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"A popular government, without popular information, or the mean of
acquiring it, is but a prologue to a farce or a tragedy; or perhaps
both. Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean
to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which
knowledge gives."—James Madison

USTelecom Urges FCC to Create New Low-Income Broadband Adoption Plan, USTelecom
The Federal Communications Commission should design a program that can
accurately evaluate a range of approaches for encouraging broadband
adoption among low-income households, USTelecom said in comments filed
with the commission Feb. 23.
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New 4G network could cause widespread GPS dead zones, PHYORG
If a plan to build new 4G mobile phone base stations in the US goes
ahead, engineers say GPS satellite navigation systems will be
seriously jammed and huge areas of the country will become GPS dead
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Fast 4G or super accurate GPS – Pick one, you can't have both, intomobile
We all salivate when we hear that networks are rolling out super fast
4G networks – I'm still holding out upgrading my Verizon phone until I
can get one with 4G LTE like the Droid Bionic – but could these 4G
networks be hurting the accuracy of the GPS chips in the smartphones?
A new report suggests that at least one new 4G network may have to
deal with GPS dead zones
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North Carolina Votes Today To Cripple Community Broadband - AT&T And
Company Try Once Again To Speed Bill Through, dslreports
As we've been discussing, incumbent ISPs in North Carolina (AT&T, Time
Warner Cable and CenturyLink) have tried repeatedly to get lawmakers
to pass laws banning and/or crippling community efforts to wire
themselves with fiber -- despite the fact nobody else will. Such bans
were passed in more than a dozen states before public scrutiny over
the practice slowed such lobbying efforts.
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Net Neutrality Is Dead. This Is Just The Twitching - We're Now
Fighting Over Rules That Don't Do Anything Anyway, dslreports
CNET takes a look at the various ways Republicans are trying to kill
the FCC's new neutrality rules, from a joint "Resolution of
Disapproval" aimed at nullifying FCC rule-making, to an amendment
tucked into a spending bill last week designed to eliminate FCC
funding for rule enforcement. It has been interesting to see many
Republican (and some Democrat) lawmakers
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Net Neutrality Drama Continues – And What About (President) Obama?, TLF
Following up on my Congressional testimony last week, I've written two
articles on how the House and Senate are moving forward with plans to
undo the FCC's December 23,2010 "Open Internet" order, aka net
neutrality. For my inaugural post for Forbes, I write about the
experience of being a witness before the House Judiciary
Committee'sSubcommittee on Intellectual Property, Competition and the
Internet, and provide some background on how the FCC found
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Middle East Internet Scorecard (February 12 – 20), Arbor Network
The success of the Tunisian and Egyptian protest movements inspired
demonstrations throughout the Middle East last week, including
large-scale social media coordinated protests in Libya, Iran, Bahrain,
Algeria, Jordan and Yemen. In several of countries, governments
responded to the calls for reform with arrests and violent suppression
of public demonstrations. Increasingly, several Middle Eastern
governments also may be disrupting phone and Internet communication to
contain the spread of unrest
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Faster Forward: Libya shutdown raises questions about, security
of foreign domains, WAPO
A secondary story has come out of the events in Libya, affecting users
in a way few people have ever thought about. The top-level domain .ly,
used by the popular URL-shortening site and others, is the TLD
of Libya. As Libya has intermittently shut down its Internet access in
a curfew-like ...
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Pakistan: Facebook And Fundamentalism, Global Voices
Feisal Naqvi at Monsoon Frog writes how Fundamentalism is faring at
the age of Facebook
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Once Again, As The MPAA Whines About 'Piracy,' It Had Record Results
At The Box Office, Techdirt
There were reports late last year that the box office take for the
movie industry was finally set to decline after years of records. It
appeared that there just weren't that many big blockbuster hits last
year, that many thought really hurt the industry. However, now that
the numbers are out, it appears that, once again, the box office take
has set a new record. And yet the MPAA still claims that its number
one priority is "fighting piracy"? Why?
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Over 40,000 Does Dismissed In Copyright Troll Cases, EFF
These have been some eventful weeks in the world of copyright
trolling. Thousands of unnamed "John Does" in P2P file sharing
lawsuits filed in California, Washington DC, Texas, and West Virginia
have been severed, effectively dismissing over 40,000 defendants. The
plaintiffs in these cases must now re-file against almost all of the
Does individually rather than suing
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Do Not Track FTC Comment: What It Means, How to Enforce It, and More,
Center for Internet and Society
Last Friday we submitted a comment to the FTC articulating our vision
for Do Not Track. We expanded on a number of views already expressed
on this blog: Do Not Track is about much more than behavioral
advertising, an HTTP header is the right implementation, and Do Not
Track is no threat to ad-supported businesses. Here are the new
highlights. (For a fuller exposition of each, please see our comment.)
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US cybercrime complaints fell 10% in 2010, cw
The U.S. agency that tracks complaints of criminal activity on the
Internet reported Thursday that fewer people complained about Internet
fraud in 2010 than in the previous year.
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FTC asks court to shut down text spammer, CW
The FTC has asked a judge to shut down an alleged text-messaging spam
operation that sent out 85 text messages per minute at its peak.
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Filtering at the Wisconsin State Capitol, Berkman Center
Monday, pro-union site announced that it was being
blocked on the guest wireless at the Wisconsin Capitol Building.
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