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Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of congress;
but I repeat myself. – Mark Twain

The Grand Slam of Wrong, AT&T
So, yesterday afternoon, Level 3 filed a three-page, single spaced
letter to FCC Chairman Genachowski explaining to him that he didn't
really mean that the Comcast/Level 3 dispute is not covered by the
FCC's recently announced net neutrality rules and the press got it
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RCN Sorry About Your House Exploding But Wants Their Money - Allentown
Family Gets Press To Step In And Help, dslreports
Now RCN is taking heat for similar behavior in Allentown, demanding
$170 for burned cable boxes lost by a family whose block exploded due
to a gas line break. Despite several attempts, the local support rep
stuck to a script and wouldn't budge, so the family got the press (and
the Mayor) involved. As with many other stories of this kind, once the
press got involved
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US Air Force raises concerns over LightSquared's LTE network messing
with GPS, Engadget
Following a navigation system's instructions without driving into a
ravine is hard enough as it is -- can you even imagine how hard it'd
be if you kept losing GPS reception every time you drove within range
of an LTE tower? There have been a few anecdotal concerns raised over
the last several weeks thatLightSquared's proposed LTE network
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The National Broadband Map, FCC
The National Broadband Map is an unprecedented project created by
NTIA, in collaboration with the FCC, and in partnership with each
state, territory and the District of Columbia. We created the map at
the direction of Congress, which recognized that economic
opportunities are driven by access to 21st Century infrastructure.
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Florida Court Fixes Erroneous 47 USC 230 Ruling--Giordano v. Romeo,
Tech & Marketing Law
Giordano v. Romeo, 09-68539 CA 25 (Fla. Cir. Ct. Feb. 18, 2011) I
previously blogged about this...
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Congress zeroes in on FCC's Net neutrality rules, CNET
Recent hearings on the FCC's controversial Net neutrality rules has
led to considerable Congressional action aimed at undoing them.
Whether these efforts succeed, the new Congress is clearly showing
itself to be deeply partisan.
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House passes defunding of Net neutrality rules, CW
The U.S. House of Representatives has passed an amendment to its
annual government funding bill that would prohibit the Federal
Communications Commission from using any funds to implement the Net
neutrality rules it approved last year.
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Republicans Move To Gut FCC Neutrality Funds - Because Killing Open
Internet Rules...Protects An Open Internet?, dslreports
On the heels of a rather redundant and unproductive hearing this week
on network neutrality that covered little new ground, The House of
Representatives voted on Thursday to add a new amendment to the House
spending bill that would prohibit the FCC from using funds to
implement their new network neutrality rules. To actually become law
the proposal would need to
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Pt II: EFF Evaluates the FCC's Net Neutrality Rules in its "Report and
Order", EFF
In Part I of this post, we looked at the FCC's stated basis for its
authority to regulate the Internet in its Report and Order, issued in
late December 2010.
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In Which We Learn Whether a Sour Relationship Constitutes a Breach of
Contract or a Violation of the AntiCybersquatting Consumer Protect
Act, Cybertelecom
Let's pretend the unimaginable: an individual who has hired a
contractor and the contractor come to a dispute. Anyone who has had
their house remodeled knows the pain of this predicament. In order to
resolve the conflict, usually (a) the individual withholds final
payment until satisfactory delivery or (b) the contractor withholds
delivery until satisfactory payment. Regardless of the good or
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The potential impact on Middle East enterprises that are not IPv6
ready is immense, IPv6 Act Now
When the Internet was created in the 1970s, no-one would have imagined
just how ubiquitous its use would be. Today, nearly every man, woman
and child 'connects' on a daily basis and even humble domestic devices
such as refrigerators and cookers can be connected to the Internet to
aid daily life. In 2010, Gartner1 predicted that 1.6 billion
smartphones alone will
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Ukraine could be seriously hit by switch to new Internet address
system - Kyiv Post, Kyiv Post
The forthcoming global switch to a new system of Internet address
assignment, the so-called IPv6 (Internet protocol version 6) threatens
to cause Ukrainian Internet providers serious problems, the Director
of the Ukrainian Traffic Exchange Network UA-IX, Serhiy Polischuk,
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Comcast to Participate in World IPv6 Day, COMCAST
Comcast recently announced plans to participate in World IPv6 Day
which is being organized by the Internet Society (ISOC). World IPv6
Day and the preparations leading up to the same are important to
further the deployment of IPv6. Comcast is looking forward to
participating in World IPv6 Day and will leverage ongoing trials to
further test the company's IPv6-enabled infrastructure
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FTC looking into Apple's in-app purchasing policy, CNET
The FTC chairman is reportedly looking at how in-app purchases in
kids' apps can cause parents to have to pay huge sums. The agency will
review how Apple is marketing these apps.
