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The 'Bandwidth Hog' is a Myth - And Caps Don't Really Address Truly
Disruptive Users, DSLReports
You might recall that back in 2009, we mentioned a piece claiming that
the "bandwidth hog," a term used ceaselessly by industry executives to
justify rate hikes, net neutrality infractions, and pretty much
everything else -- was a myth. The piece was penned

Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Bright House Networks and Verizon Wireless
Enter into New Agreements, Comcast
Mobility is an important part of the experience that we deliver to our
customers today and will be an increasingly important part of
Comcast's future product roadmap. Today, we've taken a significant
step to deliver and develop the best integrated mobile video, data and
communications experience by bringing together the nation's best
Internet and wireless networks.

Majority of young people online for no reason, study says, CNET
A Pew Research Center study shows that 53 percent of 18- to
29-year-olds are online because, well, they are.

OECD workshop on broadband metrics, OECD
The focus of this event held in Washington, DC, was discussion of a
new approach to harmonizing broadband and Internet economy metrics.,3355,en_2649_34223_1_1_1_1_1,00.html?rssChId=34223#48600734

ACLU raps Apple over Siri abortion-clinic issue, CNN
Siri can help you find drugstores and bars, but the iPhone 4S digital
assistant is clueless when it comes to the locations of abortion
clinics, according to the American Civil Liberties Union.

Activists to Apple's Siri: 'Why can't you find abortion clinics?', Globe
Well-received cutting-edge voice-activated iPhone search service runs
afoul of abortion rights activists

FCC Report On AT&T's T-Mobile Merger Is Just Appalling, Forbes
As everyone knows by now, AT&T's proposed merger with T-Mobile has hit
a bureaucratic snag at the FCC. The remarkable decision to refer the
merger to the Commission's Administrative Law Judge (in an effort to
derail the deal) and the public release of the FCC staff's internal,
draft report are problematic and poorly considered. But far worse is
the content of the report on which the decision to attempt to kill the
deal was based.

AT&T to FCC: You're totally 'one-sided' on T-Mobile deal, CNET
Carrier accuses federal regulators of "cherry-picking" some facts, and
ignoring others, to push its view that the merger with T-Mobile USA
would be bad for the nation.

AT&T Angry FCC Pointed Out Just How Bad T-Mobile Deal Is - Jim Cicconi
Upset Nobody Will Believe His Made Up Facts This Time, DSLReports
Earlier this week the FCC issued an order that clearly laid out the
reasons for the FCC's opposition to the AT&T T-Mobile deal. The full
report (pdf) mirrors what we've been noting for months: AT&T's merger
benefit claims are false. The deal does not

FCC: Ready for reform yet?, CNET
The agency's unprecedented decision to release a draft report on the
withdrawn AT&T/T-Mobile merger application is just the latest move by
the FCC that undermines its apolitical nature. How will Congress
respond and will mobile users wind up the real victims?

AT&T fires back at FCC staff report on T-Mobile deal, CW
The U.S. Federal Communications Commission has invited questions about
its impartiality with a staff report laying out concerns about AT&T's
proposed acquisition of rival mobile carrier T-Mobile USA, AT&T said

AT&T Blasts FCC Critique of Deal, WSJ
AT&T blasted a Federal Communications Commission report detailing the
agency's concerns about AT&T's proposed $39 billion deal to acquire
T-Mobile USA.

AT&T Statement on FCC's Release of Staff Draft Report, AT&T
"The FCC has recognized that it is required by its own rules to
dismiss our merger application. This makes all the more troubling
their decision to nonetheless release a preliminary staff report on
the merger. This report is not an order of the FCC

AT&T Response to FCC Staff Report, AT&T
We expected that the AT&T-T-Mobile transaction would receive careful,
considered, and fair analysis. Unfortunately, the preliminary FCC
Staff Analysis offers none of that. The document is so obviously
one-sided that any fair-minded person reading it is left with the
clear impression that it is an advocacy piece, and not a considered

The FCC and Consumer Protection, AT&T
Earlier today, I spoke on a panel at the Phoenix Center telecom
symposium. My point about consumer protection was not meant as a
criticism of the FCC—it was a call for the Congress to clarify the
issue by reexamining the Telecom Act.

FCC nominees gain broad Senate support, WAPO
Senate lawmakers on Wednesday expressed broad support for nominees to
the Federal Communications Commission, lauding Republican Ajit
Vradaraj Pai and Democrat Jessica Rosenworcel for their deep telecom
policy experience.

Netflix names Skype's Libertelli to head Washington office, WAPO
Netflix named Christopher Libertelli to head its Washington policy and
lobbying office Thursday, as the online video giant increases its
voice in communications and Internet privacy policies.

AT&T, Sprint confirm use of Carrier IQ rootkit software on handsets, CW
Amid what's snowballing into a major privacy controversy, AT&T,
Sprint, HTC and Samsung today confirmed that that their mobile phones
integrate a controversial piece of smartphone tracking software from a
company called Carrier IQ.

Who's using Carrier IQ and for what purpose?, WAPO
T-Mobile confirmed that it also uses Carrier IQ to measure metrics for
network performance.

What does Carrier IQ do on my phone--and should I care? (FAQ), CNET
Programmer says the software violates mobile-user privacy, but Carrier
IQ and some security experts say the threat is overblown.

Today in Tech: Carrier IQ draws consumer, lawmaker questions, WAPO
Carrier IQ: Ever since a researcher named Trevor Eckhart posted
evidence that a program known as Carrier IQ is tracking mobile users'
keystrokes and activities, the Web has been abuzz trying to find out
how much the program actually collects and how widespread it is.

FAQ: Behind the Carrier IQ rookit controversy, CW
The recent disclosure that top mobile phone providers are using
software from Carrier IQ that critics say can gather and track all
sorts of personal data from a user's smartphone has sparked a
firestorm of controversy.

Verizon says it doesn't use Carrier IQ software, CW
Verizon Wireless said Thursday it doesn't add to its phones any
software from Carrier IQ, the company that has come under fire in the
past few days for what some say amounts to spying on mobile phone

Fallout continues over smartphone tracking app, CNN
The Web fallout continued Friday over news that a hidden app could be
tracking smartphone users' activity.

Working Together to Attack Cybersecurity, CableTechTalk by Michael Powell
At NCTA earlier this week, we had the pleasure of hosting an important
event about the challenging and growing issue of cybersecurity. House
Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers (R, MI-8) and C. A.
"Dutch" Ruppersberger (D, MD-2), the Ranking

FCC applauds BART's actions to protect cellphone use in stations, WAPO
Federal Communications Chariman Julius Genachowski applauded the Bay
Area Rapid Transit (BART) board of directors decision to codify when
it was appropriate to block cellphone use in its stations.

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