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"The Internet is a giant international network of intelligent, informed computer enthusiasts, by which I mean, "people without lives." We don't care. We have each other..."

- Dave Barry


Dispute threatens to snarl Internet, Boston Globe, 10/7/2005
Internet connections could be disrupted for millions of people in Europe and North America as the result of a pricing spat between the world's two major service ...
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Finding a solution to the ISP wars, ZDNet, 10/7/2005
A war is raging on between Level 3 communications and Cogent Communications for since Wednesday and no resolution is in sight while customers of both ISPs ...
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Hissy fit brings down large chunk of the net, Inquirer, 10/7/2005
A ROW between two large service providers left large portions of the worldwide wibbly web unable to connect. The spat, between Level ...
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Internet via power lines trial to start in India, Asia Times, 10/7/2005
With most of the technical problems in delivering Internet connectivity over electric power lines addressed, Intel Corporation is planning to start user trials of the technology in India in the next few months.
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Bring on the Third Battle of Manassas, PPF, 10/7/2005
Now, Manassas, nestled in the Virinia countryside a mere stone's throw or two from the Washington Beltway, is the scene of another potentially important skirmish. The Washington Post reports in an "Internet Carried On Power Lines" article that Chantilly, VA-based Communication Technologies, Inc. has completed city-wide installation of a broadband-over-powerline system in Manassas and "will step up marketing to Manassas's 12,500 households."
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Microsoft, Time Warner resume AOL-MSN talks, Reuters, 10/7/2005
Time Warner Inc. and Microsoft Corp. have restarted discussions about forming an alliance of their Internet units, America Online and MSN, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday, citing people familiar with the situation.*
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Two Singaporean bloggers jailed for anti-Muslim remarks, AFP, 10/7/2005
Two ethnic Chinese men became the first bloggers in multi-racial Singapore to be punished under the city-state's tough anti-sedition legislation for posting anti-Muslim remarks on the Internet.*
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Yahoo as a Media Slayer, PPF, 10/7/2005
In past years, when debating media issues and media power at various events, a lot of critics use to laugh or scoff at me whenever I suggested that new media operators like Google and Yahoo were forces to be watched since they really could start to eat into the power of traditional media companies.
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Court rules in favour of anonymous blogger, Globle and mail, 10/7/2005
Internet service provider doesn't have to disclose identity of blogger who targeted local elected official, U.S. court says
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Further Thoughts on the Delaware Ruling Protecting Anonymous Bloggers, EFF, 10/7/2005
It's important that in yesterday's Doe v. Cahill decision, yet another court has ruled that the Constitution requires that plaintiffs meet a standard showing they have a case before unmasking an anonymous online speaker.
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Feds Point Finger at US Spyware Operation, ECT, 10/7/2005
The U.S. Federal Trade Commission took action against spyware this week by asking a U.S. District Court Judge to halt an operation that allegedly plagued users who clicked for free file-sharing software with performance-slowing, private-information-gathering software that also altered search results for victims. The FTC said Odysseus Marketing and principal Walter Rines lured consumers to its free software, billed with statements such as, "Download Music Without Fear" and "Don't Let the Record Companies Win."
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FTC Testifies on Spyware, FTC, 10/7/2005
Serious and Growing Problem is Causing Harm to Consumers and the Internet, Agency Says
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The Robust Yet Fragile Nature of the Internet, ITU, 10/7/2005
The paper concludes that the Internet is not as vulnerable to specific attacks on major hubs as is often claimed.
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Phishers Plant Fake Google Toolbar, Internet Week, 10/7/2005
Phishers are flooding IM and IRC with messages that lead to a download of a bogus Google toolbar.
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China purges spam SMS, Register, 10/7/2005
'Hidden dirt' for the off
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United States Cell Phone Network Vulnerable To Attack, Information Week, 10/7/2005
Attackers could exploit weaknesses in text messaging to crash voice and data service on an entire cell phone network, resarchers say.
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Congress skeptical of FCC's Katrina proposal for schools and, WXXA, 10/7/2005
Some lawmakers are concerned that a federal plan to help Gulf Coast schools and libraries reconnect to the Internet could shortchange poor kids at schools elsewhere.
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Clearwire decides what traffic types are acceptable,, 10/7/2005
I'm tracking down Ray Gifford's blogged statement that Clearwire has explicitly declared its "right" to block third-party applications like Vonage. Indeed, even after Madison River, Clearwire apparently did actually block Vonage VOIP calls for a time, according to
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PODCAST: The hardcore offline, NPR, 10/7/2005
New research from the Pew Internet and American Life Project finds that about one in five Americans don't use the Internet. Pew researcher Susannah Fox calls this group the "hardcore offline."


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