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11.12.10 :: Washington Has Its Head Up Its Rear End :: Cybersquatting Bad! :: But Google Maps Said We Could Invade :: Carriage ::

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Secure a PC, Website From Firesheep Session Hijacking, CW
A couple of weeks ago, a tricky new Firefox plug-in called Firesheep
made hijacking someone's Web browsing session point-and-click simple.
You should take extra precautions to ensure that nobody hacks into
your online accounts when you surf on public Wi-Fi networks.
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Ad Networks Can't Get 47 USC 230 Defense on Motion to Dismiss--Swift
v. Zynga, Tech Marketing Law
Swift v. Zynga Game Network, Inc., 2010 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 117355 (N.D.
Cal. Nov. 3, 2010). Wendy...
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The "Neutrality" of Things, GC
In an article titled, 'Will Netflix Doom Net Neutrality?' a very
interesting argument is being made - along the lines of "to stay
neutral or not". It's not an easy topic to find oneself solidly on
one side or the other as both arguments have merit, At the same time,
it's a highly volitile subject. One that can make peace-loving geeks
turn rabid and start throwing their office chairs.
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Sorry, Net Neutrality Simply Was Not An Important Issue In This Year's
Election, Techdirt
This one is just amusing. Scott Cleland, who works for the big
broadband companies as a professional propagandist, and has a long
history of making absolutely ridiculous claims in order to support
their positions, apparently got a bit of traction from the
non-thinking press, after he started pushing the message that all of
the Democrats who signed a "pledge" to support
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Did You Know This Election Turned On Network Neutrality? Why
Washington Has Its Head Up Its Rear End., Tales from the Sausage
Apparently, the election results last Tuesday were a "national
referendum" on network neutrality. I'm not sure how I missed this, but
the constant repetition of this idea in the blogosphere and on Twitter
has now utterly convinced me and everyone…
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US Broadband Speed Jumps to 16th Worldwide, bandwidth reports
The US has improved its broadband speed rankings from 22nd to 16th
worldwide, according to an Akamai broadband survey. Delaware enjoys
the fastest connections in the US, and California continues to
dominate the top US cities for fast broadband. We also show the
slowest countries and US states.
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Cowboys fire coach, forget to renew Web domain, CNET
When the Dallas Cowboys fired their coach, Wade Phillips, was full of no news at all. The team had forgotten
to renew the domain name and site showed a picture of two kids playing
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Cybersquatting Bad!, Cybertelecom
This is the first of a series of posts on the Anti-Cybersquatting
Consumer Protection Act (ACPA). This first post reviews the ACPA's
legislative history.On-line extortion in any form is unacceptable and
outrageous. Whether it's people extorting companies by registering
company names, misdirecting Internet users to inappropriate sites, or
otherwise attempting to damage a trademark that a
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Surprising Cybersquatting Domain Name Dispute in the Ninth Circuit,
Infl Law Group
A panel of the Ninth Circuit last week released an opinion in DSPT
Int'l, Inc. v. Nahum, 2010 WL 4227883, (CV-06-00308-ODW)(Oct. 27,
2010), opinion here, that's worth a brief review for its various
holdings in a "cybersquatting" trademark and domain name dispute.
What's interesting about this case? For starters the result the Court
reached under the
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Vint Cerf urges ISPs to deploy IPv6 - Inquirer, Inquirer
INTERNET PIONEER Vinton Cerf raised the spectre of Internet islands in
urging businesses to move towards IP version 6 (IPv6).
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AfriNIC gets 105/8, IPv4 Depletion
Today AfriNIC got the 105/8 block allocated from IANA. This is
surprisingly early, I was expecting AfriNIC to request more space in
April of next year. This is moving the IANA depletion date much
earlier (February of next year instead of April).
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FCC looks at Google's Street View data grab, Globe and Mail
Google faces multiple probes over Street View cars while U.S.
government prepares plans to address Internet privacy
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Troops Move To Latin American Border. Google Maps Cited As The Reason., NPR
Nicaraguan troops have landed on an Island that Costa Rica claims as
its territory. A long disputed area, Nicaraguan forces point to Google
Maps saying it is their land. Google says, oops, our bad.
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Photographer Sues State Of Texas For Using Image From His Photograph
On Auto Inspection Stickers, Techdirt
Jon Snow points us to the story of a photographer who discovered that
a photograph he took of a cowboy hoisting a saddle is being used as
the background image on approximately 4.5 million inspection stickers
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Court Blocks Furniture Seller From Sending More DMCA Takedowns To eBay
Over Competitor's Furniture, Techdirt
It's no secret that the DMCA can be used as a form of censorship and
anti-competitive practices. Thankfully, at least some judges are
catching on. Evan Brown has the story of how Zen Path, a company that
sells furniture online, had been sending DMCA takedowns to eBay, after
noticing competitor Design Furnishings selling very similar wicker
furniture on eBay. I
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Did Jammie Thomas case backfire on file sharers?, CNET
Jammie Thomas-Rasset was supposed to become the Joan of Arc of file
sharing. Instead, copyright owners appear to be the ones benefiting
most from her legal challenge.
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Internet TV battles come to a head at FCC, WAPO
Changes in the television marketplace have been fast and furious in
recent months, and soon more tumult may come by way of the Federal
Communications Commission.
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Fox now blocking Google TV, Lost Remote
Fox has joined ABC, CBS and NBC in blocking Google TV viewers from
watching video, reports Google TV allows you to punch up a
web browser on your TV set, but when you visit and click to
watch a clip, a message says, "This content is not compatible with
your device." When we visited a few days ago, it gave a
similar error message (right).
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Cable Subscribers Flee, But Is Internet To Blame?, NPR
TV subscribers are ditching their cable companies at an ever faster
rate in the past few months. It could be a sign that Internet services
such as Netflix and Hulu are finally starting to entice people to
cancel cable, though company executives cite the weak economy.
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Carriage, Crawford
As I left a hotel recently, I walked towards the first cab on the cab
stand. The driver had a phone to his ear. "I'm on a call," he said.
"Go to the next cab."
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F.C.C. Investigates Google Street View, NYT
Google's acquisition of passwords, e-mails and other personal data
from unsuspecting people may have violated the Communications Act.
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The Role of Internet Services Providers in Botnet Mitigation, OECD
Botnets – networks of computers infected by malware – are critical
security threats. Based on the analysis of 109 billion spam messages,
this report considers whether ISPs can be critical control points for
botnet mitigation, how the number of infected machines varies across
ISPs and why.,3373,en_2649_37441_1_1_1_1_37441,00.html?rssChId=37441#46397080
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Report: Exploring the Digital Nation: Home Broadband Internet Adoption
in the United States, NTIA
A Report Prepared by the Economics and Statistics Administration and
the National Telecommunications and Information Administration in the
U.S. Department of Commerce. The report analyzes data collected
through an Internet Usage Survey of 54,000 households conducted by the
U.S. Census Bureau in October 2009.
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News Release. News Media Contact: Mark Wigfield
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VoIP Providers must now pay USF funds, WISPA
From Phone+ article Nomadic VoIP providers such as Vonage Holdings
Corp. and 8×8 Inc. now must pay into states' Universal Service funds.
Late last week, the FCC ruled that states may require the likes of
Vonage and 8×8 to contribute to their individual USF subsidies from
here on out; the decision was expected. VoIP operators
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Report: Obama Readying 'Stepped-Up' Internet Policing, NPR
The Commerce Department is working on a plan, for release in the next
several weeks, that would call for "new laws and the creation of a new
position to oversee the effort," The Wall Street Journal reports.
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