Friday, July 28, 2006

FCC Streamlines Reporting Requirements for Interconnected VoIP Providers (USF)

DA 06-1528
Released: July 27, 2006

On June 21, 2006, the Commission adopted the 2006
Interim Contribution Methodology Order, which included
proposed revised FCC Forms 499-A and 499-Q and their
instructions. In pertinent part, the Order requires
that interconnected Voice over Internet Protocol
(“interconnected VoIP”) providers contribute to the
universal service fund (USF) and raises the wireless
safe harbor from 28.5 percent to 37.1 percent. The
revised Forms and their instructions reflect the
changes to the contribution methodology adopted in the
2006 Interim Contribution Methodology Order.

On June 28, 2006, the Commission requested emergency
approval of the information collection requirements
from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). On
July 27, 2006, the Commission received OMB approval.

For the convenience of new filers, particularly
interconnected VoIP providers, we provide these
instructions and special accommodations to simplify
the process for the filing due August 1:

• For all filers, the FCC Form 499-Q filing must be
filed with the Universal Service Administrative
Company (USAC) by August 1, 2006. For providers who
have not previously filed, FCC Form 499-A also must be
filed with USAC by August 1, 2006. USAC has made the
Forms available on its website at They
are also available on the Commission’s website at
• Interconnected VoIP providers that have not
previously contributed to the USF can obtain a FCC
Registration Number (FRN) from the Commission’s web
site at for
use in filing both Forms.
• Normally, filers obtain a Filer 499 ID for use on
the Forms by filing their initial Form 499-A and then
receiving the Filer 499 ID from USAC. Out of
consideration of the deadlines for interconnected VoIP
providers to file both Forms by August 1, we have
directed USAC to accept the Forms without the Filer
499 ID (for those providers who do not already have a
Filer 499 ID). USAC will provide the Filer 499 ID to
the providers later and will fill in the Filer 499 ID
on the Forms filed by August 1 on behalf of these
providers. New filers that use this process should
submit the two Forms together to USAC in a single
filing. (Although new filers have the option of
sending FCC Form 499-A either to USAC or to the Office
of the Secretary, we encourage new filers to send FCC
Form 499-A (along with FCC Form 499-Q) to USAC.).
• We clarify that interconnected VoIP providers filing
for the first time need only complete limited portions
of the Forms for the August 1 filing, which include
only two lines of revenue information in total:
o On the FCC Form 499-A, interconnected VoIP providers
need only complete block 1 (contributor identification
information), block 2 (contact information, agent for
service of process, and registration), and block 6
(certification). Interconnected VoIP providers need
not complete block 3 (carrier’s carrier revenue
information), block 4 (revenue information), or block
5 (additional revenue breakouts).
o On the FCC Form 499-Q, interconnected VoIP providers
that have not previously contributed need only
complete block 1 (contributor identification
information), block 2 (contact information), block 4
(certification), and lines 114, 119, and 120 of block
3. They do not need to complete lines 113, 115, 116,
117, or 118 of block 3.
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(braille, large print, electronic files, audio
format), send an e-mail to or call the
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For further information, please contact Amy Bender,
Wireline Competition Bureau,, (202)


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