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Martin known as consensus builder, Free Press, 11/1/2005
Since taking the helm at the FCC in March, Martin has deployed his gifts as a consensus builder to win a string of bipartisan 4-0 votes. He's also calmed an agency that was sharply polarized under its previous chairman, Michael Powell.
More Info: http://www.cybertelecom.org/broadband/fcc.htm

FCC Distinguished Engineering Fellow, FCC, 11/1/2005
The Federal Communications Commission would like to announce the creation of a new senior level advisory position, the Distinguished Engineering Fellow.
More Info: http://www.cybertelecom.org/broadband/fcc.htm

Telecom mergers get FCC's blessing, USA Today, 11/1/2005
U.S. communications regulators Monday unanimously approved Verizon Communications' purchase of MCI and SBC Communications' acquisition of AT&T after intense wrangling over protecting consumers and Internet access.
More Info: http://www.cybertelecom.org/broadband/merger.htm

FCC Approves Verizon, SBC Mergers, Wash Post, 11/1/2005
The Federal Communications Commission yesterday approved two huge telephone mergers with limited conditions in the belief that new technologies will give consumers choice in an industry that is rapidly consolidating into a few large players.
More Info: http://www.cybertelecom.org/broadband/merger.htm

US telco mergers get FCC rubber stamp, Register, 11/1/2005
Two mega mergers in the US telecoms sector got the green light yesterday after the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) said it was satisfied the deals offered "significant benefits" to punters.
More Info: http://www.cybertelecom.org/broadband/merger.htm

US government approves two large telecom mergers, Xinhua, 11/1/2005
The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Monday approved SBC Communications' takeover ...
More Info: http://www.cybertelecom.org/broadband/merger.htm

Small Net providers see Wi-Fi as good bet, IHT, 11/1/2005
With cable providers and the Bell telephone companies dominating the market for residential high-speed Internet service in the United States, smaller Internet access providers are trying to find a new way to connect with consumers.
More Info: http://www.cybertelecom.org/broadband/wifi.htm

Web Host, EarthLink, Praises FCC on 'Net Neutrality', TheHostingNews, 11/1/2005
Web host and connectivity company, Earthlink, has issued a statement in favor of so-called 'net neutrality' and praising the FCC for its recent actions in the SBC and Verizon mergers.
More Info: http://www.cybertelecom.org/ci/neutral.htm

Net Neutrality and Competition, Freedom to Tinker, 11/1/2005
No sooner do I start writing about net neutrality than Ed Whitacre, the CEO of baby bell company SBC, energizes the debate with a juicy interview:
More Info: http://www.cybertelecom.org/ci/neutral.htm

Network neutrality v. platform competition, Susan Crawford, 11/1/2005
After two days of impassioned speeches about network neutrality, I am beginning to think that we've been drawn onto the wrong battlefield.
More Info: http://www.cybertelecom.org/ci/neutral.htm

Welcome to the Root, .MOBI, CircleID, 11/1/2005
mTLD's .mobi entered the root zone on Tuesday, quietly contrasted amidst all of the recent ICANN/VeriSign announcements. The .mobi mTLD is a Dublin, Ireland based joint venture between the Nokia Corporation, Vodafone Group Services Limited, and Microsoft. The .mobi domain was granted to service a sponsored community, consisting of: Individual and business consumers of mobile devices, services and applications; Content and service providers; Mobile operators; Mobile device manufacturers and vendors; IT technology and software vendors who serve the mobile community, and there are numerous benefits of .mobi to this community.
More Info: http://www.cybertelecom.org/dns/icann.htm

When will we run out of IPv4?, ITU, 11/1/2005
James Seng's blog points to a recent paper published in the Internet Protocol Journal by Tony Hain regarding IPv4 allocation exhaust and references another recent paper by Geoff Huston on the same topic. To this can be added a recent presentation by K. Claffy at ARIN entitled apocalypse then: ipv4 address space depletion:
More Info: http://www.cybertelecom.org/dns/ipv6.htm

