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Way cleared for broadband over California power line, Bizjournal, 9/19/2005
Broadband advocates, upset with the slow spread of DSL and cable, have long looked at the state's transmission grid as the "third rail" of bringing the World Wide Web into people's homes and offices.

Assistant Secretary Michael Gallagher spoke on "Broadband over Power Line" at a seminar hosted by Perkins Coie, CLE International and Idacom., NTIA, 9/19/2005

Google tests a WiFi link, IHT, 9/19/2005
The Internet search leader Google is preparing to release its own wireless Internet service, Google WiFi, according to several pages found on the company's Web site on Tuesday.

Open Internet, We Hardly Knew Ye, Wired, 9/19/2005
The online response to Hurricane Katrina demonstrates the power of a fast and flexible web. So why are judges and lawmakers strangling the internet in red tape?

Backbone/network filtering, Susan Crawford, 9/19/2005
Verso announces ways they want to help networks filter out Skype (my school has already done this to me quite successfully). Michael Geist lets us know that Telus (Canadian backbone provider) has blocked more than a million people from seeing a Telecommunications Workers Union site. We still haven't ...

Skype-blocking application promises to make your network totally useless, Muni, 9/19/2005
James Enck writes about some amazing applications, one of which is from a company called Verso. They are selling “carrier grade Skype filtering technology”. According to the press release, the product is “for cable operators and internet protocol service providers seeking to selectively disable undesirable network traffic and improve service levels on their networks.

Public Policy Questions for Internet, CircleID, 9/19/2005
There is little doubt that the Internet has formed part of the impetus for a revolutionary change in the nature of the global communications industry. "Revolutionary" in the sense that the past decade has seen fundamental and highly disruptive changes in the nature of the underlying technologies used by the industry, changes in the composition, ownership and role of industry players, changes in the nature of services offered to the end consumer, changes in the associated...

To Meow or not to Meow: .CAT TLD approved by ICANN, CircleID, 9/19/2005
The Sponsored TLD .CAT got the green light to move ahead from ICANN this week, another of the sTLD proposals in the second round of submissions to gain momentum toward being added to the root. When I shared the news today with folks, the most common response was a tongue in cheek response, 'Where is .DOG?'. ...Still, comedy aside, this is not a TLD for animal species, but rather for a language.

Public Comment Forum on Combined Whois Task Force Preliminary Report, ICANN, 9/19/2005
The GNSO has opened a public comment forum on the Combined Whois Task Force's Preliminary Report on handling potential conflicts between registrar and registry contractual obligations and privacy laws. The comment period will be open through 2 October 2005

Final Report of ITU IPv6 Workshop, ITU, 9/19/2005
ITU-T, in collaboration with the European Union?s IPv6 Task Force Steering Committee (EU IPv6 TF-SC) and the IPv6 Forum, organized an IPv6 workshop at ITU Headquarters in Geneva, June 22-23, 2005.

Global Policy for IPv6 - Background Report for Early Awareness of a Policy Proposal, ICANN, 9/19/2005

WSIS Prepcom-3 Meeting Underway: Internet Governance Under Debate, ITU, 9/19/2005
The third meeting of the Preparatory Committee (PrepCom-3 of the Tunis phase) for the upcoming World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS). The meeting takes place at the United Nations in Geneva from 19-30 September. The primary topics of discussion are finalizing texts for the WSIS and Internet Governance and the event is being webcast. Some quick links to related materials:

Commerce Secretary Issues Call for Nominations for Nation’s Highest Honor in Technological Innovation, DOC, 9/19/2005
Commerce Secretary Don Evans today issued the Call for Nominations for the 2006 National Medal of Technology awards, the nation’s highest honor awarded by the President to America’s leading technological innovators.

Kevin Werbach on eBay-Skype-Paypal, VoIP and ENUM, 9/19/2005
I see two ways to justify the deal. eBay has tried to articulate the first one. Real-time communication has always been an important component of commerce, and eBay sees opportunities to enhance its particular form of electronic commerce with the voice, messaging, video, and presence capabilities Skype brings to the table. Add to that the low-hanging fruit opportunities for pay-per-call advertising, in which eBay would take a commission for generating leads that turn into Skype-powered phone calls, and the potential connections between Skype and eBay's subsidiary PayPal, not to mention Skype's potential for continued organic revenue growth through eBay's user base, and you've got some solid opportunities for real synergies.

