Friday, September 01, 2006

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Draft Special Publication 800-45A, Guidelines on
Electronic Mail Security, NIST, 9/1/2006
A new version of NIST Special Publication (SP) 800-45,
Guidelines on Electronic Mail Security, is now
available for public comment. The draft document, SP
800-45A, is a revision of the 2002 guideline and
structured similarly, although a good deal of the
material has been rewritten and augmented with new
information. The guide is intended to aid
organizations in the installation, configuration, and
maintenance of secure mail servers and mail clients.
Administrators of electronic mail and other
infrastructure services are encouraged to provide
feedback on all or part of the document. NIST requests
submission of public comments on the draft on or
before October 6, 2006. Comments may be sent to

Draft Special Publication 800-95, Guide to Secure Web
Services, NIST, 9/1/2006
NIST is pleased to announce the public comment release
of draft Special Publication (SP) 800-95, Guide to
Secure Web Services. SP 800-95 provides detailed
information on standards for Web services security.
This document explains the security features of
Extensible Markup Language (XML), Simple Object Access
Protocol (SOAP), the Universal Description, Discovery
and Integration (UDDI) protocol, and related open
standards in the area of Web services. It also
provides specific recommendations to ensure the
security of Web services-based applications. NIST
requests comments on SP 800-95 by October 30, 2006.
Please submit comments to with
"Comments SP800-95" in the subject line.

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