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Bringing Broadband to Rural South Dakota, NTIA :: Keyword: [Broadband] To understand how rural South Dakota is, consider this: The state ranks 17th in the nation in terms of geographic size, but 46th in population - with fewer than 820,000 people, according to the 2010 Census. In some parts of South Dakota, the distance between farmsteads can be six miles. Cattle outnumber people four to one.

Susan Crawford: Why U.S. Internet Is Still Slow, Vimeo :: Keyword: [Broadband] Susan Crawford, former special assistant to President Obama for science, technology and innovation, and author of Captive Audience: The Telecom Industry and Monopoly Power in the New Gilded Age, joins Bill to discuss how our government has

Verizon FiOS Over-Delivers in FCC’s Latest Broadband Speed Report, Verizon :: Keyword: [706] They say good things come in threes. In our case, today marks the third time that FiOS has topped the charts in the FCC’s “Measuring Broadband America” report. Once again, FiOS Internet speed tiers are showing that they consistently deliver – and often exceed – the advertised speed (even during peak usage hours). Also, for the first time, the FCC

FCC Report Reveals Broadband Growth and Development, NCTA :: Keyword: [706] The FCC today released their annual “Measuring Broadband America” report which tests consumer broadband performance in the U.S. The report’s findings un

FCC Report: Frontier Improves Service by 13 Percent, Broadband Illinois :: Keyword: [706] Broadband internet service provided by Frontier Communications Corporation has improved 13 percent since April, according to a report released this month by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

FCC Broadband Performance Report Shows Improvement But Misses Big Picture, Forbes :: Keyword: [706] The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) just released their third "Measuring Broadband America" report: "2013 Measuring Broadband America?February Report" which found:

How Broadband Speeds Are Measured - A Teachable Moment, Verizon :: Keyword: [706] Three weeks ago, Akamai released their State of the Internet report with findings from Q3 of 2012. The quarterly report typically includes a list of average speed measurements for different countries around the world. Some commentators have suggested that these figures indicate serious competitive problems with the U. S. broadband marketplace, but

AT&T Statement on FCC’s 5 GHz Band Plan and Unlicensed Spectrum, AT&T :: Keyword: [Wifi] “Clearing and auctioning spectrum below 3 GHz for exclusive, licensed use must remain a priority for the U.S. Government as we continue to seek ways to address the growing spectrum crunch and the ever growing demand for mobile broadband services. However, free

Free Public WIFI and Externalities, Wireless Cowboys :: Keyword: [Wifi] I have been digesting the discussions about open wifi access points and the recent Free Public Wifi debates that came up after Cecilia Kang’s Washington Post article and I think I finally came up with a good way to express my grave concerns with the idea. The continued use of inexpensive fossil fuels leads to

NTIA Administrator Strickling Issues Statement Following FCC Adoption of Proposed Rules for Broadband Unlicensed Devices in the 5 GHz Band, NTIA :: Keyword: [Wifi] Following on NTIA's January 2013 report evaluating the potential use of up to 195 megahertz of additional spectrum in the 5 GHz band by unlicensed devices, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) today proposed making the spectrum in the 5350-5470 MHz and 5850-5925 MHz bands available for such use.

Connect2Compete and HUD Team Up to Expand Digital Literacy Across the US, FCC :: Keyword: [Literacy] Although broadband adoption has increased in recent years, one-third of the country is still without home access. With nearly 80-percent of teachers assigning Internet-based homework, a high-speed connection to complete school assignments is a necessity, not an option. We need to ensure that all Americans can easily access broadband internet in their homes. The gap between families that have home access and those that are beholden to free access points must be closed.

U.S. Consumer Online Travel Spending Surpasses $100 Billion for First Time in 2012, Comscore :: Keyword: [Ecom] Full Year and Q4 2012 U.S. travel e-commerce sales estimates. For the full 2012 year, U.S. travel e-commerce sales reached $103 billion, an increase of 9 percent versus the prior year. Air Travel accounted for nearly two-thirds of all travel spending while growing 10 percent vs. year ago.

How It Feels [through Glass] , Youtube :: Keyword: [Google] Want to see how Glass actually feels? It's surprisingly simple. Say "take a picture" to take a picture. Record what you see, hands free. Even share what you see, live.

comScore Releases January 2013 U.S. Search Engine Rankings, Comscore :: Keyword: [Search] monthly comScore qSearch analysis of the U.S. search marketplace. Google Sites led the explicit core search market in January with 67 percent of search queries conducted, followed by Microsoft Sites with 16.5 percent.

China, MTV and Burger King: this week in cyber attacks, Guardian :: Keyword: [China] Anonymous and the Chinese government have been blamed for cybersecurity breaches – here's a guide to this week in hacks

Report ties cyberattacks on U.S. computers to Chinese military, WAPO :: Keyword: [China] A U.S. security firm has linked China’s military to cyberattacks on more than 140 U.S. and other foreign corporations and entities, according to a report released Tuesday.