Internet Governance Squabble Expected To Hijack U.N. Meeting, Internet Week, 11/1/2005
Growing resent among other nations over U.S. control over the Internet is expected to spill over into the World Summit on the Information Society in November. Both sides remain far apart on who should run the Web
More Info: http://www.cybertelecom.org/dns/wgig.htm

Internet poker not needed, now, ever, Bismark Tribune, 11/1/2005
There are enough ways to gamble in North Dakota. We don't need another. Any continuation of the effort to introduce regulated poker-playing on the Internet should simply fold its hand.
More Info: http://www.cybertelecom.org/ecom/gambling.htm

AOL founder cuts ties with Time Warner, Globe and Mail, 11/1/2005
Case's departure comes as shift in strategy resurrects hope for former Internet leader
More Info: http://www.cybertelecom.org/industry/aol.htm

New retreat for giant merger as AOL founder quits Time Warner, AFP, 11/1/2005
AOL founder Steve Case said he was quitting the board of Time Warner Inc. to cap a turbulent five years since he orchestrated the disastrous mega-merger of the media and Internet groups.
More Info: http://www.cybertelecom.org/industry/aol.htm

Level 3 Buys Internet Services Company, NYT, 11/1/2005
Level 3 Communications agreed to acquire the Internet access and services company WilTel Communications Group for about $680 million.
More Info: http://www.cybertelecom.org/industry/level3.htm

SBC revises high-speed Internet prices, Reuters, 11/1/2005
SBC Communications Inc. said on Monday it was revamping prices for its high-speed Internet services, cutting most regular monthly rates to lure more customers onto higher-speed lines.
More Info: http://www.cybertelecom.org/industry/sbc.htm

Rulemaking on Exemptions from Prohibition on Circumvention of Technological Measures that Control Access to Copyrighted Works, LOC, 11/1/2005
The Copyright Office is conducting this rulemaking proceeding mandated by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which provides that the Librarian of Congress may exempt certain classes of works from the prohibition against circumvention of technological measures that control access to copyrighted works.
More Info: http://www.cybertelecom.org/ip/crypto.htm

Apple says iTunes video sales doing well, Globe and Mail, 11/1/2005
iTunes on-line service has sold a million videos in under 20 days, sending shares up almost 6 per cent
More Info: http://www.cybertelecom.org/media/ipv.htm

'NBC Nightly News' to be shown on Internet, San Jose, 11/1/2005
NBC News said Monday said that it would begin making its "NBC Nightly News" broadcast available for free on the Internet starting next week.
More Info: http://www.cybertelecom.org/media/ipv.htm

The Internet and the future of TV, Free Press, 11/1/2005
Instead of subscribing to a service from a cable, satellite or phone company that might offer you hundreds of channels you'll never watch, you may soon be able to select what you want and watch it on your own schedule.
More Info: http://www.cybertelecom.org/media/ipv.htm

Technical Trends in Phishing Attacks, CERT, 11/1/2005
In this paper, we will identify several of the technical capabilities that are used to conduct phishing scams, review the trends in these capabilities over the past two years, and discuss currently deployed countermeasures.
More Info: http://www.cybertelecom.org/security/phish.htm

Worm affects AOL instant messages, USA Today, 11/1/2005
Users of AOL's instant messenger are warned about a malicious program spreading via the chat network.
More Info: http://www.cybertelecom.org/security/worms.htm

Volunteer call for the tech-savvy, BBC, 11/1/2005
An international development charity is looking for computer-literate teachers to volunteer their skills.
More Info: http://www.cybertelecom.org/usf/dd.htm

Crossing the Digital Divide, emarketer, 11/1/2005
After lagging the broader US population in online usage, African Americans are starting to catch up. A new report from eMarketer explains why.
More Info: http://www.cybertelecom.org/usf/dd.htm

Digital Divide Continues To Plague U.S., Newsfactor, 11/1/2005
The line between the digital haves and have nots is as well defined as ever, according to a new report by the U.S. Census Bureau. The survey is based on data collected in 2003. It included questions about computer and Internet use at home, school, and work.
More Info: http://www.cybertelecom.org/usf/dd.htm

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