3 million people have access to
telecommunications networks whose objective is to maximize value to
the community in which they are located rather than to distant
stockholders and corporate executives
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FCC Commissioner slams N. Carolina attack on city-owned broadband, Ars Technica
Federal Communications Commissioner Mignon Clyburn had choice words
today for cable industry backed legislation in North Carolina that
would slow new municipal broadband projects down to a crawl in that
state. The bill in question is named the "Level Playing Field/Local
Gov't Competition" act.
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U.S. regulators mandate wireless data roaming, Globe and Mail
AT&T views rule as ploy to bring down roaming prices
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Competition creator? FCC forces "data roaming" on reluctant carriers,
Ars Technica
With Sprint and Comcast cheering (and Verizon booing), the Federal
Communications Commission has issued rules requiring commercial mobile
broadband providers to provide data roaming to other carriers "on
commercially reasonable terms and conditions."
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White House Makes Intelligent Case For Incentive Auctions., Wetmachine
Yesterday I attended the White House event on incentive auctions. It
was probably the most sensible public event on the pro-incentive
auction side I've attended to date. I have had several discussions
with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) staff…
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AT&T on FCC Data Roaming Mandate, AT&T
"Roaming agreements for both voice and data are in place throughout
the country, and were reached through normal commercial negotiations.
The evidence presented in this proceeding demonstrated conclusively
that proponents of a roaming mandate were seeking government
intervention, not to obtain agreements – which are plentiful – but
rather to regulate rates downward. While we will thoroughly review
today's order, we continue to believe that a data roaming mandate is
unwarranted and will discourage investment and build out of broadband
facilities for both those seeking regulated roaming rates and those
forced to wholesale facilities at those rates."
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Combating Child Pornography: Steps Are Needed to Ensure That Tips to
Law Enforcement Are Useful and Forensic Examinations Are Cost
Effective, GAO
The Department of Justice (DOJ) reports that online child pornography
crime has increased. DOJ funds the National Center for Missing and
Exploited Children (NCMEC), which maintains the CyberTipline to
receive child pornography tips. The Providing Resources, Officers, and
Technology To Eradicate Cyber Threats to Our Children Act of 2008 (the
Act) contains provisions to facilitate these investigations and create
a national strategy to prevent, among other things, child pornography.
The Act directed GAO to report on actions to minimize duplication and
enhance federal expenditures to address this crime. This report
examines (1) the extent to which NCMEC determines the usefulness of
tips; (2) mechanisms to help law enforcement coordination (i.e.,
deconfliction); and (3) the extent to which agencies are addressing
factors that federal law enforcement reports may inhibit
investigations. GAO analyzed the Act and spoke to law enforcement
officials who investigate these crimes, selected to reflect geographic
range, among other things. Although these interviews cannot be
generalized, they provided insight into investigations.
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OpenNet Initiative: The Use of Western Technologies by Middle East
Censors, 2010-2011, Berkman Center
No description
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Online Booksellers Get 47 USC 230 Immunity for Publisher-Supplied
Marketing Collateral--Parisi v. Sinclair, Tech & Marketing Law
Parisi v. Sinclair, 2011 WL 1206193 (D.C. D.C. March 31, 2011). The
complaint. More source documents. Sinclair...
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House Takes Flight Of Net Neutrality Fancy, PK
On Tuesday, the House went through its warm-up act by approving the
procedures used for the repeal, breaking out yet again the rambling,
discredited arguments that have no basis in fact but which seem to
take on additional merit when screeched at the top of a legislator's
lungs. No, the government is not about to "take control of your
Internet," as Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) vehemently argued. Nor is
the government going to "assign priority and value" to content, as
Blackburn said.
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Verizon v. FCC: On To Plan C?, CommLawBlog
So much for creativity in appellate litigation. The U.S. Court of
Appeals has determined that Verizon jumped the gun when they filed
notices of appeal of the FCC's net neutrality decision last January.
