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LightSquared GPS Concerns Taking Flight, GLG
The GPS interference issues revolving around LightSquared seem to be
narrowing down to aviation uses of GPS equipment. While air safety
cannot be compromised, plans are already in place to mitigate risks
while the GPS industry has time to make the changes suggested by the
FCC for several years.
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How to Check Your Car for a GPS Tracker, Wired
It used to be that only the CIA, James Bond and Spider-Man had the
technology necessary to attach a tracking device to a vehicle and keep
tabs on it wherever it goes. But now that GPS trackers are cheaper
than TV sets, everyone from local police to car rental companies are
getting into the act. And with the Obama Administration urging the
Supreme Court to allow warrantless GPS tracking, the number of
vehicles trundling
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Groups Ask FCC To Investigate Broadband Data Caps, PK
Public Knowledge and the New America Foundation's Open Technology
Initiative (OTI), told the Bureau that, "Caps on broadband usage
imposed by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can undermine the very
goals that the Commission has committed itself to championing."
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56% of Americans have Internet data caps; FCC asked to investigate, Ars Technica
Two prominent Washington DC tech policy groups have asked the Federal
Communications Commission to investigate Internet data caps in the
US—with a special focus on AT&T.
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Emerging Trends in E-Government, Pew
Senior Research Specialist Aaron Smith will discuss "Emerging Trends
in E-Government" on a panel at the Digital Citizen Satisfaction Summit
in Washington, DC.
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In DHS Takedown Frenzy, Mozilla Refuses to Delete MafiaaFire Add-On, Circleid
Not satisfied with seizing domain names, the Department of Homeland
Security asked Mozilla to take down the MafiaaFire add-on for Firefox.
Mozilla, through its legal counsel Harvey Anderson, refused. Mozilla
deserves thanks and credit for a principled stand for its users'
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9th Circuit Hears Two Key Cases About DMCA Safe Harbors: IsoHunt And
Veoh, Techdirt
Last week, a single three judge panel from the 9th Circuit appeals
court heard two key appeals concerning the DMCA, and specifically the
DMCA's safe harbors for service providers. Lawyer Michael Barclay
attended both appeals and has an excellent report and analysis of
each. It's not always easy to read the tea leaves of which way judges
are leaning on appeals like this, but based on both appeals, and the
details of both cases, if I had to guess, I'd say that the appeals
court will uphold both lower court rulings, even if this seems
slightly contradictory.
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Warhol iconography on web time, Virulent Word of Mouse
Web-time is faster. That is no secret. More people participate in more
sharing of information in more places at a greater speed. Faster,
quicker, bigger, wider. More people in more places communicate and
share more information.
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For News Sites, Google Is the Past and Facebook Is the Future, Gigaom
When it comes to attracting visitors, Google is still a far more
important source of traffic for major news websites than social media,
according to a new study by the Pew Research Center, but Facebook in
particular is climbing in importance, and has already become a
significant driver of pageviews for some sites. Among its other
findings, the study also reinforces how much work even the leading
news websites still have to do when it comes to building engagement
with their readers and convincing them to stick around once they
arrive at their news pages.
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Navigating News Online, Pew Research
Whatever the future of journalism, much of it depends on understanding
the ways that people navigate the digital news environment—the
behavior of what might be called the new news consumer.
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Facebook helps drive online news readership, study finds, Globe and Mail
Referrals typically come from links posted by friends or from 'like' buttons
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Rogers Vice Chair Says Netflix Should Face Canadian Regulatory
Obligations, Geist
Rogers Vice Chair Phil Lind has told that Netflix should face
Canadian regulatory obligations, though he declined specify precisely
what they should be.
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Sen. Rockefeller to introduce online do-not-track bill, CW
A U.S. senator says he plans to introduce an online do-not-track bill.
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Congressmen Release 'Do Not Track Kids' Bill, Huffpo
A draft House bill with bipartisan support would prohibit companies
from tracking children on the Internet without parental consent,
restrict online marketing to minors and require an "Eraser Button"
that would allow parents to eliminate kids' personal information
already online.
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FBI Vehicle-Tracking Device: The Teardown, Wired
Ever wondered what the inside of an FBI vehicle-tracking device looks
like? We got our hands on the one of the surveillance devices found on
the car of an environmental activist. Our friends from iFixit opened
it up.
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Valentine v. NEBUAD, INC.,, NDCA
Order Denying Motion to Dismiss California Computer Crime Law and
California Invasion of Privacy Act cause of actions
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VoIP Outage Reporting Makes May FCC Meeting Agenda, Telecom Law Monitor
It has taken nearly a year since the FCC's Public Safety Bureau first
started laying the groundwork, but the FCC is poised to consider
expanding its outage reporting rules to cover interconnected VoIP
communications and broadband Internet access providers. The
Commission will consider a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to extend the
outage reporting rules at its May 12 Commission Meeting.
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