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IXPs and CDNs critical to the future of competitive broadband
Internet, Bill St Arnaud
We continue to see consolidation in the broadband market and various
games played by the cablecos and telcos to thwart competition or
undermine network neutrality (See below). Until regulators create true
structural separation between infrastructure and service providers the
chances of seeing genuine broadband competition are slim. It is
interesting to note

AT&T Statement on Consequences of the Spectrum Crunch, AT&T
"The need for more spectrum is an industry-wide issue and problem.
The merger AT&T proposed last year was all about creating more
capacity by combining the spectrum holdings and networks of two
companies. The FCC was within its rights to withhold its approval.
But it is incorrect when it denies the impact such decisions have on
the price of wireless services.

Iran's Internet Filters Filter Out Leader's Screed Against Getting
Around Filters, Techdirt
Well this would be funny if it weren't so sad and didn't involve mass
censorship. Iran has been getting a lot of attention lately for its
plans to increase its internet filtering -- and potentially even set
up its own "safe" (read: heavily monitored) local internet. For now,
as the filters have been going up, apparently lots of sophisticated
internet users in Iran have

Topix Protected by 47 USC 230--Price v. Gannett, Tech & Marcheting Law Blog
Price v. Gannett Co., 2012 WL 1570972, (S.D. W. Va. May 1, 2012) This
is a pro...

Joel Reidenberg , Jamela Debelak , Jordan Kovnot and Tiffany Miao,
Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act: A Survey of the Legal
Literature and Reform Proposals, Fordham Law School
The goal of this study is to identify the trends in the legal
literature and reform proposals surrounding Section 230 of the
Communications Decency Act.

IC3 2011 Annual Report on Internet Crime Released, IC3
no description

ICANN Board Ratifies "Global Policy Proposal for Post Exhaustion IPv4
Allocation Mechanisms by the IANA", ARIN
no description

Explosion In Free Online Classes May Change Course Of Higher Education, NPR
It's become much cheaper and easier to put college courses online, and
new technologies have only made these classes more valuable. Following
the lead of other top universities, Harvard and MIT announced a new
venture Wednesday to provide online classes for free.

FCC chairman defends decision to squash AT&T/T-Mobile deal, CNET
Chairman Julius Genachowski touts spectrum sharing and small cells as
ways to get around the looming constraints in the industry

Why Facebook's Co-Founder Just Defriended America, Forbes
One word: Taxes. More? Rates, complexity, worldwide reporting, and
comprehensive--some say downright intrusive--disclosure.

Verizon refuses to give up customer info in pirate hunt, CNET
The Internet service provider has expressed doubt that IP addresses
are useful in the search and is concerned about customer privacy.

Yahoo! Names Fred Amoroso Chairman and Appoints Ross Levinsohn Interim
CEO, Yahoo
Yahoo! Names Fred Amoroso Chairman and Appoints Ross Levinsohn Interim CEO

New York Judge *Slams* Bittorrent Copyright Plaintiffs – K-Beech;
Malibu Media; and Patrick Collins v. Does, Tech & Marcheting Law Blog
K-Beech, Inc. v. Does 1-37, CV 11-3995 (E.D.N.Y.) Malibu Media, LLC v.
Does 1-26, CV 11-1147...

Verizon stands up for its users in copyright lawsuit, Gigaom
Verizon Communications has had a long history of standing up against
publishers seeking to subpoena information about its subscribers and
their downloading habits, so it's not a big surprise to see Big Red
telling John Wiley's lawyers to stuff it. Wiley is seeking information
on the people behind IP addresses that Wiley says have pirated copies
of its popular "For Dummies" series.

EFF to Testify at Hearings on Expanding DMCA Exemptions for
Jailbreaking and Video Remixing, EFF
Experts from the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) will testify at
public hearings held by the U.S. Copyright Office this month, urging
officials to renew and expand the critical exemptions to the Digital
Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) that the Copyright Office granted in
2009 in response to EFF's requests to protect the rights of American
consumers who modify electronic gadgets and make remix videos.

The 2012 DMCA Rulemaking: A Primer, EFF
Every three years the U.S. Copyright Office considers granting
exemptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act's prohibition
against circumventing measures that control access to digital
copyrighted works. The first hearing in the 2012 DMCA rulemaking
proceeding is set for this Friday, May 11, and we thought folks might
want to know a bit about how the process works.

Congress Begins To Wonder Why ICE & DOJ Censored A Popular Hip Hop
Blog For A Year, Techdirt
We already discussed the RIAA's attempt to downplay its role in
helping the feds seize and censor the popular hiphop blog
It seems the feds are also trying to brush this off as if it's nothing
important. According to a comment they gave Ben Sistario at the NY

Senator Leahy Still Insisting That SOPA/PIPA Are 'Needed', Techdirt
It appears that Senator Patrick Leahy has learned absolutely nothing
from the public outcry over his ridiculously overreaching PROTECT IP
Act (PIPA). At a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, in which the
White House IP Czar, Victoria Espinel, suggested that perhaps the
"problem" was solving itself via voluntary action, Senator Leahy
continued to insist that legislation like PIPA was needed

Google's head of news: Newspapers are the new Yahoo, Gigaom
Google has a somewhat tense relationship with the traditional
newspaper industry, since publishers like News Corp.'s Rupert Murdoch
still believe it is depriving them of revenue by "stealing" their
content and aggregating it at Google News. So you might think that
Google's head of news products, Richard Gingras, would try to smooth
over any ruffled feathers

Internet Television…Help!, Level3
Over the last two years we have received a huge number of requests
from rights holders for help getting their content on to the Internet
in the form of Internet Television. So I thought I'd dedicate a blog
post to explain some of the technologies that need to be considered in
order to make that happen.