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FTC Eyes Apple In-App Purchases By Children, Gigaom
The Federal Trade Commission is reviewing Apple's in-app purchase
system because of concerns about children buying virtual goods and
currency without realizing the actual cost. On Tuesday, FTC Chairman
Jon Leibowitz responded to a call for action by the FTC from Rep. Ed
Markey (D-Mass.), who raised the issue after seeing a report in the
Washington Post about children racking up charges in iOS apps.
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Internet Freedom And U.S. State Department, NPR
Host Michele Norris speaks with Alec Ross, a senior adviser for
innovation to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. They discuss
Internet freedom and why it's a top priority for the State Department.
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Libya's Internet hit with severe disruptions, CNET
Libya's network traffic has fallen by up to 80 percent, with YouTube
being especially hard hit, as the country appears to follow Egypt's
recent example.
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As violence escalates, Libya cuts off the Internet, CW
With violence escalating, Libya is pulling the plug on its Internet connection.
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Libya Internet Shut Down, Huff
Reports emerged late Friday that Libya appears to have shut down its
Internet due to widespread protests, less than a month after Egypt did
the same.
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Link by Link: Egyptians Were Unplugged, and Uncowed, NYT
The Internet blackout in Egypt illustrated the need for an independent
community of technical experts to protect Egyptians' connection to the
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Libyan Disconnect, Renesys
Renesys confirms that the 13 globally routed Libyan network prefixes
were withdrawn at 23:18 GMT (Friday night, 1:18am Saturday local
time), and Libya is off the Internet. One Libyan route originated by
Telecom Italia
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DHS Domain Seizures Get Ridiculous, COICA Returns - DHS ICE office
'Accidentally' Shuts Down 84,000 Websites, dslreports
This week the Department Of Homeland Security's ICE office began
seizing additional domain names in their copyright, counterfeit goods
and child porn initiative that we've been covering for several weeks.
The effort has been a rather Keystone-cops-esque affair and rife with
serious problems, most notably including the seizure of legitimate
foreign business domainsthat weren't engaged in illegal activity. This
week things were taken to an entirely new level with the news that the
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DHS Admits They Accidentally Took 84,000 Sites Offline - Though They
Don't Explain Why, Or Why They Ignore Due Process, dslreports
Techdirt directs our attention to the fact that the Department Of
Homeland Security has finally admitted to accidentally taking 84,000
websites offline after previously refusing to talk about the error
whatsoever. The rather-large governmental goof occurred recently when
the DHS ICE department shuttered the domain of free DNS provider as part of the DHS's
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Wildman analyzes the economic impact of innovation in media
distribution at M{2e} event, Annenberg
"The system we have now is irrelevant to the media of the future,"
Michigan State University professor Steven S. Wildman said as he
argued that economic forces are eliminating Hollywood's ability to
control the distribution of content.
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Amazon streams free movies to Prime members, CNET
The online retailer will comp Prime members video-streaming access to
5,000 movies. This is just one of the ways Amazon can challenge
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Amazon Debuts Free Video Streaming For Prime Members, Huff
The Internet video market is heating up: Amazon has just announced
that it will be offering a new Prime Instant Video service that will
allow Amazon Prime members to stream movies for free.
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Amazon aims at Netflix, rolls out streaming video, Globe and Mail
Online retailer offers streaming service to U.S. premium customers at no cost
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Why Google Stopped Collecting Last 4-Digits of Kids' Social Security
Numbers, Huff
As Huffington Post blogger Bob Bowdon reported on Monday, Google was
asking parents to provide the last four digits of their children's
social security number on the entry form for its annual
"Doodle-4-Google" contest. The form also called for the child's full
name, date and place of birth and grade level. Bowdon commented that
"children's social security numbers shouldn't be required for an art
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Amid unrest, a hard new look at online anonymity, CNET
One nonprofit is urging Facebook to let activists operate anonymously
on the social network, saying they're put at risk by policy that only
real identities may be used.
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Internet 'kill switch' bill gets a makeover, CNET
Senate "cyberemergency" bill returns, with critics saying tweaks still
don't safeguard civil liberties and could lead to Internet takeover.
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Feds Appeal Warrantless-Wiretap Defeat, Wired
The Obama administration is appealing the first -- and likely only --
lawsuit that produced a ruling against the secret National Security
Agency warrantless surveillance program, adopted after the 2001 terror
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Feds seek new ways to bypass encryption, CNET
The Secret Service reports that gleaning Web passwords can help it
crack encrypted files and hard drives, while the Justice Department
says suspects can't be forced to divulge passphrases.
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Patriot Act Extension Lands on Obama's Desk, Wired
The House forwarded legislation to the president Thursday to extend
three controversial Patriot Act spy measures through May. They were
set to expire at month's end.
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