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Federal Internet Law and Policy
"Where a calculator on the ENIAC is equipped with 18,000 vacuum tubes
and weighs 30 tons, computers in the future may have only 1,000 vacuum
tubes and perhaps weigh 1 ½ tons." Popular Mechanics (March 1949)

AT&T Statement on Formation of Bipartisan Federal Spectrum Working Group, AT&T
"I want to applaud Chairman Greg Walden and Ranking Member Anna Eshoo
for their leadership on this important issue. The growth of the mobile
Internet continues to spur phenomenal economic activity and inspire
remarkable consumer benefits. Comprehensive and sound spectrum
policies lie at the heart of the ability of the entire wireless
ecosystem – from app developers to software providers, to device
makers and service providers – to satisfy the booming demand for
wireless services.

Broadband White Spaces – Ready to Go Global, Microsoft
Around the world, the demand for broadband is booming. This presents
great opportunities, but also some challenges. Broadband fuels
economic growth and enriches peoples' lives, but unprecedented traffic
levels mean the world's communications networks are becoming
increasingly congested. This is especially true for wireless networks,
which use finite spectrum resources. (I discussed the implications of
this in a blog post on Microsoft on the Issues last June).

Measuring the 'Broadband Bonus' in 30 OECD Countries, OECD
This paper provides estimates of the economic value created by
broadband Internet using measures of new gross domestic product and
consumer surplus. It finds that the economic value created in 30 OECD
countries correlates roughly with the overall size of their broadband
economies. In addition, price and quality data from the United States
suggest that widespread adoption of broadband Internet has occurred,3355,en_2649_34223_1_1_1_1_1,00.html?rssChId=34223#50171930

IPv6 Home Networking Pilot Market Deployment Technical Details, Comcast
Comcast has launched support for IPv6-enabled customer home
networking, the second of two phases for our initial rollout of IPv6.
This phase builds upon our earlier work where we enabled IPv6 support
for standalone computers. By now enabling IPv6 support for home
networking customers (those using a home gateway / router), in areas
where we have launched, customers can now able to take advantage of
and begin using IPv6. Our launch of IPv6-enabled customer home
networking is also critical to our participation in World IPv6 Launch;
see the World IPv6

Public libraries in the digital age, Pew Internet
Mary Madden and Kathryn Zickuhr presented findings on the rise of
e-reading, including reading-device ownership and the general reading
habits/preferences of Americans.

Iranian Oil Sites Go Offline Amid Cyberattack, NYT
Officials said the virus that infiltrated the Oil Ministry and other
agencies had not affected production or exports, but oil terminals and
some installations were being taken offline as a precaution.

Iran Investigating Suspected Cyberattack on Its Main Oil Export
Terminal, CircleID
A virus was detected inside the control systems of Kharg Island —
which handles the vast majority of Iran's crude oil exports — but the
terminal remained operational, a source at the National Iranian Oil
Company (NIOC) said. The virus, which is likely to draw comparisons
with the Stuxnet

Russian cybercriminals earned $4.5 billion in 2011, CW
Russian-speaking hackers earned an estimated $4.5 billion globally
using various online criminal tactics, Russian security analyst firm
Group-IB said in a report published on Tuesday.

Are robots and content farms the future of the news?, Gigaom
There was some consternation in the media industry this week when the
Chicago Tribune announced that it was letting more than 20 of its
journalists go and handing over its local coverage to an outfit called
Journatic, which looked to some like a "content farm" not unlike AOL's
hyper-local Patch unit. Meanwhile, Wired magazine wrote about another
emerging competitor for the traditional news business — namely, the
news-writing robots or algorithms employed by startup Narrative
Science, which automatically generate sports and business stories. Is
this what the future of the media industry looks like? Robots and
content farms?

Microsoft Testifies Before Senate Committee on the Future of Video, Microsoft
Microsoft Media and Entertainment Group Corporate Vice President Blair
Westlake testified before the Senate Commerce Committee yesterday
regarding the future of vid e o . T h e h e a r i n g w a s t
i t l e d T h e E m e r g e

The Emergence of Online Video: Is It The Future?, Senate Commerce
The U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation
announces a full committee hearing on on "The Emergence of Online
Video: Is It The Future?".

Rockefeller Remarks on the Emergence of Online Video, Senate Commerce
This hearing is about the emergence of online video—and the power of
broadband to change the way we watch. This is the start of an exciting
and timely conversation.

Netflix adds 3M subs, beats forecasts, stock craters, Gigaom
Netflix continued the expansion of its streaming business in the first
quarter, adding nearly 3 million subscribers to a global base that now
includes over 26 million customers.

Opposition grows to CISPA 'Big Brother' cybersecurity bill, CNET
CISPA is met with a last-minute wave of opposition, including from
Rep. Ron Paul and 18 House Democrats. But it may not be enough to stop
the U.S. House of Representatives from approving the bill on Friday.

Proposed CISPA amendments do little to appease critics, CNET
Over three dozen CISPA amendments, of varying relevance, will be voted
on this week. One tells Homeland Security to help "socially
disadvantaged individuals" who are "unable to compete in the free
enterprise system."

White House Issues A Smackdown On CISPA, Forbes
The Internet appears poised to win another battle when it comes to
Internet legislation. Civil liberties groups and other "political
voices of the Internet" have been expressing grave concern over the
past few weeks about the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act
(CISPA), a bill moving through Congress that would make it easier for
private companies to share information about cyber threats with
government agencies.

Congress Should Pass Cyber Bills, USTelecom
Congress should pass four bipartisan House bills that would enhance
the nation's cyber defense capabilities,

An Open Letter From Security Experts, Academics and Engineers to the
U.S. Congress: Stop Bad Cybersecurity Bills, EFF
We take security very seriously, but we fervently believe that strong
computer and network security does not require Internet users to
sacrifice their privacy and civil liberties.

Microsoft releases Skype 1.0 for Windows Phone, CNET
Free app works on Wi-Fi or 3G and runs on Windows Phone 7.5 devices and higher.

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