Thursday, October 15, 2009

Comments Sought On Broadband Study Conducted By The Berkman Center For Internet And Society

GN Docket Nos. 09-47, 09-51, 09-137 Comment Due:  November 16, 2009

On July 14, the Commission announced in a press release that
Harvard University's Berkman Center for Internet and Society would
conduct an expert review of existing literature and studies about broadband deployment and usage throughout the world to inform the Commission's development of a National Broadband Plan. 

A draft of the study has now been completed.  The
Commission is seeking public comment on the study, and has posted the draft for public review at the following Internet address:

Specifically, the Commission seeks comment on the following:

1.       Does the study accomplish its intended purposes?

2.       Does the study provide a complete and objective survey of the subject matter?

3.       How accurately and comprehensively does the study summarize the broadband experiences of other countries?

4.       How much weight should the Commission give to this study as it develops a National Broadband Plan?

5.       Are additional studies needed along the lines of the Berkman study?

6.       Please provide any other comments on the Berkman study that you deem relevant.

. . . . .

All comments should refer to GN Docket Nos. 09-47, 09-51 and 09-137. 
Please title comments responsive to this Notice as "Comments – NBP
Public Notice # 13."  Further, we strongly encourage parties to develop responses to this Notice that adhere to the organization and structure of the questions in this Notice. 

Comments may be filed using (1) the Commission's Electronic Comment Filing System (ECFS), (2) the Federal Government's eRulemaking Portal, or (3) by filing paper copies.[1]  Comments can be filed through the Commission's ECFS filing interface located at the following Internet address:  Comments can also be filed via the Federal eRulemaking Portal:[2] 

. . . . .

For further information about this Public Notice, please contact Randy
Clarke at (202) 418-1500.

- FCC -

NBP Public Notice # 13 DA 09-2217 Released:  October 14, 2009

10/14/09 Comments Sought on Broadband Study Conducted by The Berkman
Center for Internet and Society. Public Notice:


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