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Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great. – Mark Twain

Netflix ISP Speed Index, Netflix :: Keyword: [Broadband] More than 33 million global members view over 1 billion hours of TV shows and movies streaming from Netflix per month. We use the data associated with the streaming experience to compare ISPs and give you monthly insight into which ISPs deliver the best Netflix experience.

Broadband’s Leverage in the U.S. Economy, USTelecom :: Keyword: [Broadband] no description

WISPA Requests The FCC To Prevent High-Power Network Operator From Using Unlicensed Spectrum, WISPA :: Keyword: [Wifi] Fear that interference may jeopardize network operators, unlicensed devices, consumers and businesses

Regulators back T-Mobile USA’s Metro deal, FT :: Keyword: [Wireless] Justice department said its antitrust division had decided the combination was ‘unlikely to harm consumers or substantially lessen competition’

Digital Literacy: New Literacy?, Forbes :: Keyword: [Literacy] Access to information, and changing norms around opportunity are altering the landscape of education. Concurrently, the old paradigm of earning a degree to sufficiently signal qualification –in perpetuity– is changing.

BITAG Announces Next Technical Topic on Congestion Management, BITAG :: Keyword: [Neutral] Today, the Broadband Internet Technical Advisory Group (BITAG) announced its next technical review, focused on the topic of real-time Internet network traffic management practices used by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) for purposes of congestion management. The review and subsequent report will address those traffic management practices based on subscriber behavior and/or type of application being used.

ANNOUNCEMENT OF DATE OF MEETING OF THE OPEN INTERNET ADVISORY COMMITTEE., FCC :: Keyword: [Neutral] The next meeting of the Committee will take place on May 7, 2013, starting at 9:30 A.M. (CST) in Room 107 at the Searle Center on Law, Regulation, and Economic Growth, Northwestern University School of Law, Wieboldt Hall, 340 E. Superior Street, Chicago, IL 60611.

A Connection for All Ages: Enabling the Benefits of High-Speed Internet Access for Older Adults, AARP :: Keyword: [Data] Recent surveys show that many older adults do not have a high-speed Internet connection at home. This is a problem in today’s digital world because high-speed connectivity enables a new generation of applications and services that promise vast opportunities and benefits.

TAIKWOK YUNG v. Trump, Dist. Court, ED New York 2013, Fed Court :: Keyword: [ACPA] Defendant ACPA Counterclaim granted where "Plaintiff is a self-described "domainer,"" registered trumpabudhabi.com, trumpbeijing.com, trumpindia.com and trumpmumbai.com

Who Runs the Internet? ICANN Attempts to Clarify the Answer With This Map, CircleID :: Keyword: [ICANN] ICANN has released a "living" graphic aimed to provide a high-level view of how the internet is run attuned for those less familiar with the inner workings of the internet infrastructure ecosystem. Quoting from the document:

New Domain Names Herald Latest Land Grab, Forbes :: Keyword: [ICANN] Over the weekend, I read with some interest about how the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is entertaining applications by individual corporations to control new top-level domain names.

FTC Staff Revises Online Advertising Disclosure Guidelines, FTC :: Keyword: [Advertising] "Dot Com Disclosures" Guidance Updated to Address Current Online and Mobile Advertising Environment

Libraries in the digital age, Pew :: Keyword: [Education] Research analyst Kathryn Zickuhr will discuss libraries in the digital age at the edUi 2013 plenary.

AT&T is Not Invincible, PK :: Keyword: [AT&T] The ill-considered bill in Georgia that would have prevented local communities from investing in their own broadband networks was defeated last night, and this is great news.

Google Transparency Report Highlights Just How Much We Don't Know About National Security Letters, EFF :: Keyword: [Google] In an unprecedented win for transparency, yesterday Google began publishing generalized information about the number of National Security Letters that the company received in the past year as well as the total number of user accounts affected by those requests. Of all the dangerous government surveillance powers that were expanded by the USA

Google Will Pay $7 Million To Settle Street View Data Capturing Case, NPR :: Keyword: [Google] Google also agreed to delete the private data its vehicles collected while photographing streets. Google has faced similar issues in Europe, where the U.K. decided it had broken the law.

Europe Hits Microsoft With $731 Million Fine Over Browser Options, NPR :: Keyword: [Microsoft] Microsoft blames the fine on sloppy coding in a service pack update that blocked a feature to offer users the choice of a competitor's Internet browser.

