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"Politics is the art of choosing between the disastrous and the
unpalatable." -John Galbrait

GPS may be an endangered species, Police One
A new cell phone network could jam GPS signals
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GPS 'Stewards' DoD, DoT DepSecs Protest LightSquared Plan to FCC, Inside GNSS
In a letter to Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius
Genachowski, the second-ranking officials from the U.S. departments of
defense (DoD) and transportation (DoT) have issued the strongest
administration message yet regarding LightSquared's proposal to build
a network of high-powered
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Why We Need An Open Wireless Movement, EFF
If you sometimes find yourself needing an open wireless network in
order to check your email from a car, a street corner, or a park, you
may have noticed that they're getting harder to find.
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Videos from the 47 USC 230 Conference Now Online, Tech & Marketing Law
Without any pretense of modesty, I think we have put on a number of
first-rate High Tech...
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Blogger Gets 47 USC 230 Dismissal for Third Party Comment--Kruska v.
Perverted Justice, Tech & Marketing Law
Kruska v. Perverted Justice Foundation Inc., 2011 WL 1260224 (D. Ariz.
April 5, 2011) This is my...
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U.S. Broadband Speeds Up by 9.2 Percent, Internet News
Latest State of the Internet report shows continued growth for U.S.
broadband speeds, though they still lag behind Asia.
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US House Subcommittee to Hold Hearing for ICANN's New TLD Rollout, Circleid
Kevin Murphy reporting in DomainIncite: "The House Subcommittee on
Intellectual Property, Competition and the Internet will hold an
'ICANN Generic Top-Level Domains (gTLD) Oversight Hearing' on
Wednesday May 4 at 10am local time. The hearing has been called at the
direction of the committee's chairman, Rep. Bob Goodlatte."
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Court Approves Nortel's Sale of IPv4 Addresses to Microsoft, Circleid
Yesterday morning (26-April-2011), in US Bankruptcy Court for the
District of Delaware, Judge Kevin Gross signed an order authorizing
Nortel's sale of IPv4 addresses to Microsoft. This is an important
moment for the Internet community, as it represents the beginning of a
new market-based mechanism for the distribution of scarce IPv4 address
resources. As the various Regional Internet Registry (RIR)
organizations exhaust their supply, traditional "needs-based"
distribution will become impossible. But an address market approach
will enable organizations to continue
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AS Core IPv4+IPv6 Graph 2010 available, CAIDA
CAIDA's 2010 visualization of both IPv4 and IPv6 AS-level Internet
topology based on Archipelago data. This visualization represents
macroscopic snapshots of IPv4 and IPv6 Internet topology samples
captured in June 2010. For the IPv4 map, CAIDA collected data from 45
monitors located in 24 countries on 6 continents. For the IPv6 map,
CAIDA collected data from 12 Ark monitors located in 6 countries on 3
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ARIN DNSSEC Changes Completed, ARIN
No description
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Pamela Samuelson , Legislative Alternatives to the Google Book Settlement, SSRN
In the aftermath of Judge Chin's rejection of the proposed Google Book
settlement, it is time to consider legislative alternatives. This
article explores a number of component parts of a legislative package
that might accomplish many of the good things that the proposed
settlement promised without the downsides that would have attended
judicial approval of it. It gives particular attention to the idea of
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U.S. Confirmed as "Lone Hold Out" on ACTA Transparency, Michael Geist
KEI has obtained a new document under the U.S. Freedom of Information
Act that confirms that the U.S. was the "lone hold out" in disclosing
drafts of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement during the Summer of
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As Expected, Google's Changes Are Bleeding Demand Media & Other
Content Farms, Techdirt
About a year ago, there were all these complaints about how sites like
Demand Media were "cluttering" up the internet. However, as
wepredicted at the time, this was only a temporary issue, and had more
to do with the current state of filters, rather than the content
itself. The internet has always been filled with a ton of crap, but it
didn't matter because you didn't see most of it, and you could ignore
the pieces here and
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Tom Bell, Pirates in the Family Room: How Performances from Abroad, to
U.S. Consumers, Might Evade Copyright Law, SSRN
What will international copyright law look like in ten years? It will
doubtless offer many different facets and will, as at present, elude
any comprehensive portrait. This brief paper thus focuses on just one
plausible and interesting scenario: Parties overseas will come to
offer unauthorized performances of copyrighted works to consumers in
the United States, a practice that will rouse the ire of copyright
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Larry Magid: Apple Says It's Not Tracking Location: Look at This Map
and Judge for Yourself, Huffpo
In a statement issued Wednesday morning, Apple said "The iPhone is not
logging your location. Rather, it's maintaining a database of Wi-Fi
hotspots and cell towers around your current location, some of which
may be located more than one hundred miles away from your iPhone, to
help your iPhone rapidly and accurately calculate its location when
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Congressman wants FTC probe of iPhone tracking, CNET
Apple's explanation for location tracking, and promise of a fix,
doesn't satisfy Rep. Jay Inslee (D-Wash.), who still wants a Federal
Trade Commission investigation.
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David Baumer, Julia B. Earp, J.C. Poindexter, Internet Privacy Law: A
Comparison between the United States and the European Union, SSRN
The increasing use of personal information in Internet-based
applications has created privacy concerns worldwide. This has led to
awareness among policy makers in several countries of the desirability
of harmonizing privacy laws. The greatest challenge to privacy
legislation from an international perspective arises because, while
the Internet is virtually borderless, legislative approaches differ
from country to country.
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PSN breach exposes records for millions (roundup), CNET
A week after taking PlayStation Network offline, Sony finally explains
it did so because of security breach that exposed personal information
for potentially more than 75 million of its users.
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ACLU: Michigan cops stealing drivers' phone data, CNET
ACLU claims Michigan State Police have been using handheld devices to
download information from motorists they pull over, even if there's no
evidence of wrongdoing.
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"Who Has Your Back?" In Depth: Which Companies Promise To Tell Users
About Government Data Requests?, EFF
EFF recently launched a campaign calling on companies to stand with
their users when the government comes looking for data. (If you
haven't done so, sign our petition urging companies to provide better
transparency and privacy.) This article will provide a more detailed
look at one of the four categories in which a company can earn a gold
star in our campaign: promising to tell users about government data
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FBI vs. Coreflood Botnet: Round 1 Goes to the Feds, Wired
The FBI's unprecedented effort to behead the Coreflood botnet --
comprised of millions of hacked Windows machines -- appears to be
working, at least for now. The bureau has tracked a dramatic decline
in the number of pings from the botnet since the takedown operation
began earlier this month.
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Court Says CAN-SPAM Plaintiff Can't Take Second Bite at the Apple --
Melaleuca v. Hansen, Tech & Marketing Law
Melaleuca v Hansen, 10-cv-00553 (D. Idaho; Apr. 15, 2011) This is a
case where Melaleuca -...
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Opening Comments from the USF Workshop, Wireless Cowboys
Here is a copy of the opening comments that I submitted for the panel
that I participated in this morning. Enjoy! First of all, I'd like
to thank the FCC for inviting the fixed wireless service providers
industry to present at this panel. On behalf of my over 2000
wireless ISP (WISP) colleagues, we thank you [
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