China condemns US hacking report, BBC :: Keyword: [China] China's military says a report linking it to prolific hacking of US targets is flawed, as the US says it has repeatedly raised concerns about cyber theft with Beijing.

CISPA, the Privacy-Invading Cybersecurity Spying Bill, is Back in Congress, EFF :: Keyword: [CISPA] It's official: The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act was reintroduced in the House of Representatives yesterday. CISPA is the contentious bill civil liberties advocates fought last year, which would provide a poorly-defined "cybersecurity" exception to existing privacy law. CISPA offers broad immunities to companies who choose to share data

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Bill Will Be Priority This Congress, Commerce Committee :: Keyword: [Security] the following statement on the introduction of S. 21, the Cybersecurity and American Cyber Competitiveness Act of 2013.

Subcommittee on Technology and Subcommittee on Research Joint Hearing - Cyber R&D Challenges and Solutions, House Committee Science :: Keyword: [Security] Cyber R&D Challenges and Solutions

Adam Theirer, Technopanics, Threat Inflation, and the Danger of an Information Technology Precautionary Principle, Minn J Sci Tech :: Keyword: [Security] Fear is an extremely powerful motivational force. In public policy debates, appeals to fear are often used in an attempt to sway opinion or bolster the case for action. Such appeals are used to convince citizens that threats to individual or social well-being may be avoided only if specific steps are taken. Often these steps

An update on our war against account hijackers, Google :: Keyword: [Security] Have you ever gotten a plea to wire money to a friend stranded at an international airport? An oddly written message from someone you haven’t heard from in ages? Compared to five years ago, more scams, illegal, fraudulent or spammy messages today come from someone you know. Although spam filters have become very powerful—in Gmail, less than

A friendly reminder about password security, Twitter :: Keyword: [Security] Over the past couple of days, there's been a fair amount of conversation about account security on Twitter. We thought we'd take advantage of this moment to remind you of best practices around passwords – both on Twitter and on the Internet generally.

Burger King, Jeep hacks raise doubts about Twitter security, Globe :: Keyword: [Security] The account hacks present a nightmare-come-true for social media management teams

White House Must Respond to Petition Seeking Swartz Prosecutor’s Firing, Wired :: Keyword: [Crime] A petition demanding the President Barack Obama administration remove the Aaron Swartz prosecutor in the aftermath of the internet activist's suicide has surpassed 25,000 signatures. That means the Obama administration is obliged to enter the debate over whether authorities ...

Bad Passwords Cause Zombie Attack Warnings, Huffpo :: Keyword: [Eas] A hacker infiltration of the U.S. emergency broadcast system on TV stations in at least four states came down to the fact that the stations had failed to change factory default passwords, broadcasters said on Wednesday.

Energy and Commerce Committee Leaders Comment On Executive Action on Cybersecurity, Praise House Legislation to Improve Information Sharing, Commercie Committee :: Keyword: [White House] House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-MI) and Vice Chairman Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) today responded to President Obama’s executive order on cybersecurity and reiterated their support for legislation to improve information sharing to mitigate and respond to cyber threats. The Energy and

New Cyber Security Policies Aim to Improve Critical Infrastructure Protection, Microsoft :: Keyword: [White House] It has been an interesting time for those that care about cyber security. Last week, the European Union introduced its formative cybersecurity strategy and draft directive on network and information security to better protect critical systems from security incidents and breaches. Two days ago, the White

Voluntary Cybersecurity Measures Are Just Common Sense, NTCA :: Keyword: [Whitehouse] The White House released an executive order and policy directive today seeking to improve the public-private information sharing, along with efforts to spur implementation of cybersecurity best practices among operators of critical infrastructure. It was a great move to facilitate sharing between network providers and operators without imposing

Streamlining Telegraph Rules: This is Tricky Stuff, AT&T :: Keyword: [PSTN] For anyone who thought that we didn’t need a comprehensive, focused inquiry on how to clear the path for communications to move from a TDM-based circuit switched world to an all-IP, broadband future, you must have noticed a ripple in the force last week (I won’t name names, but if you attended NARUC you heard from a few of them. That ripple, of

Comcast's Very Scary PSTN Filing, PK :: Keyword: [PSTN] I’ve been sorting through the various filings at the FCC in the Phone Network to IP transition docket. I single out the 7-page filing by Comcast as the filing that scares the absolute bejeebers out of me.

Regulation and the IP transition, Gtown School of Business, Youtube :: Keyword: [PSTN] Broadband technologies power the country's digital infrastructure and have become essential platforms for 21st century communications and commerce. One of the most important economic and policy issues facing the new administration is

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