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"The concept is interesting and well-formed, but in
order to earn better than a 'C,' the idea must be
feasible." --A Yale University management professor in
response to Fred Smith's paper proposing reliable
overnight delivery service. (Smith went on to found
Federal Express Corp.)

Colorado high on Wi-Fi, Rocky Mountain News, 9/2/2006
State trails only Rhode Island, Ohio in wireless
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Silicon Valley to Receive Free Wi-Fi, NYT, 9/2/2006
Companies, including I.B.M. and Cisco Systems,
announced plans for a vast network that will be the
largest of a new breed of wireless networks being
built across the country.
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Just When I Think They Can't Get Any More Patheticly
Lame, Tales from the Sausage Factory, 9/2/2006
I cannot lower my expectations enough for the
advertising on the anti-network neutrality
advertising. Behold the latest well reasoned argument
from the cable industry! “Net Neutrality is bad,
because we tell you so.”
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Snowe Puts Brakes on Toll Lanes on Internet, LA
Timves, 9/2/2006
The 59-year-old Republican senator from Maine isn't
among the 170 Capitol Hill lawmakers who occasionally
meet as part of the Congressional Internet Caucus. Her
home state has no major technology company
headquarters. In fact, she cops to not even being
proficient at surfing the Web.,1,2170769.story?track=crosspromo&coll=la-headlines-business&ctrack=1&cset=true
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Republican leader seeks Internet gambling law,
America's Network, 9/2/2006
Aides to Senate Republican leader Bill Frist said he
was still trying to find a way to pass a bill to
outlaw most forms of Internet gambling, but offered no
guarantee that a deal could be struck before lawmakers
recess at the end of September, a Reuters report said.
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AOL—Crashing, BWO, 9/2/2006
The Internet service provider's declining fortunes may
serve as a cautionary tale, but redemption isn't out
of the question
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Apple planning to offer movie download services,
analysts say, America's Network, 9/2/2006
Apple may soon launch a service that allows users to
download feature-length films, boosting its presence
in the digital home, analysts, quoted by a Reuters
report, said.
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Anheiser-Busch to Launch Online Entertainment Network,
IP Democracy, 9/2/2006
Taking the concept of branded entertainment to a new
level, Anheiser-Busch is planning to launch, an
online entertainment network, following the Super Bowl
in early February.
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Fiddling while Rome burned, CNET, 9/2/2006
Attorney Eric J. Sinrod says corporate America needs a
wake up call--in the worst way--about data security.
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Microsoft Confirms New Word Zero-Day Attack, eweek,
Malicious attackers are exploiting a new, undocumented
flaw in Word 2000 to load back-door Trojans on Windows
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First U.S. Felony Spammer Loses Appeal, Internet News,
Two years after conviction, Jeremy Jaynes is finally
on his way to prison.
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Providence unveils wireless network for public safety,
Network World, 9/2/2006
Providence, R.I. city officials Tuesday unveiled a
$2.3 million wireless mesh network that is already
being used by police and fire vehicles for access to
data for public safety.
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Hispanic and black children lag behind in use of
Internet, Star Telegram, 9/2/2006
Many more Anglo children use the Internet than do
Hispanic and black students, a reminder that going
online is hardly a way of life for everyone.
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Digital divide separates students, CNN, 9/2/2006
The digital divide is still too wide when it comes to
kids.Many more white students log onto the Internet
than do black or Hispanic...
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