As a result, Verizon's appeal has been dismissed. (A similar appeal by
MetroPCS was also dismissed in the same order.)
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House moves to overturn FCC on Net neutrality, CNET
Despite threat of a presidential veto, House of Representatives takes
step toward preventing federal regulators from going forward with
regulations targeting broadband providers.
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NTIA Releases IPv6 "Readiness Tool", NTIA
NTIA urged businesses to prepare for the transition to Internet
Protocol version 6 (IPv6), an updated Internet addressing system, with
the release of a new "IPv6 Readiness Tool."
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What We Lose if We Lose, Freedom to Tinker
In its latest 2011 budget proposal, Congress makes deep cuts to the
Electronic Government Fund. This fund supports the continued
development and upkeep of several key open government websites,
including, and the IT Dashboard. An earlier
proposal would have cut the funding from $34 million to $2 million
this year, although the current proposal would allocate $17 million to
the fund
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Feds prep for e-gov shutdown, CW
If the U.S. government is shut down by a budget impasse, various
services could be interrupted, but the IRS will still collect tax
returns filed electronically and it will still process refunds.
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Google's April Fools' Day Joke May Be On Google, NPR
On Friday, Google announced it would be offering gesture-driven email.
Michele Norris says the news ended up being an April Fools' Day prank,
but some California researchers may have the last laugh.
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75-year-old accused of bringing down Georgia, Armenia Internet, Globe and Mail
Authorities blame scavenger for inadvertently cutting fibre optic line
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75-Year-Old Woman Cuts Off Entire Nation's Internet Service, Huff
A 75-year-old Georgian woman is facing jail time after she
accidentally sliced through an underground cable and caused all
Internet services in neighboring Armenia to crash.
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Google: don't give private "trolls" Web censorship power, Ars Technica
The House and Senate are both drafting "rogue sites" legislation that
will likely support website blocking at the domain name level and will
require online ad networks and credit card companies to stop working
with sites on the blacklist. That idea is controversial enough when
only the government has the power to
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Study: More TV viewers in U.S. 'cutting the cord', CNET
By the end of 2011, some 2 million television watchers will have
ditched their cable or satellite subscriptions, according to
Convergence Consulting.
More Info: Gets A $1.35 Million Facelift, Huff
Tuesday morning, the Federal Communications Commission unveiled a
revamped website, updating the site for the first time since
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U.S. can conduct offsite searches of computers seized at borders,
court rules, CW
A U.S. Court of Appeals has ruled that the government can confiscate
computers from travelers at border locations, and then transport the
devices to distant labs for analysis.
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Verizon simulates disaster near operations center, CW
It was only a drill, but Verizon Communications' emergency response
team brought in its serious equipment for a hazardous materials test
in Cockeysville, Maryland, Monday and Tuesday.
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Facebook's CAN-SPAM Claim Survives Advertiser's Motion to Dismiss,
Ecommerce Times
In Facebook's seven count complaint against Defendant MaxBounty Inc.
for its allegedly fraudulent advertising scheme aimed at Facebook
users, the social networking giant defeated MaxBounty's motion to
dismiss Facebook's claim under the CAN-SPAM Act by successfully
arguing that the fake advertising pages posted by MaxBounty on the
social networking site constituted "electronic mail messages" under
the Act. Facebook, Inc. v. MaxBounty, Inc., No. CV-10-4712-JF, 2011
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VoIP Services Market Nears $50 Billion Mark, Circleid
Market research firm Infonetics Research this week released VoIP and
UC Services and Subscribers, a market share and forecast report that
includes two Business VoIP Service Provider Scorecards that will be
published later this year, and an IP Centrex Provider Tracker
highlighting deployments by provider, region, service, and platform.
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Citizen Media Law Project is Hiring a Staff Attorney, Citizen's Media
Are you a lawyer interested in dealing with emerging legal issues
related to law, journalism, and new media on the Internet? Would you
like to help online journalists and new media ventures meet their
legal needs? Do you want a stimulating yet laid back work
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