Friday, August 11, 2006

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"There are two giant entities at work in our country,
and they both have an amazing influence on our daily
lives . . . one has given us radar, sonar, stereo,
teletype, the transistor, hearing aids, artificial
larynxes, talking movies, and the telephone. The other
has given us the Civil War, the Spanish-American War,
the First World War, the Second World War, the Korean
War, the Vietnam War, double-digit inflation,
double-digit unemployment, the Great Depression, the
gasoline crisis, and the Watergate fiasco. Guess which
one is now trying to tell the other one how to run its
business?" – Sign in AT&T Buildings, 1983

DSL price drop steepest in 4 years, Network World,
The second quarter saw the average worldwide price for
DSL entry-level services fall by 9.3%, the biggest
price cut in DSL services in almost four years,
according to Point Topic Research.
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French Wi-fi bunny hopes to conquer America, Reuters,
In the Darwinian evolution of electronic companions,
first came the speaking doll, then the Tamagotchi
virtual pet, then Sony's short-lived AIBO dog.
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What WiMAX was waiting for, Telephony, 8/11/2006
The WiMAX sector got what it was waiting for, the
decision by Sprint to deploy Mobile WiMAX over other
technology contenders. But, it also got what it really
wanted most--a big U.S. mobile carrier stepping up to
a microphone
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AWS Auction Update - DirectTV, Echostar & T-Mobile top
dogs so far, Broadband Reports, 8/11/2006
The FCC s auction of AWS broadband spectrum began
yesterday, and as Business Week and Reuters report, it
was essentially a slugfest between media giants like
Cablevision's Charles Dolan, News Corp.'s Rupert
Murdoch, and Berkshire Hathaway's Warren Buffett.
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Telcos Continuing Fake Consumer Group Campaigns - Net
neutrality fight spawned more sophisticated astroturf,
Broadband Reports, 8/11/2006
After issuing a report on bogus consumer advocacy
outfits run by incumbent cable and telephone companies
last spring, Common Cause has issued a new report
exposing the latest round of such outfits.
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Shady industry practice exposed again, Common Cause,
Common Cause is exposing a new crop of "Astroturf"
lobbying and other front groups posing as grassroots
in the TV net neutrality ad wars. In reality, these
groups are industry-funded operations with a big
business agenda. It's a shady practice that's bad for
democracy because it misleads citizens and even
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'Blogosphere' expands 100-fold in three years: study,
AFP, 8/11/2006
Fifty million blogs -- online multi-media journals --
were tracked on the Internet last month, a 100-fold
increase over three years, according to a new study
published online.
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VoIP subscriber base grows 21% in second quarter --
report, America's Network, 8/11/2006
The number of subscribers to Internet-based telephone
services grew 21% to 6.9 million in the second
quarter, with cable TV companies expanding their lead
in market share compared with Vonage and other
pure-play providers.
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Online gamblers left hanging, MSNBC, 8/11/2006
Since BetOnSports PLC started accepting wagers online,
gamblers played the odds on plenty of sporting events.
But they also gambled on whether U.S. prosecutors
would one day target the Costa Rica-based company for
possibly violating federal law.
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Search Engines Censured for Censorship, BWO, 8/11/2006

Activists want Yahoo!, Google, and Microsoft to do
more to disclose to Chinese users how and why their
searches are being censored
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Western Internet firms "act as censors" in China, USA
Today, 8/11/2006
A New York human rights group is urging Internet
search giants to resist censorship pressure from the
Chinese government
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A Fundamental Look at DNSSEC, Deployment, and DNS
Security Extensions, CircleID, 8/11/2006
In looking at the general topic of trust and the
Internet, one of the more critical parts of the
Internet's infrastructure that appears to be a central
anchor point of trust is that of the Domain Name
Service, or DNS.
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U.S. Warns PC Users of Flaw in Windows, NYT, 8/11/2006

The flaw would make it possible to install malicious
programs or to change or delete data.
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Lafayette Hits Another Roadblock - Proposed muni fiber
bumps into 3rd Circuit Court...again, Broadband
Reports, 8/11/2006
The city of Lafayette, LA has hit yet another
roadblock in its drive to create a fiber optic
network. An appeal to the 3rd Circuit Court by
resident Elizabeth Naquin, resulted in the LUS bond
ordinance being found in violation of the state's
Local Government Fair Competition Act. R
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Malden, Massachusetts gets Proxim wireless grant,
Muniwireless, 8/11/2006
Malden (pop. 58,000, 4.8 square miles or 12 square
kilometers) received a $50,000 grant from Proxim
(called the Wireless Community Access Networks Grant)
consisting of Wi-Fi mesh equipment.
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Wi-Fi comes to Corona citywide, Press Enterprise,
Corona, California (pop. 150,000; 35 square miles) has
signed a deal with MetroFi for citywide Wi-Fi service.
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