Thursday, April 15, 2010

1910 Radio Station in Arlington Virgina (Ooooops)

Over the years I have become quite a communications history buff. History is great with echos of policy debates reverberating through the ages. This short history story comes from Arlington Virgina, my home town - and also the home town of the 1910 US Navy Radio station. Back in the day, before broadcast radio - before the Federal Communications Commission - heck even before the Federal Radio Commission -- folk were interested in "wireless" as a means for ship-to-shore communications. Marconi monopolized commercial wireless telegraph service to shipping - while the US Navy took interest in the ability to communicate with the fleet at see. The first federal agency to exercise regulatory spectrum authority was in fact not the FCC but the US Navy.

Anyway, on with this great story....

Pike 200 Minute: Arlington Radio (US Navy Radio Station 1910)

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