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FCC Chief Warns CES of Spectrum Crunch, Internet News
Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski stopped
by the Consumer Electronics Show to spread his message that without
swift policy action, the new mobile devices on display could overwhelm
wireless data networks.
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Jonathan Zittrain, Net Neutrality as Diplomacy, Yale Law and Policy
Review 2010, Yale Law & Policy Review
Popular imagination holds that the turf of a state's foreign embassy
is a little patch of its homeland. Enter the American Embassy in
Beijing and you are in the United States. Indeed, in many contexts –
such as resistance to search and seizure by a host country's
authorities – there
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Research: Congressional Movement Against FCC Rules, Digital Society
Representative Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) has re-introduced a bill this
past week to prohibit the FCC from regulating the Internet. The text
of the bill will eventually be placed online at Thomas. For the time
being the text of the bill has yet to be placed online, but the
cosponsors are listed with the bill information.
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'Internet Freedom Act' Tries To Stop FCC Neutrality Rules - Part of
larger Republican effort to scuttle new rules, dslreports
Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) this week filed the
ironically-entitled Internet Freedom Act (pdf), which is designed to
prevent the FCC from enacting network neutrality rules intended to
protect the open Internet. As we've discussed at length, the rules do
little to nothing ISPs weren't willing to do voluntarily, fall well
short of the kind of protections most consumer advocates wanted, and
largely leave wireless networks without neutrality protections
whatsoever. Still, Blackburn is leading a Republican charge against
the new rules, a statement on her website insisting the
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Net neutrality fight far from over, CNET
Despite the FCC's recent vote to approve new broadband regulations,
this is a battle that will continue, argues consultant Larry Downes.
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Net Neutrality: Both Sides Are Wrong, CommLawBlog
Net neutrality is one of those issues that sharply divide the country.
Those who take sides in the debate, do so passionately. To call it a
"debate," though, is misleading. In a debate, people listen to each
other before responding. On network neutrality—as in health care,
financial reform, and other key national issues—people just shout at
each other. Making matters worse, the two sides not only hold
conflicting opinions, but deal in conflicting facts.
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Tea Party Targets The FCC, PK
All around Washington, members of the telecommunications lawyer clan
are doing a good bit of navel-gazing about the Net Neutrality order
released by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) just before
Christmas. They are delving deep into the subtleties of Sec. 706 (a)
of the Communications Act, working out intricate arguments on FCC
authority and policy.
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Major Websites Commit to 24-Hour Test Flight for IPv6, Business Wire
-Facebook, Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) and Yahoo (NASDAQ: YHOO), websites
with more than one billion combined visits each day, are joining major
content delivery networks Akamai (NASDAQ: AKAM) and Limelight Networks
(NASDAQ: LLNW), and the Internet Society, for the first global-scale
trial of the new Internet Protocol, IPv6. On June 8, 2011, dubbed
"World IPv6 Day," participants will enable IPv6 on their main services
for 24 hours. With IPv4 addresses running out this year, the industry
must act quickly to accelerate full IPv6 adoption or risk increased
costs and limited functionality online for Internet users everywhere.
The companies are coming together to help motivate organizations
across the industry—Internet service providers, hardware
manufacturers, operating system vendors and other web companies—to
prepare their services for the transition.
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Addressing 2010, Potaroo
It's January again, and being the start of another year, it's as good
a time as any to look at the last 12 months and see what the Internet
was up to in 2010. This is an update to the report prepared 12 months
ago when looking at 2009, so lets see what has changed in the past 12
months in addressing the Internet, and look at how address allocation
information can inform us of the changing nature of the network
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The big IPv6 experiment, IPv6 Act Now
With more than 150 million page impressions per month, heise Online is
one of the biggest news sites in Germany. Globally, it is also one of
the largest sites now running in dual-stack mode, which means that
pages can be accessed via both the conventional IPv4 and via the newer
IPv6. The migration brought to light various interesting phenomena.
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Commerce Dept. Forms Office for Online ID, Internet News
The federal response to the security and privacy challenges stemming
from a constellation of online identity issues will be housed in the
Commerce Department, with a final administration report with
recommendations due out in the coming months.
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Obama to hand Commerce Dept. authority over cybersecurity ID, CNET
President Obama is planning to hand the Commerce Department authority
over a forthcoming identity management plan for Internet commerce.
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Voices Weigh in as FCC Nears Vote on Comcast-NBC Universal Venture, COMCAST
It has been two and a half weeks since the Chairman of the FCC
initiated the final procedural step in granting approval for the
Comcast-NBC Universal transaction. With an FCC decision expected very
soon, we appreciate the continuing supportive comments from a variety
of stakeholders - including diversity groups, elected officials,
policymakers, independent filmmakers, and others - recognizing the
many ways the combined company will benefit consumers and communities.
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WATCH: Stewart Rejoices Over Verizon iPhone, Huff
Tuesday night's "Daily Show" took a markedly different tone than
Monday's somber address about the tragedy in Tucson, focusing instead
on Verizon getting the iPhone to the delight of AT&T customers
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Alfred Hermida, Twittering the News: The Emergence of Ambient
Journalism, Journalism Practice, Vol. 4, No. 3, pp. 297-308, July
2010, Journalism Practice
This paper examines new para-journalism forms such as micro-blogging
as "awareness systems" that provide journalists with more complex ways
of understanding and reporting on the subtleties of public
communication. Traditional journalism defines fact as information and
quotes from
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The Rise of Internet-Enabled Smart TV, USTelecom
What technology trend will take the marketplace by storm this year?
At this year's Consumer Electronics Show, the Internet-enabled smart
TV was a major focus, with manufacturers competing to roll out the
most appealing models for consumers. The latest generation of
broadband-powered televisions is banking on the app-addicted consumer
who has become accustomed to easy access to innovative Internet
offerings via
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ESPN3 breaks new ground with live BCS stream, Lost Remote
If you didn't have ESPN on cable TV last night, there was a new way to
catch the BCS Championship Game: via While the broadband
channel has streamed many games before, this game was arguably the
biggest live football event streamed directly to TV sets, via Xbox
Live and the brand new Google TV.
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FCC To Fine Americans Who Don't Keep Up With TV Shows, The Onion
Announcing that it would no longer allow Americans to fall behind, the
Federal Communications Commission introduced a plan Monday to levy
steep fines on anyone failing to keep up with the nation's TV shows.
"Our economy lost more than $200,18725/
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Twitter Puts Spotlight On Secret F.B.I. Subpoenas, Huff
For the Twitter request, the government obtained a secret subpoena
from a federal court. Twitter challenged the secrecy, not the subpoena
itself, and won the right to inform the people whose records the
government was seeking. WikiLeaks says it suspects that other large
sites like Google and Facebook have received similar requests and
simply went along with the government.
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Iceland Officials Ask US To Explain Why It's Trying To Get Lawmaker's
Twitter Info, Techdirt
On Friday, we noted that US officials had sent a court order (not a
subpoena, apparently) to Twitter, asking for info from a few accounts
that had some association with Wikileaks, including that of Icelandic
lawmaker Birgitta Jonsdottir. Apparently, Icelandic officials are not
too happy about this. They've asked the US ambassador to Iceland to
explain the reasoning for this:
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