Vonage: The Growing Sound of Static, Ecommerce Times, 9/19/2005
Even though the official papers haven't yet been filed, that Vonage plans to go public is considered a given. One of the biggest providers of Web-based calling, Vonage is expected to make its debut before year's end in an initial share sale that could raise as much as US$600 million and rival that of Web-search engine Google in terms of media buzz and investor interest. Vonage "can go public in almost any type of equity market," says Tim Walsh of investment bank Lane Berry.

Groups call for broadcast flag hearings, CNET, 9/19/2005
The battle against the idea of the "broadcast flag," a controversial copy-protection technology designed to limit piracy of digital TV programs, is picking up again.

Groups call for broadcast flag hearings, PK, 9/19/2005
The battle against the "broadcast flag," a controversial copy-protection technology designed to limit piracy of digital TV programs, is picking up again. This time, non-profit groups Public Knowledge, Consumers Union and the Consumer Federation of America have dispatched a joint letter to the chairman of the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee, urging federal lawmakers to convene hearings on the matter.

CDT Report Highlights Concerns About Broadcast Flag Regime, CDT, 9/19/2005
In a new report, CDT closely examines the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) proceedings under its short-lived "broadcast flag" regime in order to draw lessons for the current policy debate. Although a federal court rejected the FCC's broadcast flag rules, Congress is now under pressure to reinstate that regime. CDT's report highlights the ways in which the FCC's process led technology companies to withdraw valuable product features under pressure from third parties, confirming that the flag regime carries risks to innovation and consumer uses of digital television. CDT is circulating its latest report, as well as a newly revised report outlining the types of safeguards that would be essential in any flag legislation, to key members of Congress.

Confusion, tech issues delay legit file-sharing sites, USA Today, 9/19/2005
Getting legitimate online music and video file-sharing programs off the ground is taking a lot longer than originally promised. Two promising ventures have been hampered by technical delays and confusion over copyright rulings that seek to curb the wildly popular practice of swapping.

Sprint launches streaming music service, MSNBC, 9/19/2005
Sprint Nextel Corp. is becoming the latest cell phone carrier to let its customers listen to music on the devices.

Katrina Drove Online Traffic In August To Local Media, Internet Week, 9/19/2005
Hundreds of thousands of people looking for the latest news on Hurricane Katrina went to New Orleans' local media last month to get the latest on the storm's devastation, a web metrics firm said Monday

U.S. State Dept., NYPD Board Podcasting Bandwagon, InternetWeek, 9/19/2005
The U.S. Department of State and the New York City Police Department have joined the growing number of government entities using podcasts to reach the public

Nominee Says Constitution Includes Privacy Rights, Privacy Clue, 9/19/2005
John Roberts testified that he believes the U.S. Constitution contains a right of privacy, but don't pop the champagne corks just yet.

Special Publication 800-21, Guideline for Implementing Cryptography in the Federal Government., NIST, 9/19/2005
This draft revision updates and replaces the November 1999 edition of Guideline for Implementing Cryptography in the Federal Government. Many of the references and cryptographic techniques contained in the first edition of NIST SP 800-21 have been amended, rescinded, or superseded since its publication. The current draft also offers new tools and techniques. The document may be downloaded as an Adobe Acrobat file from the CSRC Draft Publications page. Please provide comments by October 17, 2005 to ebarker@nist.gov, specifying "SP 800-21 Comments" in the subject field.

Hacked Home PCs Fueling Rapid Growth in Online Fraud, Wash Post, 9/19/2005
Online criminal activity of nearly every variety surged in the first half of 2005, fueled in large part by a huge increase in software security flaws and in the number of hacked PCs distributing spam, spyware and viruses, according to a new report.

Salvaging data from Katrina-damaged PCs, MSNBC, 9/19/2005
Katrina survivors may be able to recover their digital memories, even if the computers their data was stored on were damaged.

Sununu: IP Community Should Speak Up, Internet news, 9/19/2005
When Hurricane Katrina knocked out landlines and cell phones, city officials in New Orleans turned to VoIP (define) to get the word out. IP (define) advocates should remind legislators and policy makers of that as future rules for IP services are being developed, U.S. Sen. John E. Sununu (R-NH) said in a speech at the Voice Over Net (VON) show here today.

Katrina fuels push for new disaster telecom systems, Bizjournal, 9/19/2005
George Usi joined a volunteer effort early this year to persuade local police, firefighters and other public emergency crews to upgrade their communication systems so they're faster, more reliable and more secure.

