Monday, November 22, 2010

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Federal Internet Law and Policy
"The country's 24-hour, politico, pundit, perpetual, panic
conflictanator did not cause our problems, but its existence makes
solving them that much harder. The press can hold its magnifying glass
up to our problems, bringing them into focus, illuminating issues
heretofore unseen. Or they can use that magnifying glass to light ants
on fire, and then perhaps host a week of shows on the sudden,
unexpected, dangerous flaming ant epidemic. If we amplify everything,
we hear nothing." - John Stewart

Etc: Verizon has bumped its FiOS speeds to 150Mbps down and 35Mbps
up., Ars Technica
Verizon has bumped its FiOS speeds to 150Mbps down and 35Mbps up.;comments=1
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Forwarding Defamatory Email Immunized by 47 USC 230--Mitan v. A.
Neumann, Tech & Marketing Law
Mitan v. A. Neumann & Associates, 3:08-cv-06154-GEB -DEA (D. N.J. Nov.
17, 2010) This is another email...
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Wind Turbine Industries Corp. V. Jacobs Wind Electric Company, Inc.,
Dist. Court, Minnesota 2010, Fed Ct
Motion for Sum Judgment for ACPA claim denied where there is a genuine
issue of material fact concerning badfaith
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The mind-boggling world of IPv6, and why it matters to the future of
the Internet - The Next Web, The Next Web
This month has seen the launch of a new industry group, 6UK which has
been set-up to promote the use of the new Internet Protocol (IP)
version 6 in the UK.
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Mandatory Provision of Abuse Contact Information in WHOIS, Circleid
An industry professional at Abusix is the backbone behind a proposal
to improve and create better mitigation of abuse across different
global internet networks. Basically, this introduces a mandatory
"abuse contact" field for objects in global Whois databases. This
provides a more efficient way for abuse reports to reach the correct
network contact. Personally—as a Postmaster for a leading, white-
label ISP, I applaud this
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Stuxnet 'hit' Iran nuclear plans, BBC
A former UN nuclear inspector says the Stuxnet worm might have
contributed to delays in Iran's nuclear programme.
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Senator Wyden Says He'll Block COICA Censorship Bill, Techdirt
While all 19 Senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to move
forward with the online censorship bill COICA, it's nice to hear that
at least one Senator, Ron Wyden, is speaking out against the bill and
claiming he'll block it.
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Netflix offers $8 streaming-only option, CNET
The company now charges a monthly fee of $7.99 for streaming only,
sans DVDs by mail, and at least $9.99 per month for streaming and DVD-
by-mail service.
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Viacom to Google TV: No MTV for you, WAPO
Viacom said Monday that it has blocked full-length episodes of shows
it runs on the Internet to users of Google TV, becoming the fifth
television programmer to withhold content on the search engine's new
Internet television platform.
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Are Airport Scanners Safe?, NPR
Some airport body scanning machines use X-rays to generate images. How
much radiation is a traveler exposed to? Should frequent fliers opt
for a pat down instead? Radiation expert David Brenner explains the
possible public health concerns of scanning millions of passengers.
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Senior Democrats rebuke TSA over screening rules, CNET
Two committee chairmen ask TSA to "reconsider" new screening
procedures, but the agency refuses, saying they're necessary to detect
"hidden and dangerous items."
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Stand Up Against TSA's Invasive Security Procedures, EFF
The Transportation Security Administration has adopted "enhanced"
security procedures — presenting people with the horrible choice of
either submitting to body scanners that show passengers unclothed or
submit to what are called "groping" pat-down techniques which include
touching both breasts and genitalia. As some have noted these
processes appear to have little likelihood of increasing the safety of
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We Need an Official To Guard Our Privacy, Future of Privacy
Gordon Crovitz is wrong to equate the idea of a senior U.S. privacy
official (as he provocatively put it, a "privacy czar to regulate the
Internet") with the proposal in the European Union of a "right to
be forgotten." ("Forget Any 'Right to Be Forgotten,'"
Information Age, Nov. 15). It is precisely because of international
proposals that may impact U.S. principles that the U.S. needs a senior
governmental official to participate in
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FCC Google "Spy-Fi" Investigation To Establish Network Neutrality
Authority? Thanks Scott!, Tales from the Sausage Factory
Scott Cleland is mad at Google. This is not much of a surprise. Scott
Cleland spends much of his time mad at Google and wishing terrible
things would happen to them. This time, Cleland wants the FCC to
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Rey Abisan said...

Google has been working hard to bring the web experience to your HDTV, but it hasn’t been an easy road thus far. Viacom has just been added to the growing list of networks that are blocking access to Google TV. So far the only networks that allow streaming content to be viewable on Google TV are TBS and Time Warner.

With popular networks like Comedy Central, MTV, Disney and CBS already out of the picture, your choices for streaming content from your Google TV are not looking good at all. Google TV is just in it’s infancy, so this is a sad situation.

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