Friday, October 27, 2006

ISP Record Retention

Once again the Federal government is making noise, attempting to persuade ISPs to retain their records. [CNET] ISP server logs maintain a virtual breadcrumb trail of every song you download, blog message you post, and political website you visit. This may be a good thing if you are The Man and you are trying to hunt down Mr. Bad-guy. This may be a bad thing is your country is confronted with a political regime that thinks the constitution is toilet paper and that Malthus and Hobbes were rigtht. The bad news is that ISPs do not tend to maintain this type of data. No, wait, that's the good news.

In our newly revised article Data Retention and Record Keeping, we review the state of US law and recent suggestions by the US Attorney General that ISPs "voluntarily" (as in, do it or we will hold up any future mergers for your company) retain such data.
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