Chairman Genachowski Visits Consumers Union's Testing Lab, Discusses
FCC Consumer Empowerment Agenda, FCC
Last week, Chairman Julius Genachowski visited the Consumers Union
(CU) national headquarters in Yonkers, New York. The headquarters is
home to CU's National Testing and Research Center, which includes
extensive in-house laboratories where consumer products are tested.
The organization also famously publishes Consumer Reports.

A New FCC: What Should We Expect? By Michael Copps, Digital Beat
Someone asked former FCC Commissioner Michael Copps a few months ago,
what should we expect of an incoming Commissioner? "Four things," he

Rosenworcel and Pai Head Back to the FCC, Digital Beat
On May 7, 2012, the Senate approved the nominations of Ajit Pai and
Jessica Rosenworcel to serve as commissioners at the Federal
Communications Commission. President Barack Obama announced his intent
to nominate Pai and Rosenworcel back on October 31, 2011 and the
nominations were soon sent to the Senate. When the new commissioners

EPIC Calls on FTC to Develop Substantive Privacy Protections at
Workshop on Mobile Advertising, EPIC
EPIC submitted comments to the Federal Trade Commission for the May 30
workshop on mobile advertising disclosures. EPIC recommended that the
agency focus on the development of substantive privacy protections,
such as the Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights announced by the President
earlier this year, for mobile services. EPIC also

FTC To Monitor MySpace And/Or Empty Space For 20 Years, Techdirt
We've discussed many times that the main problem with privacy policies
is that their very nature encourages companies to actually do less to
care about your privacy. That is, the only way a company gets in
trouble with their privacy policy is if they don't obey their own
privacy policy. Thus, it's much smarter to create a privacy policy
that effectively says that

And the privacy invasion award goes to …, EFF
Who's playing fast and loose with your data? The Big Brother Awards,
billed as the "Oscars for data leeches" by the hackers and privacy
advocates who hand out the prizes, shine a high-intensity spotlight on
companies and individuals with poor privacy track records. Since 1998,
Privacy International and a host of affiliated organizations have
singled out the

Facebook proposes more changes to privacy policy, CW
Facebook said on Friday that it intends to make further changes to its
privacy policy in order to respond to an audit by the Irish
government, but privacy advocates saw the move as an inadequate
attempt to quell privacy concerns prior to Facebook's planned initial
public offering.

We Really Do Need A Federal Ban On Employers Logging Into Applicants'
Facebook Accounts, Forbes
Last week, Maryland became the first state to enact a law banning
employers from asking for applicants' Facebook passwords or otherwise
requesting access to the private parts of their social networking
accounts. That's great for those in the state of "Manly deeds and
womanly words" (Yes, that's actually the state's motto) but leaves the
rest of the country's

Democrats to employers: Stop asking for Facebook passwords, CNET
The Password Protection Act of 2012 would make it illegal for
employers to force current or potential employees to hand over access
to their social network accounts.

Twitter resists US court's demand, BBC
witter objects to a US court order ordering it to hand over old
messages posted by a Occupy Wall Street protester.

Twitter fights government subpoena demanding Occupy Wall Street
protester info, Ars Technica
Twitter has asked a New York state judge to throw out a court order
requiring it to turn over three months worth of messages posted by an
Occupy Wall Street protester being prosecuted for disorderly conduct.

Senator seeks DOJ cellphone tracking data, CW
U.S. Senator Al Franken has in a letter asked the Department of
Justice for information on its practices in requesting location
information from wireless carriers.

EFF: Prosecutors want location data via a Twitter shortcut, CNET
A subpoena for a protestor's Twitter account information could reveal
location data without forcing authorities to obtain a search warrant,
privacy advocates at the EFF note.

Christopher R. Brennan, Katz Cradle: Holding On to Fourth Amendment
Parity in an Age of Evolving Electronic Communication, William Mary LR
The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men
of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding.

Cyber War Inc.: the Law of War Implications of the Private Sector's
Role in Cyber Conflict, Hannah Lobel, Texas Intl LR
On June 1, 2011, Google Inc., the world's leading search engine and a
major email services provider, announced on its blog that hackers in
Jinan, China, had accessed the personal email accounts of "hundreds of
users including, among others, senior US government ...

FBI: Beware Of Malware Installed Via Hotel Networks, Forbes
The Federal Bureau of Investigation is warning travelers to be in the
lookout for fake software updates booby trapped with malware that are
being pushed through hotel internet connections.

Malware Installed on Travelers' Laptops Through Software Updates on
Hotel Internet Connections, IC3
no description

"A bizarre operation": Why West Virginia stuck $22,600 routers in tiny
libraries, Ars Technica
West Virginia's Charleston Gazette has been hopping mad this week as
one of its reporters learned that the state has been sticking 1,064
high-end $22,600 routers into "little public institutions as small as
rural libraries with just one computer terminal." When reporter Eric
Eyre actually called up Cisco posing as a customer, he was told by a
rep that the

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