Monday, September 28, 2009

Computers Freedom and Privacy 2010

Smart phones, social networking, and the "internet of things" let us integrate the online world and computers more deeply into our lives. Should we have to give up our freedom and privacy in to reap the benefits of a constant connection to friends and information?  How are attitudes towards freedom and privacy changing for those who have grown up so accustomed to an always-connected environment?  What about those who aren't participating because they lack access to technology and knowledge -- or who simply prefer more traditional forms of connection? How do we take advantage of the power of computers to improve freedom and privacy online and off?

To address those critical questions and more, the 20th annual ACM Computers, Freedom and Privacy conference converges for the first time ever in Silicon Valley.

*CFP 2010.  June 15-18, 2010, in San Jose California and cyberspace.*

Please save the date -- and pass the word.  CFP has spent the last ten years describing itself as "the best conference you've never heard of." We'd much rather be "the best conference everybody's talking about!"

We're still discussing potential themes and speakers for CFP 2010.  If you've got ideas, or would like to help with the planning, please share them on the CFP blog at

Once we nail down the theme, we'll get the official call for participation out ... stay tuned!

Jon Pincus and Dorothy Glancy, CFP 2010 co-chairs

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