Congressional Internet Caucus Meets on Copyright and Piracy, CSPAM :: Keyword: [Copyright] The Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee held a meeting on Internet piracy and copyrights, to discuss the alerts that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will soon be sending to users whose accounts have been used to download copyrighted material.

Why It's Suddenly Illegal to "Unlock" Your New Cell Phone, Commlawblog :: Keyword: [DMCA] White House, FCC gang up on Librarian of Congress, seek reversal of recent rule.

Fifteen Years of DMCA Abuse, EFF :: Keyword: [DMCA] Fifteen years after Congress passed the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and just as legislators and the public are debating the law's dangerous impact on consumers who want to unlock their cell phones, the evidence of much broader negative effects continues to mount. In its latest update to the comprehensive white paper,

Unauthorised TV live streaming breaches copyright, rules European court, Guardian :: Keyword: [Video] TVCatchup defiant despite judgment stating that sites showing live television in the UK must get rights clearance from broadcasters

Who will replace Julius Genachowski as FCC chair?, WAPO :: Keyword: [FCC] List: Tom Wheeler, Karen Kornbluh, Larry Strickling

Strahilevitz, Lior, Toward a Positive Theory of Privacy Law (March 7, 2013). Harvard Law Review, Vol. 113, No. 1, 2013, SSRN :: Keyword: [Privacy] Privacy law creates winners and losers. The distributive implications of privacy rules are often very significant, but they are also subtle. Policy and academic debates over privacy rules tend to de-emphasize their distributive dimensions, and one result is an impoverished descriptive account of why privacy laws look the way they do.

Are Teens Really Over Facebook?, Sysomos :: Keyword: [Social Networks] Social media was once the ultimate digital playground for teens all over the world, but have the times changed?

Spy Chief Says Little Danger of Cyber ‘Pearl Harbor’ in Next Two Years, Wired :: Keyword: [Security] Contrary to much of the fear-mongering that has been spreading through the nation's capital on cybersecurity matters lately, the director of national intelligence bucked that trend on Tuesday when he told a senate committee that there was little chance of ...

Attorney general defends handling of Aaron Swartz case, CW :: Keyword: [CFAA] U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder defended the role of the prosecution in the case of the late Internet activist and innovator Aaron Swartz, stating that "there was never an intention for him to go to jail for longer than a three, four, potentially five-month range."

Aaron Swartz Remembered As Technology Activist At SXSW, Forbes :: Keyword: [Crime] Tech luminaries and legal experts remembered Aaron Swartz as a technology and political activist at the South By Southwest conference Friday and called for changes in the legal system that prosecuted him.

Virginia ISP Sues Everybody After Being Forced to Compete - Lost Exclusivity Deal Due to Awful Service, Sues Entire County, dslreports :: Keyword: [VA] Back in 2007 you might recall that there were a lot of complaints about OpenBand, a provider of broadband to housing developments in Loudoun County, Virginia. With help from a local developer, OpenBand apparently convinced a lot of communities to sign exclusive franchise agreements that ran for between 25 to 75 years. While users in these

Pew: Latinos Continue to Bridge Digital Divide, USTelecom :: Keyword: [Digital Divide] Latinos continue to bridge the digital divide with whites, according to a new study by th

FCC ANNOUNCES E-RATE INFLATION-BASED CAP FOR FUNDING YEAR 2013, FCC :: Keyword: [Erate] the E-rate program funding cap for funding year 2013 is $2,380,314,485

Availability of Numbers And the IP Transition, AT&T :: Keyword: [Numbers] FCC Commissioner Pai confirmed last week during his terrific speech at the Hudson Institute that Chairman Genachowski has circulated a draft order which would initiate a geographically limited trial gradually permitting VoIP providers to get direct access to telephone numbers without having to go through a local exchange carrier. This is a great development on a number of fronts.


An Address by FCC Commissioner Ajit V. Pai: Two Paths to the Internet Protocol Transition, Hudson Institute, Youtube :: Keyword: [PSTN] America's telecommunications infrastructure relies on many technologies, from analog voice communications over circuit switches to packets of information carried by internet protocol. One day, all communications will likely be carried by internet protocol. The issues are: when the transition will occur, and what the legal framework for telecommunications will be during that transition.


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