GeoWireless and Vivato Provide Katrina Relief, Americas Network, 9/19/2005
GeoWireless, a wireless-anywhere provider, has teamed with Vivato, Inc., a leading provider of extended-range Wi-Fi solutions, to dispatch mobile communications systems to the Mississippi Gulf coast and surrounding areas to provide Hurricane Katrina relief assistance.

Internet Calling's Role in Katrina Aftermath Understated, Internet Week, 9/19/2005
VoIP enthusiasts say that Internet telephony played a wider role than may be generally appreciated in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Talking in the dark, Free Press, 9/19/2005
Is there a way to prevent breakdowns in telecom infrastructure such as the one that occurred in New Orleans? Disaster preparedness experts and high-tech inventors are already developing the idea of blanketing cities with "WiFi mesh."

Presentation of Kenneth Moran, Director, Office of Homeland Security, Enforcement Bureau, Agenda Meeting of the FCC, Atlanta, Georgia, September 15, 2005., FCC, 9/19/2005
Presentation of Kenneth Moran, Director, Office of Homeland Security, Enforcement Bureau, Agenda Meeting of the FCC, Atlanta, Georgia, September 15, 2005.

Granted, on its own motion, Special Temporary Authority to BellSouth to the extent described to reroute traffic affected by Hurricane Katrina, as necessary, over its interLATA corporate communications network. (Dkt No. 02-35 , 02-150). Action by: Chief, Wireline Competition Bureau. Adopted: 09/13/2005 by ORDER. (DA No. 05-2447). WCB

The Commerce and Consumer Protection Implications of Hurricane Katrina, House Commerce, 9/19/2005
Hearing by the Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade, and Consumer Protection Thursday, September 22, 2005 11:00 AM 2322 Rayburn House Office Building

Commerce, Science, and Transportation To hold hearings to examine communications in disaster. Sept 22, Senate, 9/19/2005

Phishers trawl for victims in Europe, Register, 9/19/2005
Jeux sans frontières

FCC Seeks New Bureau For Disaster Management, AdvancedIPpipeline, 9/19/2005
FCC Chairman Kevin Martin calls for a new bureau for disaster preparedness, among other post-Katrina ideas to improve disaster communications systems.

Network Reliability and Interoperability Council Meeting Postponed., FCC, 9/19/2005

Announces intention to provide over $200 million in immediate relief and to create new FCC bureau to better address public safety and homeland security. News Release. News Media Contact: Meribeth McCarrick at (202) 418-0654 OCH

Fake Google Site Fostered by Worm, Ecommerce Times, 9/19/2005
Security firm Panda Labs has detected a worm that attempts to spoof Google. P2Load.A spreads via P2P networks using the file-sharing programs Shareaza and Imesh. The worm changes Web users' start page to one that closely imitates Google. When users run a search, the results are shown correctly or with slight variations in the order in which they would be shown in Google. However, the sponsored links, which are usually shown at the top of the search results and correspond to companies that pay for this service, are different.

Court Orders Permanent Halt to Illegal Spamming, Bogus Claims, FTC, 9/19/2005
A U.S. district court judge has ordered a permanent halt to an operation that used illegal spam to make bogus claims for human growth hormone products that contained no human growth hormone and diet patches that did not provide the miraculous results they claimed.

Spam Emails About Hurricane Katrina Charities and News May be Scams, FTC, 9/19/2005
FTC Advises Consumers not to Reply, Click the Link, or Paste the Link Found in Unsolicited Emails

Qwest, Microsoft to offer Internet phone service, Reuters, 9/19/2005
Qwest Communications International Inc. and Microsoft Corp. on Tuesday said they will offer Internet phone service to small and medium-sized businesses, starting in 2006.

Hawaiian Telcom has plans for VoIP, Bizjournal, 9/19/2005
While the telephone company was announcing plans to let customers bounce calls between cell phones and land lines, a vendor on the Mainland was revealing more details about coming service.

Hackers target net call systems, BBC, 9/19/2005
A security report warns of an impending rise in the number of attacks via net phone call systems.

New Service Lets Wireless VoIP Providers Offer E911 Emergency Calls, AdvancedIPpipeline, 9/19/2005
Intrado Inc. has announced a new service that will allow wireless broadband VoIP providers to offer 9-1-1 services in compliance with the recent Federal Communications Commission mandate.

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